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Youth hockey program can see the light 

Worcester Telegram & Gazette - Oct 08 2:06 AM
The light went on and, well, the light went on for Chris Whitney.

New trailer will help teach fire safety 
Tri-State Media - Oct 08 10:40 PM
Boonville students will get a better opportunity to put their education to the test next week as they learn about fire prevention and safety, thanks to a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

KXAN Teams Up With LCRA and HEB Stores For Severe Weather Safety Campaign 
KXAN 36 Austin - Oct 08 9:34 AM
Jim Spencer and the KXAN First Warning Weather team are partnering with LCRA and H-E-B Stores to bring Midland's NOAA All-Hazards Radios to Central Texas.

Mending Mike 
The Beacon News - Oct 08 2:24 AM
Mike Slepicka runs a hand over the distinct scar that swoops up across the right side of his head. When he talks, he exposes a set of unkempt teeth, last repaired by a dozen and a half fillings.




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A striking image taken using a short-duration strobe light
An animation strobelight illustrating the effect of strobe light

A strobe light or strobo light stroboscopic lamp, commonly called a emergency vehicle strobe lights strobe, is a device used to produce regular flashes of light.

Strobe lights have many uses, strobe lights including scientific and industrial applications, but are particularly popular in discotheques where they are used to give an strobe light illusion of slow motion car strobe lights (cf. temporal aliasing). Other well-known applications are in alarm systems, theatrical lighting (most notably to simulate lightning), and as high-visibility navigation lights, as wheelock telephone strobe light well as still widely being strobe lights battery used in law enforcement and other emergency vehicles, though they security strobe light are slowly being replaced by LED technology in this visor strobe light application, as they themselves largely replaced halogen lighting in this application. Strobe lighting has also been used to see the movements of green strobe light the vocal cords in slow motion during speech, a black lights fog machines strobe lights procedure known as video-stroboscopy. Special calibrated strobe lights, capable of flashing up to hundreds of times per flashing light strobe second, are used in flashing strobe light industry to stop the motion of rotating and other repetitively-operating machinery green light strobe and to measure the rotation speeds or cycle times.

A typical commercial strobe light has a flash energy in the region of pace car strobe lights 10 to 150 joules, and led strobe lights discharge times as short as a few milliseconds, often resulting in a flash power of strobe emergency car lights several kilowatts. Larger strobe lights can be glow light street strobe used in “continuous” mode, producing extremely intense illumination.

The light source is commonly 12 volt strobe lights a xenon flash lamp, which has a complex spectrum led strobe light and a colour temperature of approximately 5,600 kelvins. In order to obtain police strobe lights coloured light, coloured gels must be used.

The origin of strobe lighting dates to 1931, when Harold Eugene "Doc" Edgerton employed a flashing lamp smoke alarm flashing strobe light to make an improved strobe light art stroboscope for the study of moving objects, eventually resulting in dramatic photographs of objects such as bullets in truck strobe lights flight.

Strobe lights flashing strobe light demonstrations and epilepsy

Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy, thus most strobe lights on sale to hanging strobe lights the public are factory-limited to about 10-12 flashes per second in motorcycle strobe light their internal oscillators, although externally triggered strobe lights will often flash as frequently as possible. At a party strobe lights frequency of 10 Hz, 65% of affected people are still street car strobe lights at risk. The British Health and Safety Executive recommend that a net flash rate street glow strobe light for a bank of strobe lights does not exceed strobe led emergency lights 5 flashes per second, at which strobe lights for a car only 5% of photosensitive epileptics are at risk. It also recommends that no strobing effect continue for more than 30 seconds whelen strobe lights due to the potential for discomfort and disorientation.

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