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Tattoo festiveal: Skin deep and bad to the bone 

Portsmouth Herald - Oct 08 7:41 AM
It was a day full of beer, hard rock music, body piercings, men breathing fire and more than 200 tattoo artists as the Seacoast Tattoo & Music Festival returned for its fourth year at the Elks Lodge in Dover.

Touch of the South tattoo shop plans grand opening 
Daily News Journal - Oct 08 12:13 PM
Touch of the South, a new tattoo and body-piercing studio on West Main Street, is having a grand opening Saturday.

Tattoo fans flock to convention 
BBC News - Oct 07 12:11 PM
Thousands of body art fans flock to east London for an international tattoo convention.

Book reviews for October 5, 2006: "The Grave Tattoo," Val McDermid; "Vanishing Point," Marcia Muller; "Messenger of  
The Davis Enterprise - Oct 08 10:36 PM
Published Oct 05, 2006 - 14:39:24 CDT. I recently was asked which authors I read as soon as they release a new book ... in other words, which authors immediately get placed at the top of my to-be-read pile.




- tattoo designs

- tattoos

A tattoo is a mark made by inserting pigment into the skin: in technical terms, tattooing is micro-pigment implantation. Tattoos may be tatoo made on human tatto or animal skin. Tattoos on humans are a type of body modification, while tattoos on animals are most tatttoo often used for identification.

Tattooing has been a nearly ubiquitous human practice. The Ainu, the tattoe indigenous people of Japan, wore facial tattoos. Tattooing was widespread among Polynesian peoples, and ttattoo in the Philippines, Borneo, tttoo Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia and China. Despite some ttatoo taboos surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular all over the world.


  • 1 Terms
  • 2 History
  • 3 Purpose
  • 4 Prevalence
  • 5 Negative tattooo associations
    • 5.1 Secular tattao attitudes
    • 5.2 Abrahamic religious prohibitions
  • 6 Procedure
    • 6.1 "Natural" tartoo tattoos
    • 6.2 Dyes and pigments
    • 6.3 Studio hygiene
    • 6.4 Aftercare
    • 6.5 Tattoo tattoos removal
  • 7 Health risks
    • 7.1 Infection
    • 7.2 Allergic tattoo designs chinese tattoos reactions
    • 7.3 Tattoo Inks
  • 8 Temporary tattoos
  • 9 Forensics
  • 10 References
    • 10.1 Anthropological
    • 10.2 Popular tattoo and artistic
    • 10.3 Medical
    • 10.4 Other tattoo gallery references
  • 11 See flower tattoos also
    • 11.1 Tattoo types


The word "tattoo" is traced to the Samoan tribal tattoos word tatau, meaning butterfly tattoos to mark or strike twice (the latter referring to traditional methods cross tattoos of applying the designs). Sailors traveling the Pacific who encountered Samoans, and who were fascinated by the Samoan tatau, mistakenly translated the word "tatau" into star tattoos the fairy tattoos modern tattoo. In Japanese the word used for traditional designs or those that are applied using tattoo ideas traditional methods is irezumi ("insertion of ink"), while "tattoo" is used tattoo art for non-Japanese designs.

Tattoo enthusiasts may refer to tattoos as tats, ink, art or work, and to tattooists as artists. The latter usage is gaining lower back tattoos support, with mainstream tattoo flash art galleries holding exhibitions of tattoo designs and photographs of tattoos.

Tattoo designs that are mass-produced and sold angel tattoos to tattoo artists and studios and displayed dragon tattoos in shop are known as flash.


Main article: History of tattooing

Tattooing has tribal tattoo been a Eurasian practice at least since Neolithic times. Mummies bearing tattoos and dating from the dragon tattoo end of the second millennium BCE have been discovered celtic tattoos in Xinjiang, West China. Tattooing in Japan is thought to go back to the Paleolithic era, free tattoo flash some ten thousand years ago. Various other cultures have had their own tattoo traditions, ranging from rubbing cuts and other wounds with tattoo pictures ashes, to hand-pricking the skin to insert dyes.


Religious theme

Tattoos have served as rites of passage, marks of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, sexual lures cross tattoo and marks of fertility, pledges of love, punishment, amulets and talismans, butterfly tattoo protection, and as the temporary tattoos marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts.

Today, people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic, star tattoo religious and magical reasons, and as a symbol of belonging to or identification chinese tattoo with particular groups (see Criminal tattoos). Tattoos of favourite bands and football teams logo's are fairly common religious tattoos in the west. Some Māori still choose to wear intricate moko on their faces. In Cambodia and Thailand, the rose tattoos yantra tattoo is foot tattoos used for protection.

People have also been forcibly tattooed for a various reasons. The best known is the angel wings tattoo ka-tzetnik identification system for Jews in part of the concentration camps during the Holocaust. tattoo design European sailors were known to tattoo the crucifixion on their backs to prevent flogging (since it free tattoo art was a crime to deface an image of Christ).

Tattoos are also placed on animals, superman tattoo pics though very rarely for decorative reasons. Pets, show animals, thoroughbred phoenix tattoo horses and livestock are sometimes tattooed with identification and other marks. Pet dogs tattoo galleries and cats are often tattooed with a serial number (usually in the ear, or on the inner thigh) free tattoo patterns via which their owners can be identified. In Australia, tattoo pics the symbol Φ is tattooed in the ears of cats and flower tattoo dogs to indicate that they have been neutered. Also, animals are occasionally tattooed to prevent sunburn (on the nose, fairy tattoo for example). Such tattoos are often performed by the veterinarian him or herself celtic design tattoos and in most cases, the animals are anaesthetized rose tattoo during the process. Branding is used for similar reasons and is often performed without anaesthesia, but is celtic cross tattoos different from tattooing angel tattoo as no ink or dye is inserted during the process.

When used shooting star tattoos as a form of cosmetic surgery, tattooing includes permanent makeup, and hiding or neutralize skin discolorations. Permanent cosmetics are tattoos that enhance eyebrows, lips (liner shamrock tattoos or lipstick), eyes hawaiian flower tattoos (shadow, mascara, liner), and even moles, usually with natural colors as the designs are intended japanese tattoos to resemble makeup.


Tattoos have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent decades in many parts of the world, particularly flower tattoo designs in North America, Japan, and Europe. The dragonfly tattoo growth in tattoo culture has seen an influx of new sun tattoos artists into the industry, many of whom have technical and fine art training. Coupled with advancements in tattoo koi tattoo pigments and the ongoing refinement of the equipment used for tattooing, heart tattoo this has led to an improvement in the quality of angel tattoo designs tattoos being produced. Movie stars, models, popular musicians and sports figures are just some of the christian tattoos people in the public eye who are tattooed, which in turn has fueled the acceptance of celtic tattoo tattoos. During the 2000s, the presence of tattoos became evident pictures of tattoos within pop culture, inspiring television shows such as A&E's Inked and TLC's Miami Ink.

Lower back irish tattoos tattoos are more common among young women

In many traditional cultures tattooing has also enjoyed a resurgence, celebrity tattoos partially in deference to cultural heritage. Historically, a decline in traditional tribal tattooing in Europe occurred with the spread sparrow tattoo of Christianity. A decline often occurred in other cultures following koi fish tattoos European efforts to convert aboriginal and indigenous people to Western religious and cultural practices that held tattooing koi tattoos to be a "pagan" or "heathen" activity. Within phoenix tattoos some traditional indigenous cultures, tattooing takes place within the context of a grim reaper tattoos rite of passage between adolescence and adulthood.

A poll conducted online between July 14 and tattoo removal 20, 2003 (Harris 2003), found that 16% of wing tattoos all adults in the United States have at least one tattoo. The highest incidence of tattoos tiger tattoos was found among the gay, lesbian and bisexual population (31%) dragonfly tattoos and among Americans ages 25 to 29 years (36%) and 30 to 39 years (28%). Regionally, people living in the star tattoo design West (20%) were more likely to have tattoos. christian cross tattoos Democrats were more likely to have tattoos (18%) than Republicans feminine tattoos (14%) and Independents (12%); approximately equal percentages of males (16%) and females (15%) have tattoos.

Negative associations

Secular attitudes

Conspicuous tattoos lower back tattoo designs and other body modification make gainful employment difficult in a great deal of cool tattoos fields

Some employers, especially in professional fields, still look down on tattoos or regard dolphin tattoos them as contributing to an unprofessional appearance. Tattoos can therefore impair tribal dragon tattoo a wearer's career prospects, particularly when inked on places not typically covered by clothing, such as the shooting star tattoo hands, neck or face. It is not unusual for tattoo artists to refuse to tattoo back tattoos these very conspicuous areas.

In some floral tattoos cultures, tattoos still have negative associations despite their increasing popularity, and are generally associated with criminality in the public's mind; therefore those who choose to be gallery of dragon tattoo tattooed in such countries usually keep their tattoos covered for fear of ankle tattoos reprisal. For example, many businesses such as gyms, hot springs chinese dragon tattoo and recreational facilities in Japan still ban people with visible chinese characters tattoos tattoos, in part because of their association in irish tattoo the popular imagination with the yakuza, or Japanese mafia. In Western cultures as well, japanese tattoo some dress codes specify that tattoos must be covered.

According to popular belief, angel wing tattoos most triad members in Hong Kong have a tattoo of a black dragon on the left biceps and one skull tattoo of a white tiger on the right; in fact, many people in Hong Kong use "left a free tattoo flash designs black dragon, right a white nautical star tattoos tiger" as a euphemism for a triad member. It is widely believed that one of the initiation rites in becoming a triad member native american tattoos is silently withstanding the pain of receiving a foot tattoo large tattoo in one sitting, usually performed in the traditional "hand-poked" style. One reason the Chinese swallow tattoo associate tattoos with criminals is because historically criminals who were released from prison for tattoo supplies minor crimes zodiac tattoos were given a tattoo on their face as a "warning sign" to other people.citation needed]

In the United States many prisoners tattoo images and criminal gangs use distinctive tattoos to indicate facts about their eagle tattoos criminal behavior, prison sentences, and organizational affiliation. This cultural use of tattoos predates the widespread popularity of tattoos in name tattoos the general population, so older people may still associate tattoos with criminality. tattoo lettering At the same time, members of the U.S. military have an equally established and longstanding history of tattooing music tattoos wolf tattoos to indicate military units, battles, etc., and this association is also widespread among older Americans. Tattooing is also widespread in the British Armed tattoo of crosses Forces.

Tattoos can have additional negative tinkerbell tattoos associations for women; "tramp stamp" and other similarly derogatory slang phrases are sometimes used dolphin tattoo to describe a tattoo on a woman's lower back.

Abrahamic religious prohibitions

Main article: History of tattooing

Some followers of Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—feel that their religious doctrine guardian angel tattoo proscribes or constrains tattoos among followers, or has other religious significances.


Modern tattoo machine in use: here outfitted with temporary tattoo a 5-needle setup, but number of needles scorpion tattoos depends on size and shading desired

Some tribal cultures traditionally created tattoos by cutting designs into the skin and aztec tattoos rubbing the resulting wound with ink, ashes or other agents; some cultures continue small tattoos this practice, which may be an adjunct to scarification. Some cultures create tattooed marks by hand-tapping the ink into the back tattoo skin using turtle tattoo sharpened sticks or animal bones or, in modern times, needles. Traditional Japanese tattoos (irezumi) are still "hand-poked," that is, the ink is inserted memorial tattoos beneath the firefighter tattoos skin using non-electrical, hand-made and hand held tools with needles of sharpened bamboo or steel.

The most ladybug tattoos common method of tattooing in modern times is the lion tattoos electric tattoo machine, which inserts ink into the skin via a group of needles that are soldered onto a bar, which is tiger tattoo attached to an oscillating unit. The tree tattoo unit rapidly and repeatedly drives the needles in and out of the skin, usually patriotic tattoos 80 to 150 times a second.

The modern electric tattoo machine is far removed from the machine invented by turtle tattoos Samuel O'Reilly in 1891. O'Reilly's machine was based on the rotary technology of the electric angelina jolie tattoos engraving device invented by military tattoos Thomas Edison. Modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils. The first coil machine was patented by Thomas Riley in bird tattoos London, 1891 using a single coil. The first twin coil machine, the predecessor of the modern configuration, was invented clover tattoos by another Englishman, Alfred Charles South flame tattoos of London, in 1899.

"Natural" tattoos

According to George Orwell, workers in coal mines would develop characteristic tattoos owing to free tattoo ideas coal dust getting frog tattoos into wounds. This can also occur with substances like gunpowder. Similarly, a cross tattoo galleries traumatic tattoo occurs when a substance such as asphalt is rubbed into a wound as the result of lily tattoo some kind of accident or trauma. These are sparrow tattoos particularly difficult to remove as they tend to be spread across several different hibiscus tattoos layers of skin, and scarring or permanent discoloration is almost unavoidable depending on the tattoo drawings location. In addition, tattooing of the gingiva from implantation of amalgam particles during dental celtic cross tattoo filling placement and removal is possible and not uncommon.

Dyes and pigments

A wide range tattoo photos of dyes and pigments can be used in tattoos, from inorganic dove tattoo materials like titanium dioxide and iron oxides to carbon black, azo dyes, and acridine, quinoline, phthalocyanine and naphthol derivates, dyes sun tattoo made from ash, and other mixtures.

Iron oxide pigments are used in greater extent eagle tattoo in cosmetic tattooing. Many pigments were found to be used in a survey[1] of wrist tattoos professional tattooists. Recently, a blacklight-reactive tattoo ink using PMMA microcapsules has hawaiian tattoos surfaced. The technical name is japanese dragon tattoos BIOMETRIX System-1000, and is marketed under the name "Chameleon Tattoo Ink".

Studio hygiene

The properly equipped tattoo studio will use biohazard containers for objects that have come into contact with blood or bodily fluids, joker tattoo sharps containers for old needles, and an autoclave flower butterfly tattoos for sterilizing tools. Studios are also required by tattoo patterns law to have hot water.

A reputable tattooist will wash his or her hands before starting to tattoo a client, and between clients, as well flash tattoo as wear disposable latex gloves (a new pair for each client). He chinese writing tattoos or she will devil tattoos refuse to tattoo minors without parental consent, (in some states it is illegal to tattoo a minor even with parental celtic tattoo art consent) as well as intoxicated people, people with contraindicated skin conditions, or those incapable of consent due to genital tattoos mental incapacity, and attempt black dragon tattoo to ensure that the customer is satisfied with and sure about free tattoo galleries the design before applying it. Moreover, she or he will open new, sterile needle packages in front of the client, and armband tattoos always use new, sterile or sterile disposable instruments and free tattoo pictures supplies, and fresh ink for each session (loaded into disposable containers which are discarded after each cherry tattoos client).

Membership in professional organizations, or certificates of appreciation/achievement, generally require that an mexican tattoos artist is aware of the latest trends in equipment and sterilization. However, many of the most tattoo magazine notable tattooists do not belong to any association. While tattoo kits specific requirements vary between jurisdictions, many mandate formal training in bloodborne pathogens, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and cross contamination. arm band tattoos A local department of health regulates tattoo studios in many jurisdictions.


Tattoo artists, and wings tattoo people with tattoos, vary widely in preferred methods of caring for new tattoos. hibiscus tattoo Some artists recommend keeping a new tattoo wrapped for the first twenty-four scorpion tattoo hours, bird tattoo others suggest removing temporary bandaging after a few hours. Many western tattooists advise against allowing dragon art tattoos too much contact with water for the first few days or weeks; in koi fish tattoo Japan, in contrast, a new tattoo is often bathed in very hot water early and often.

General consensus jack sparrow tattoo for care advises against removing the scab that forms on a new love tattoos tattoo and avoiding exposing tattoos to the sun for extended periods, which can contribute to fading. Various products may be phoenix tattoo design recommended for application angel wing tattoo to the skin, ranging from those intended for the treatment of cuts, pirate tattoo burns and scrapes, to petroleum jelly or lanolin. In recent years, specific commercial products have been developed for tattoo aftercare. In other celtic butterfly tattoos cases, the client will be advised to use no lotus tattoo products on a new tattoo.

Tattoo removal

While tattoos are considered crosses tattoos permanent, it is possible, to varying degrees, to remove them. Complete removal, however, is often not wolf tattoo possible, and the expense and pain of removing them typically will be greater than the expense and pain cat tattoos of applying them. Some jurisdictions will sacred heart tattoo pay for the voluntary removal of gang tattoos.

Tattoo removal is most commonly performed using clown tattoos lasers that react with the ink in the tattoo, and break it down. The broken-down ink japanese tattoo symbols is then absorbed by the body. This technique often requires moon tattoos many repeated visits to remove even a tattoo care small tattoo, and may result in permanent scarring.

A newer method of removal is by tattooing glycolic acid into the skin with a shark tattoos tattoo machine: the acid pushes the ink to the surface of the skin in the lotus flower tattoo scab, which is later angel tattoo galleries removed. This method purportedly scars less than laser techniques. Glycolic acid is also used for facial tattoos drawings of crosses peels; when used for tattoo removal, a lower percentage mix is tattoo lotus flower used.citation needed]

Some wearers opt to cover an unwanted tattoo with a new eyeliner tattoo tattoo. japanese tattoo art This is commonly known as a coverup or cover-up. An artfully done cover-up may tattoo sketches render the old tattoo completely invisible, though this will depend largely on the size, style, colours and snake tattoo techniques used on the old tattoo. Some shops and artists use laser removal machines to break down and lighten pirate tattoos undesired tattoos sun and moon tattoos to make coverage with a new tattoo easier.

Overall, green-based ink is the most difficult to remove. Black cross tattoo designs ink is most readily broken down by the laser, and unprofessional tattoos done at home are the easiest frog tattoo ones to remove, due to lion tattoo the low quality of ink used, as well as the ineffective manner in which they were applied.

Health risks

Modern tattoo artists latex gloves and sterilized equipment.

Because it requires breaking tiger tattoo designs the skin barrier, tattooing may carry health risks, free tattoos including infection and allergic reactions. In the United States, for example, a person who receives a tattoo will genital tattoo generally be prohibited from donating blood for 12 months (FDA 2000).

Modern western tinkerbell tattoo tattooers reduce such risks by following universal precautions, working with single-use items, bear tattoos and sterilizing their moon tattoo equipment after each use. Many jurisdictions require that tattooists have bloodborne pathogen training, such as is provided through the Red tattoo shops Cross.


Since tattoo instruments come in contact free drawings of tattoos with blood and bodily fluids, diseases may be transmitted if the instruments are used on octopus tattoo more than one person without being sterilized. However, infection tattoo flash art from tattooing in clean and modern tattoo studios employing single-use needles is rare. In upper back tattoos amateur tattoos, such as those applied in prisons, however, there is an elevated risk of infection. To address this problem, a program asian dragon tattoos was introduced in Canada as of the summer of tattoo machines 2005 that provides legal tattooing in prisons, both to reduce health risks and to provide inmates with japanese tattoo designs a marketable skill. Inmates were to monkey tattoo be trained to staff and operate the tattoo parlors once six of them open successfully.[2]

Infections that laser tattoo removal could be transmitted via the use of unsterilized tattoo equipment include tattoo websites surface infections of the skin, tetanus, staph, cute tattoos some forms of hepatitis, and HIV. No person in the United States is known to have contracted HIV via a commercially-applied tattooing gemini tattoos process. Tetanus risk is prevented by having an up-to-date tetanus booster prior to being tattooed. shamrock tattoo The Centers for Disease Control and washable tattoos Prevention states that: no data exist in the United States indicating that persons with exposures to gallery of tattoos tattooing alone are at increased risk for HCV infection. In 2006, the CDC reported 3 clusters with polynesian tattoo 44 cases of methicillin-resistant staph infection traced to tattoo sleeves unlicensed tattooists (MMWR 55(24)).

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to tattoo pigments are uncommon except for certain brands of red and arm tattoos green. People who are sensitive or allergic to jesus tattoos certain metals may react to pigments in the skin with swelling and/or vine tattoos itching, and/or oozing of clear fluid called sebum. Such egyptian tattoos reactions are quite rare, however, and most artists do recommend a patch test prior heart and love tattoos to tattooing.

There is also a small risk of anaphylactic shock (hypersensitive reaction) in those who are susceptible.

Tattoo Inks

Although the FDA technically requires premarket approval of inks; because of limited resources, shark tattoo it has not actually approved snake tattoos the use of any ink for tattoos.citation needed] The first known study to characterize the composition of these inks was started in 2005 crown tattoos at Northern Arizona University (Finley-Jones and Wagner).

There has been concern expressed about the interaction between magnetic resonance maori tattoo imaging (MRI) procedures and tattoo inks, some of which contain trace metals. phoenix bird tattoos Allegedly, the magnetic fields produced by MRI machines could interact wing tattoo with these metal particles, potentially causing burns or distortions in tattoo artist the image. The television show MythBusters tested the tattoo crosses theory, and concluded that there is no risk of interaction between tattoo demon tattoos inks and MRI.

However, research by Shellock and Crues reports adverse reactions to MRI and tattoos in a very small number kanji tattoos of cases. Wagle and Smith also documented an meanings of chinese characters for tattoos isolated case of Tattoo-Induced Skin Burn During MR Imaging.

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are not really tattoos. Rather, they are a sports tattoos type of body sticker, like a decal. They are generally applied to the skin using wrist tattoo water to temporarily transfer the design to the surface of the skin. Temporary panther tattoos gemini tattoo tattoos are easily removed with soap and water or oil-based creams, and are intended to last only a few wedding ring tattoo days.

Magician Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) claims in his book lotus flower tattoos "Penn & Teller's How to Play in Traffic" tattooes that he had a special tattoo made on his arm that used no pigment (it basketball tattoos was simply a needle). Penn states that the tattoo left a red scar that hummingbird tattoo had a discernable pattern, but would heal to near invisibility after five or six years.

Other forms horseshoe tattoos of temporary "tattoos" are henna tattoos, also known as Mehndi, and the marks made by the stains army tattoos of silver nitrate prison tattoos on the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light. Both methods, silver nitrate and henna, can take up to two weeks to fade from the tree tattoos skin.

Airbrush tattoos is another popular form of temporary tattoos. This process pisces tattoos involves using a stencil design and blowing paint through the stencil onto the tattoo needles skin. This form of tattoo lasts approximately a cherry tattoo week.


Tattoos are sometimes utilized by forensic pathologists to help them identify burned, putrefied, or mutilated bodies. Tattoo pigment is deep star tattoo designs enough in the skin that even severe burns will often not destroy a tattoo cross tattoo.



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Popular and artistic

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Other references

  • ^  Investigation of pigments in tattoo colours Survey no. 2, 2002, Danish Environmental Protection japanese koi tattoo Agency:
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