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Tattoos move from society's margins to the mainstream 

AFP via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 3:13 AM
Thirty or forty years ago, those who had tattoos engraved on their bodies were usually sailors, truck drivers or bikers.

Tattoos move from society‚Äôs margins to mainstream 
Central Chronicle - Oct 08 11:09 AM
London, Oct 8: Thirty or forty years ago, those who had tattoos engraved on their bodies were usually sailors, truck drivers or bikers.

The skin as canvas: The curious mainstreaming of body modification 
Lancaster Online - Oct 05 9:51 PM
Tattoos and other forms of body modification aren't just for rebels anymore, and most adults seem to know that.

Bikes and body art ride side by side this weekend 
Reno Gazette-Journal - Oct 05 2:42 AM
Motorcycles and tattoos fit like Harley and Davidson.

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Ronan, a Tracker-Darklighter ready to shoot his cross-bow.
First appearance Love Hurts
Last appearance Forever Charmed
Created by Constance M. Burge
Species Name Darklighters
Subspecies Tracker; "Spirit Killers"; Incubi
Traits Evil; manipulative; tribaltattoos hateful.

They seek to:
Kill Whitelighters; coerce future Whitelighters into taking tribal tattoes their tibal tattoos own lives; spread evil through procreation; assassinate Whitelighters who are about to fall from grace and those yet to "earn their wings" so tribel tattoos that they die tribal tatttoos without fulfilling their destiny or redeeming themselves.
Notable powers
  • Black Orbing
  • Touch of Death
  • Poison crossbow conjuring
  • Glamouring
  • Sensing marks
  • Cursing
  • Telepathic suggestion
Notable examples
  • Alec, works through procreation like an incubus, first trabal tattoos shown
  • Ronan, a tracker who tried to kill Samuel Wilder
  • Salek, an tirbal tattoos upper level member

Darklighters are fictional characters in the WB television series Charmed.

Darklighters are the tribal tqttoos demonic counterparts to Whitelighters. They are lead by a head Darklighter who commands all but tribal ttattoos one faction of Darklighter beings.


  • 1 Powers
  • 2 Goals
  • 3 Types triabl tattoos of Darklighters
  • 4 Book trial tattoos of Shadows
    • 4.1 Spells
    • 4.2 Vanquish
  • 5 Significant Darklighters


Darklighters can teleport from place to place by orbing, as Whitelighters can, but trbal tattoos their orb effects are black in tribal attoos color. Their ability is called 'black orbing', once, in Bad Bad World part 1. They also tribal tattoos come equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time. The Darklighter crossbow arrows are coated tribal sun tattoos with a special type lower back tribal tattoos of poison that is especially lethal to Whitelighters. Darklighters tribal dragon tattoos can also throw energy balls like Whitelighters do. Evil Leo tried to escape a crystal cage tribal armband tattoos using an energy ball in Bad Bad World part 1. Some Darklighters also possess the touch of death, a power triggered by hate tribal cross tattoos and focused through their hands - in contrast tribal rose tattoos to a Whitelighter's ability to heal others. Similar to Whitelighters, Darklighters also possess the ability to sense tribal tiger tattoos another magical being's presence through a magical form of telepathy. Hence black tribal dragon tattoos they can locate a Whitelighter anywhere on the tribal eagle tattoos globe by merely concentrating.


The general goal of all Darklighters are to kill Whitelighters tribal back tattoos in order for witches to be more vulnerable to evil attack. Thus Darklighters generally pose little threat hawaiian tribal tattoos to any other magical creature. They generally work tribal tattoos of angel wings with Warlocks or demons to accomplish their goals.

Types of Darklighters

Besides the standard "assassin" type of Darklighter, tribal lower back tattoos who strives to kill current tribal shoulder tattoos Whitelighters to leave their charges vulnerable or to kill future Whitelighters before they can earn back tribal tattoos their wings, there are three other known types of Darklighters:

  • One type of Darklighter spreads evil through procreation, by maori tribal tattoos seducing innocent mortal women and tricking them free tribal tattoos into bearing their progeny. It's against the rules to tell these aztec tribal tattoos women about who they truly are, and so it is presumed that the women are abandoned once a child is produced. See: tribal sleeve tattoos Love Hurts and Incubus (demon)
  • Another type of Darklighter, mentioned on the tribal upper back tattoos show are the ones that drive future Whitelighters to suicide, automatically feminine tribal tattoos disqualifying the person from becoming a Whitelighter. They curse these Whitelighters-to-be with bad luck, following the victim around, tribal angel tattoos invisible to everyone, including the victim. As the bad luck escalates and drives african tribal tattoos all thoughts of happiness from the victim's mind, the Darklighter is there dragon tribal tattoos every step of the tattoos tribal way, whispering hopeless thoughts into the victim's ears. Once the victim is thoroughly depressed beyond tree of life celtic tribal tattoos recovery, the Darklighter changes his whispered words to encourage them to commit suicide. See: Murphy's Luck
  • A third tribal flower tattoos type of Darklighter is called a Tracker. A Tracker is a Darklighter that goes after Whitelighters who tribal name tattoos are cross tattoos tribal about to lose their wings. Their orbing is more of a spiral than the particle of other Darklighters, and they are considered to celtic tribal tattoos be much more powerful than a regular Darklighter. tribal turtle tattoos They are rogue Darklighters who often only answer tribal wolf tattoos to themselves. They distinguish themselves from other types of Darklighters by wearing tribal tribal zodiac tattoos tattoos on their face. Thus far only one Tracker Darklighter, Ronan, has been shown in which the then god-like rose tribal tattoos Cole imbued him with additional powers in order to destroy the tribal jesus tattoos Charmed One Paige. See: Sam I Am

Book of tattoos tattoo pictures tribal design celtic flash sun punk Shadows


  • To Summon a Darklighter: Chant the words: Ixo Mende Layto temporary tribal tattoos Sempar


Darklighters are not invulnerable and are thus open to many ways of being tribal bear tattoos vanquished. Previous methods used were potions, athames, energy balls and witch powers such as molecular combustion. Darklighters also apear to be susceptible tribal celtic tattoos to their own darklighter arrows. However, some upper back tribal tattoos Darklighters are shown to be able to survive one of their own arrows.

Significant Darklighters

Kane, the Darklighter leader
  • Alec - The first celtic and tribal tattoos Darklighter seen on the show. Alec fell in love with a mortal woman, who he was assigned german tribal tattoos to impregnate. He also possessed the touch of native american tribal tattoos death. See: Love Hurts
  • Kane - The Darklighter leader, shown in The Day the Magic Died
  • Damien - Damien was tattoos tribal dragons a darklighter who was sent tattoos tribal maori by Gideon to kill Leo Wyatt in The Courtship of Wyatt's Father.
  • Ronan - tribal band tattoos A Tracker Darklighter blessed by Cole with additional powers in the tribal phoenix tattoos episode Sam I Am.
  • Salek - Upper level member shown to have trained new Darklighters in the episode tribal snake tattoos The Jung and the Restless.
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