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Fantasy land Retired contractor in Lindon creates the ultimate playground 

Deseret Morning News - Oct 08 11:17 PM
A bronze ape stands on the roof like a king, keeping a careful eye on a silent, immovable warthog in the side yard and two metal giraffes standing sentinel at the front steps.

Naked War ( Review ) 
EuroGamer - 1 hour, 42 minutes ago
Appropriately enough, the developers of Naked War are also exposing themselves, a bit.

3 turrets, with trimmings 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 07 12:05 AM
3 turrets, with trimmings Chateau showplace opens for tours to benefit new children's hospital The copper-topped turret on the front of the WCNC Charity Home is the showplace's most striking feature and presents a towering face to the street. It makes the 8,200-square-foot house even more imposing. The graceful spiral stairway in the turret complements the grand foyer.

Navy's New Seahawk Tailored for Littoral Ops 
Aviation Now - Oct 08 5:23 PM
The U.S. Navy's new MH-60R Seahawk is bringing orders-of-magnitude improvements to surface and undersea warfare, both in open ocean and close-to-shore littoral environments.




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For the modern day military usage of the term turret see, see gun turret.
Corbelled corner turrets at Newark Castle, Port Glasgow

In architecture, a turret (from Italian: torretta, little tower; Latin: turris, tower) turrot is a small tower that projects turrets syndrome from the wall of a building such as a medieval castle. turrets Turrets were used to provide a projecting defensive position allowing covering fire to the adjacent wall in the days of military fortification. turrets guy As their military use faded, turrets were adopted for turret decorative purposes, as in the Scottish b-17 bendix chin turret baronial style.

A turret might have a flat top with crenellations as in the picture, a pointed scope turret roof, or any other kind of top. It might contain a staircase if turrets syndrome symptoms it projects higher than the building. However, a turret might not be any higher than the rest of sheet metal fabrication equipment cnc turret the building; in this case it ira turret is part of a room, that can be simply walked into – see the turret of Chateau de Chaumont on this collection rcbs progressive reloading turret of turrets, which also illustrates a turret on a modern b-17 chin turret skyscraper.

A building may have both towers and turrets; turrets might be causes of turrets syndrome smaller or higher but the difference is generally slate roof turret considered to be that a turret projects from the edge of the building, rather than continuing to the ground. The size of eroded turret shell a turret is therefore limited by technology, since it puts additional stresses on the structure of turret defense the building. turret lathe It would traditionally be supported by a corbel.


In current military terminlogy, 'turret' usually refers to a rotating weapon platform (gun turret). This can vertical turret lathes be mounted on a fortified ball turret building or structure such as an anti-naval land battery, or on an armoured fighting vehicle, a ex cell o 602 a ram turret milling machine naval ship, or a military aircraft.

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