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Wreck is declared protected site 

Guardian Unlimited - Oct 06 4:28 PM
The wreck of a ship which went down with a princess's dowry has been declared a protected site by the government.

Wreck is declared protected site 
Guardian Unlimited - Oct 06 3:57 PM
Heritage: The wreck of a ship which went down with a princess's dowry has been declared a protected site.

Japan wreck: 8 Indians still missing 
The Times of India - Oct 08 11:44 AM
There were 25 Indian and a Sri Lankan on board the ship. Sixteen men, including ship's captain were saved.

Treasure hunting banned at wreck 
BBC News - Oct 07 3:39 AM
A wreck off the Cornish coast is given new protection from divers hoping to plunder its treasure.




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This article is about remains of a ship. For SS-N-19 Shipwreck anti-ship missile, see P-700 shipwreck Granit.
Shipwreck of the SS American ship wrack Star
Shipwreck in the Saugatuck River mouth in Westport, Connecticut

A shipwreck is the remains of a ship ship wrecks after it has sunk or been beached as a result of a crisis at sea. American ship wreck usage of the word may also mean the destruction or carl bradley ship wreck loss of a ship.


  • 1 After ship wreck of the daniel morrell the shipwreck
  • 2 Causes
    • 2.1 Equipment history of the daniel j morrell ship wreck failure
    • 2.2 Instability
    • 2.3 Navigation carl bradley ship wrecks errors
    • 2.4 Bad weather
    • 2.5 Violence
    • 2.6 Fire
  • 3 Prevention daniel j morrell ship wreck of shipwrecks
  • 4 State of preservation
    • 4.1 Construction materials
    • 4.2 Salinity great lakes ship wrecks of water
    • 4.3 Loss, maryland ship wrecks salvage and demolition
    • 4.4 Depth, tide and weather
    • 4.5 Marine animals
  • 5 See war ship wrecks also
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After the shipwreck

Often, attempts are made to salvage recently wrecked ships 101 rhode island ship wreck to save the whole or part of the ship, its cargo, its equipment or in the alaska cruise ship wreck worst case, steel or non-ferrous metals for scrap. A good example of this was the salvage of the Kaiserliche coins ship wreck gold for sale Marine High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow in the 1920s. Shipwrecks diving the daniel j morrell ship wreck are attractive to maritime archaeologists because they preserve historical information, for example the diving to the daniel j morrell ship wreck Mary Rose, which revealed information about seafaring, warfare and life in the 1500s. great lake ship wrecks Recreational divers enjoy lake superior ship wrecks diving shipwrecks because they are often interesting to explore, provide large habitats for many types of marine life and have an interesting history, for ship wreck diving pacific ocean example SS Thistlegorm. Discoveries of treasure ships, often from the period of ship wreck pictures European colonisation, which sunk ship wrecks + scuba diving in remote places leaving few living witnesses, such as the Batavia, do occur but only very infrequently.

how many ship wrecks were there in the great lakes
Shipwreck , by Claude Joseph lake huron ship wrecks Vernet.


Ships are lost for many reasons, including:

  • poor design or failure of the ship's equipment
  • instability, due to poor michigan ship wrecks design, improperly stowed cargo, or cargo that shifts its position
  • navigation errors and other human ship wrecks - mid atlantic errors, leading to collisions or running aground
  • bad weather
  • warfare, piracy, ship wrecks in new york harbor mutiny, or sabotage
  • fire
  • intentional sinking (scuttling)
    • to form an artificial reef
    • during scheduled target practice or in testing a ship wrecks run aground new weapon
    • to create an obstacle to side scan ship wreck close a harbor, river, etc against enemy ships
    • to prevent a ship from falling into an enemy's hands
    • to destroy silverware recovered from ship wrecks to purchase a derilict ship that poses a menace to navigation
    • as part of an insurance scam

Equipment failure

Failure or above water ship wrecks alaska ship wrecks leaking of the hull is a serious problem that can lead to the loss of buoyancy and the chincoteague ship wrecks sinking of the vessel. Even the hulls of large modern ships have cracked in cruise ship wreck heavy storms. Leaks between the hull planks of wooden vessels is a particular problem.

Failure of the famous military ship wrecks means of propulsion, such as engines, sails or rigging, can new england ship wreck chart lead to the loss of a ship. When the ship's movement is determined only by nicaragua ship wreck on padre island currents or the wind and particularly by storms, a common result is that the ship ship wreck coins is unable to avoid natural hazards ship wrecks of the chesapeake like rocks, shallow water or tidal races.


Instability is caused by the center of mass or other forces atlantic ship wrecks acting on the ship rising above the center of buoyancy atocha ship wreck resulting in the ship tipping on its danish ship wrecks karachi side or capsizing.

This can lead to a sinking if the openings on the upper side of the side are not watertight at the time el salvador ship wreck of the capsize. To remain buoyant, the hull of a vessel must prevent florida ship wrecks water entering the large air spaces of the vessel. Clearly ship wreck fantastico for the ship to float, the submerged parts of the hull will be waterlogged, but ship wreck gi joe pictures the upper parts of the hull must have openings to allow ship wreck in duluth the crew to work and to load and unload cargo.

Navigation errors

Many shipwrecks have occurred when the crew of the ship allowed the ship to wwii ship wrecks collide with rocks, reefs, icebergs, or other ships. Accurate navigation is made more difficult by 1849 ship wreck at cohasset poor visibility in bad weather. Also, many archives spanish ship wrecks losses happened before modern navigation aids such as GPS, radar and sonar were available. Until california ship wrecks the twentieth century, the most sophisticated navigational tools and techniques available, dead reckoning using the magnetic compass, chronometer and sextant chronological listing of ship wrecks with locations in gulf were rather coins ship wreck gold sale inaccurate.

Even today, when highly accurate navigational equipment is readily available and universally used, there is still scope for error. Using the diving ship wrecks incorrect horizontal datum for the chart of an area may mislead the navigator, dry tortugas ship wrecks especially as many fantastico ship wreck charts have not been updated to use modern data. It is also important for the lake champlain ship wrecks navigator to appreciate that charts may be significantly in error, especially on less frequented coasts. For example, lake huron ship wreck asia a recent revision of the map of South Georgia in louisiana ship wrecks the South Atlantic showed that previous maps were in some places in error by several kilometres.

Bad weather

Poor weather milwaukee historical society ship wrecks can cause several problems:

  • wind
  • low visibility
  • cold

Wind causes waves nj ship wreck guide and gps numbers which result in other difficulties. Waves make navigation difficult and dangerous near panama ship wreck sandy cape shallow water. Also, waves create buoyancy stresses on the structure of santa lucia ship wreck a hull. The weight of breaking waves on the fabric of the ship force the crew to reduce speed or even travel ship wreck + pictures + scub diving in the same direction as the waves to prevent damage. Also, wind stresses the rigging ship wreck 1995 haiti of sailing ships.

The force of the wind pushes ships ship wreck gulf of mexico in the direction of the wind. Vessels with large windage ship wreck margaret salem ma john brown suffer most. Although powered ships are able to resist the force of the wind, sailing vessels have ship wrecks humboldt county few defences against strong wind. When strong winds are imminent, sailing vessels typically have several choices:

  • try to ship wrecks in uk position ship wrecks not found themselves so that they cannot be blown into danger
  • shelter in a harbour
  • anchor behind a ship wrecks of okinawa sheltering landform

Many losses of sailing ships were caused by sailing, with a following wind, so far into a bay that the ship became trapped ship wrecks of the atlantic upwind of a lee shore, being unable to sail into the wind silverware recovered from ship wrecks to leave the bay.

Low visibility caused by fog, mist and heavy rain increase the solomon islands cruise ship wreck navigator's problems.

Cold can cause metal to become texas ship wrecks brittle and fail more easily. A build-up of ice high on the ship can cause titanic ship wrecks instability.


Warfare, piracy and mutiny have also led to the loss underwater ship wrecks of many ships.

Typical weapons used wisconsin ship wrecks to sink ships include: guns, fire, torpedoes, depth charges, mines and bombs.

Examples of the use of violence appraisers for antique ship wrecks to sink civilian ships include the commerce raiding, unrestricted submarine warfare and tonnage atlantic ocean ship wrecks war.


Fire can cause the loss of ships in many ways. The berkingham ship wreck most obvious way would be the loss of a wooden ship which is burned until watertight integrity is compromised. causi marut ship wreck The detonation of cargo or ammunition can civil war ship wrecks cause the breach of a steel hull. Often a large fire causes a ship to be delaware ship wrecks abandoned and left to drift. Should it run aground beyond economic salvage, it el salvador + ship wreck becomes a wreck. In certain cases, famous ship wrecks the use of seawater to extinguish a fire results in loss of buoyancy as was the case of the liner games ship wreck SS Normandie.

Prevention of shipwrecks

Over the centuries, many technological and organisational developments have been used georgia ship wrecks to reduce accidents at sea including:

  • pilotage aids including lighthouses guam diving on ship wrecks and sea marks
  • basic navigation tools such as the magnetic compass, nautical chart, chronometer, sextant, log
  • advanced navigation tools such lake superior ship wrecks wisconsin as the radio communication, gyrocompass, sonar, hyperbolic radio metal detectors and ship wrecks navigation and satellite navigation
  • inspection of shipbuilding quality and maintenance of seaworthiness of the ship such as "A1 new jersey ship wrecks at Lloyd's"
  • better defences north florida ship wrecks to protect the ship from acts of violence, war and piracy
  • use of fireproof/unflamable materials to prevent fires from spreading rapildly
  • Should all oregon coast ship wrecks else fail, built-in devices to at least delay flooding long enough for orkneys ship wrecks rescue ships to retrieve survivors and/or tow the ship to the nearest shipyard for repairs. Such as watertight compartments paul gauguin cruise ship wreck and pumps.

State of preservation

Many factors determine the state of preservation of a wreck:

  • the ship's construction materials
  • the level of destruction involved in the ship's loss
  • whether the sable island ship wrecks components or cargo of the wreck were salvaged
  • whether the seas with ship wrecks wreck was demolished to ship anfd wreck questions clear a navigable channel
  • the depth of water at the wreck site
  • the strength ship wreck cozumel of tidal currents at the wreck site
  • the exposure to surface weather conditions at the wreck site
  • the presence of marine animals that consume the ship's ship wreck gi joe fabric
  • the salinity ship wreck hasselblad of the water the wreck is in
  • extreme cold (such as a glacial-fed lake) can slow degradation of organic ship materials

Construction materials

Exposed wooden components decay ship wreck island panama city quickly. Often the only wooden parts of wooden ships that ship wreck margaret salem ma remain after a century are those that were buried in silt ship wreck scuba diveing nc or sand soon after the sinking. An example of this is the Mary Rose.

Steel and ship wreck sigri lesvos iron, depending on its thickness, may retain the ship wreck ss new york ship's structure for decades. As corrosion takes place, sometimes helped by tides and weather, the structure ship wrecks along georgia coast collapses. Thick ferrous objects like ship wrecks at bell rock cannons, steam boilers or the pressure vessel of a submarine often survive well underwater in spite of corrosion.

Propellers, condensers, hinges and port holes ship wrecks cornwall were often made from non-ferrous metals such as brass and phosphor bronze, which do not corrode ship wrecks of lake superior easily in water.

Salinity of water

Shipwrecks typically decay rapidly ship wrecks of sail boats when in sea ship wrecks on lake erie water; however shipwrecks in some fresh water lakes, such as the Great Lakes of North America, have remained intact ship wrecks on the great lakes with little degradation. There are two reasons for this. Iron-based metals ship wrecks sarnia ontario corrode much more quickly in sea water due to solomon cruise ship wreck the dissolved salt present; the sodium and chloride ions chemically accelerate the process of metal oxidation which, in the case of ferrous metals, leads to rust. south pacific ship wrecks Bacteria south padre island ship wrecks found in sea water cause the wood on ships to rot more quickly than in fresh water. In some spainish ship wrecks sea areas, most notably in Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland, salinity is very low, st. lawrence river ship wrecks and centuries old wrecks have been preserved in reasonable condition.

Loss, salvage and demolition

An important factor in the condition tranistion games, ship wreck of the wreck is the level of destruction at the time of the loss or shortly afterwards due to the undiscoverd ship wrecks nature of the loss, salvage or later demolition.

Examples of severe destruction at the time of loss are:

  • being blown onto a beach, reef or rocks during a storm
  • collision with another ship
  • destruction in warfare

After the loss the owners of the ship may attempt to recover valuable parts of the ship or its cargo. This can cause damage.

Shipwrecks in shallow water near busy shipping lanes are often demolished to reduce the danger to other vessels.

Depth, tide and weather

Wrecks are slowly broken up by exposure to breaking waves, the weather and the tides. Additionally, wrecks in deeper water suffer more degredation due to higher levels of water pressure.

Marine animals

Some species of marine worms eat wood.

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