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McCoy's 2006 memories: In clubhouse or taxi cab, he's a 'credit' to the game 

Dayton Daily News - 28 minutes ago
We asked Hal McCoy, the Dayton Daily News' hall-of-fame baseball writer, to give us three memorable moments from the 2006 season. Here's what he came up with:

Breast cancer survivors: 'Life is Precious' 
Lexington Clipper-Herald - Oct 07 12:07 AM
LEXINGTON - In the United States it is estimated that in 2006 about 212,920 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed.

'86 murder haunts Monette family 
Jonesboro Sun - 29 minutes ago
MONETTE -- What started out as a beautiful fall day 20 years ago turned into a nightmare that will haunt the family of Sandra Alberda for the rest of their lives.

Tall Stacks closers sing the blues 
The Cincinnati Enquirer - Oct 09 2:42 AM
It's a lowdown sad and lonesome feeling to see this incredible music festival come to an end. That's why it's only right that Sunday's Tall Stacks lineup had the blues.

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Precious Moments is widely known as a series of collectible porcelain bisque figurines. The original artwork was created by the precious moment American illustrator, Sam Butcher in the 1970s. The figurines preciousmoments depict young children with distinctive teardrop-shaped eyes, and are often accompanied by inspirational messages which are also precious monents found on the products.

Alongside Spain's Lladro precious momemts and Germany's M.I. Hummel, Precious Moments is one of the few porcelain figurine brands still alive in the 21st century. It is precios moments also the brand name for a series of giftware and collectibles precious momments licensed by Precious Moments, Inc (a.k.a. PMI) based on the same preciou moments artworks by Sam Butcher.

Some have observed similarities in design with Margaret Keane's paintings of precioous moments waifs or with Japanese Anime with their large sorrowful eyes.


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Precious Moments is a prescious moments lifestyle brand created by artist percious moments Sam Butcher. His simple illustrations of children with teardrop shaped eyes preciouse moments include messages of heartfelt endurance and inspiration. Products derived from these illustrations (by license) are called perious moments "Precious Moments". Christian themes appear throughout his work, as Butcher precious moments is a born-again Christian.

The flagship product of the brand is the "Precious MomentsTM Porcelain precious moments graphics Bisque Figurines" that is being sold since 1977. At its peak, this world-famous precious moments coloring pages product line has seen forty times the sales of the next-best selling Precious Moments precious moments figurines product line (Enesco). In the 21st century, Precious Moments is known as one of precious moments drawings the few brands that mainly deal in precious moments wedding porcelain figurines besides Lladro and Hummel.

It (Precious Moments, Inc. a.k.a. PMI) is precious moments clipart also the name of the company that maintains and licenses copyrighted material precious moments coloring pertaining to the designs by Sam Butcher. The company was incorporated in 1989 to answer to precious moments coloring sheets the increased demands of the Precious Moments characters and themes - yet precious moments wallpaper 80% of the royalties collected was retired precious moments from its licensee Enesco Corp. for their porcelain products.

Also, the same year, Sam precious moments pictures Butcher used his profits from PMI to build his longtime precious moments baby dream - a chapel in Carthage, Missouri. Honored as the father of Precious Moments, he appears at precious moments cross stitch some events in Carthage precious moments characters and occasionally at large scale collector club events, like those which took place in May of 2005 in precious moments clip art Hawaii for the club's 25th anniversary. Sam Butcher currently resides in the Philippines and free precious moments coloring pages spends little time in the US.


The story of how Precious Moments became porcelain figurines precious moments dolls is familiar to printable coloring pages of precious moments many collectors, yet vague on detail and there exists many inaccuracies. What is known to be precious moments secondary market the status quo story is that Gene Freedman, founding chairman of Enesco, Corp., found Sam Butcher precious moments angel and precious moments angels then convinced Sam to have Yasuhei Fujioka, a Japanese sculptor, bring life to the printable precious moments coloring pages children as three dimensional figurines.

The beginning

Precious Moments is well known for the porcelain figurines sold by Enesco Corp. precious moments bedding since 1977. Sam Butcher originally started scribbling the now famous children with tear-drop shaped precious moments nursery eyes on cards and letters to friends and precious moments ornaments families. In the early days Butcher sold desktop precious moments theme downloads some greeting cards at Christian gift shows and flea markets along with his friend, but sales were meager precious moments fabric and localized.

In 1975, Eugene Freedman, who worked for a gift company, befriended Butcher at precious moments posters a show. Freedman liked the characters, but precious moments baby shower supplies he knew that his company had a late start precious moments chapel on the greeting card business, thus needed something else - figurines.

Freedman searched precious moments coloring page for more than a year looking for a sculptor that could sculpt a figurine that satisfied Butcher's artistic tastes. In 1976, precious moments images Freedman finally brought the artwork to Nagoya, Japan; where he precious moments wanted had previous dealings with the owner and master sculptor, Yasuhei Fujioka.


Enesco Group, Inc.
Type Corporation
Founded 1967
Headquarters Itasca, IL
Key people Leonard A. precious moments sugar town skating sign Campanaro (Chairman), Basil Elliott (President/CEO), Marie Meisenbach Graul (Executive VP/CFO)
Industry Giftware
Products Gifts and collectibles
Subsidiaries Enesco Limited (UK), N.C. Cameron & Sons, precious moments may love blossom wherever you go Ltd. (CAN)

In 1958, Enesco was the import division for precious moments 1st rthday party supplies the N. Shure Company. When N. Shure was sold to Butler Brothers, precious moments 2006 christmas bell the import division was spun-off. Founding President Gene Freedman took the acronym off of the N. Shure cargo, "N precious moments chapel exclusive S Co" and phonetically named his company "EnEsCo". Thereafter, the precious moments coloring book company was sold three times, and in 1983 became a part precious moments color pages of Stanhome, Inc. After separating from Stanhome in 1998, Stanhome precious moments coloring drawings immediately collapsed - leaving Enesco with all of Stanhome's assets.

Sam Butcher originally set up a company free precious moments wallpaper under the name of "Jonathan & David" with his friend Bill Biel to sell his artwork precious moments christmas stocking doll qvc and greeting cards. After meeting Freedman, the porcelain figurines were sold under precious moments christmas stocking dolls the Jonathan & David distributorship.

But during the precious moments gif mid 1980's (J&D under stamps can be found precious moments growing in grace up until 1986), due to differences in business policies, Biel and Butcher dissolved Jonathan & David. precious moments invitations Enesco took over the distributorship world wide from then on. precious moments needle craft projects Also around the same time, Butcher set up the "Sam Butcher precious moments symbols Foundation" and "Precious Moments, Inc.".

Up until 1997, Enesco's sales for Precious Moments porcelain figurines continued to increase. The price list for retired precious moments collectors' club started from 1980 1st precious moments rthday party pinata supplies also saw great increases in membership until then. Enesco was awarded many gatlinburg cabins precious moments awards by NALED (National Association of Limited Edition Dealers) during its peak sales years. precious moments backgrounds Freedman and Butcher were also awarded the "Industry Achievement Award" and the "Artist of precious moments baptism the Year" respectively numerous times. In its highest sales year, 80% of Enesco's net sales consisted of Precious precious moments collectibles Moments porcelain figurines.

But by precious moments coloring books 2004, Enesco, Corp. posted an operating loss of $15.7 million US dollars. The sales of Precious Moments items plunged from precious moments ecards a high precious moments figures of $206 million in 1996 to $55.7 million in 2004, a drop of $27.5 million from precious moments free cross stitch 2003. (Carthage Press 2005)

"Precious Moments revenues represented 22% of consolidated net revenues in 2004 compared to 33% precious moments pics in precious moments plates 2003," according to Enesco's 2004-2005 annual report.

In 2005 Precious Moments ended its business partnership and license arrangement precious moments prints with Enesco. Precious Moments currently oversees the distribution of its figurines and products, shipping products precious moments value from its warehouses in Carthage, Mo.

Gene Freedman coloring pages for kids precious moments left Enesco in March of 2005, but has been named "Precious Moments Ambassador" by Precious Moments, Inc. There was free cross stitch precious moments patterns an extravagant retirement dinner scheduled for him, but it quickly became an employment celebration precious moments 22 monthly rose flower angels after PMI's announcement.

In 2006, precious moments a winter wonderland only a year after the departure of Precious Moments, Enesco's fourth president, Cynthia Passmore-McLaughlin (formerly of Revlon) resigned. With precious moments bible this, Jim Shore, the second best selling products precious moments cake topper after Precious Moments, dissolved its crontract with Enesco. Enesco's stocks fell below US $1.00 and was precious moments figurine unlisted from the NYSE. After precious moments love a few weeks of over the counter trading, Enesco withdrew its public offering altogether.

Historical Enesco President/CEOs

  1. Eugene Freedman (retired)
  2. Jeff Hutsell precious moments part of me wants to be good ornament (resigned)
  3. Dan Dalmolle (deceased)
  4. Cynthia Passmore-McLaughlin (resigned)
  5. Basil Elliot precious moments piggy bank (current)


1976 - Gene Freedman was in Japan. free precious moments drawings As a buyer for N. Shure Co.'s import division, he had dealings with many vendors who produced high quality free precious moments wallpapers ceramics. One of those vendors was Pearl Original, Inc. run by Yasuhei Fujioka (company precious moments baby bedding name from '76 not avaialble). He precious moments carousel series had travelled around the world, but had not found a precious moments collection handprint kit sculpt that satisfied Sam Butcher's esoteric tastes.

"Fujioka-san could immediately sculpt the back-side, precious moments favors for baby shower not shown in Sam's artworks.", and, "Sam fell in love at first sight", says Mr. Freedman.

In 1977, precious moments gifts for baby the porcelain figurines were introduced to US retailers, and officially started its retail career in 1978. precious moments illustrations All figurines were designed in Fujioka's precious moments wedding napkins Pearl Original studio.

Years passed and during the mid 1980's to 1990's, Precious Moments had become one of 1st precious moments rthday party pinata and supplies the top porcelain collectible brand disney precious moments in the United States. Enesco decided to expand its business to Europe and Asia, but the difference in laws and free myspace precious moments wallpaper cultures made it difficult. The "American-Christian" theme of Precious Moments precious moments + cradle was a hard sell.

In Japan, many distributors and department stores precious moments curio tried carrying the Precious Moments products, but they all gave up after low sales. Many precious moments fleece material even precious moments love free pics employed sales tactics that may have marred the brand image. Freedman decided to precious moments machine embroidery designs meet with Fujioka again.

By that time, Yasuhei Fujioka had already relinquished his company to his son Shuhei (Shuhei Fujioka). Shuhei had precious moments nurse been part precious moments religious of the company since the birth of Precious Moments porcelain figurines, and was an integral part of managing the email free moments precious stationary business between Pearl Original, Inc. and Enesco, Corp.

In 1997, Shuhei Fujioka enesco precious moments created Precious Memory, Inc. as a porcelain specialty wholesale gifts and collectibles music boxes precious moments and retail company. With stores in Tokyo's Omote-Sando, Yokohama's Motomachi, and Kobe's Motomachi - my world's upside down without you precious moments the company promoted and sold Precious Moments porcelain figurines. The company also precious moments baby gift set sold through catalog and mail orders and setup an online retail site which was something precious moments baby shower favors new in the late 90's. Precious Memory's precious moments birthday approach of selling the brand image rather than the precious moments checks products itself, was different from those of the previous distributors.

To encourage and promote this new endeavour, Enesco permitted Fujioka precious moments coloring book pages and Precious Memory to develop and market a series of "Japan Exclusive" precious moments cross stitch patterns Precious Moments. These products would depict inspirational cultural themes of Japan. According to Enesco's marketing guidelines, precious moments height chart under this agreement, these Japan Exclusive products would be exclusive to Japan for precious moments jesus the first six months after its introduction and would be precious moments music boxes available world-wide after that. But in many cases, Enesco sales precious moments noah's ark reps and retailers either did not know how to sell these products or did not precious moments prices even know that precious moments printables they existed. With no demand, the orders dwindled below manufacturing efficiency. The series was in defacto suspended in 2005 when PMI precious moments wedding cake topper took over the wedding precious moments distributorship of the porcelain figurines.

During the Enesco years, Precious Memory also supported the collectors and club effort by running the Precious Moments baby precious moments crib bedding Collectors Club Japan (PMCCJ). As Enesco's support for the club was baby precious moments posters almost non-existent, it was Precious Memory who usually took free precious moments background images customer complaints ranging from mis-spelled member cards to refunds on products not delivered free precious moments birthday invitations by Enesco.

Other than taking the kids rthday precious moments party supplies orders for members-only products, the PMCCJ published its quarterly newsletter, the Good News Letter: Japan. The newsletter la ultima manga de precious moments started as a full-color 16 page glossy heavy-stock stapler bound booklet, but little angel precious moments was soon replaced by a satin finish medium-stock version. As the years passed by, the precious moments + baby newsletter would change its name to Good Newsletter: precious moments + cradle sets Japan[sic] and finally to Precious Memory News as Enesco closed the official club.

Collectors and clubs

The Precious MomentsTM Collectors' Club was founded in 1980*, followed by the Precious MomentsTMFan Club precious moments baby book in the precious moments balloon 90s.

In a 2004 report, the cumulative membership was 100,000 individuals. In January of 2005, PMI reported precious moments calendar the running total to be 200,000. This number includes members from the precious moments christmas stocking Precious Moments Collectors' Club (PMCC), the Precious Moments Fan Club (PMFC), and unofficial members precious moments decorations that are simply registered as direct mail recipients in PMI's database.

Club members have established precious moments for wedding decorations local chapters to each of these clubs. One does not have to join precious moments in texas a local precious moments love coloring pages chapter to be a member. Local chapter members benefit from local sponsorship that is otherwise unavailable from precious moments nativity club headquarters. There are even chapters in Canada.

Each chapter precious moments party supplies baptism is usually sponsored by a local gift shop selling Precious precious moments picture frames Moments figurines. The most notable chapters are the You Have Touched precious moments porceline doll baby So Many Hearts (YHTSMH) sponsored by European Imports (Niles, IL) and the Alohalani Precious Moments Club sponsored by the Cathedral Gift Shop precious moments rthday party supplies (Honolulu, precious moments sweeter than mom HI). The two stores would also join large scale events, such as precious moments wallpapers the Gifts & Collectibles Show at Rosemont, IL and the Precious Moments Hawaiian Adventure respectively.

Each local chapter may also distribute their retired precious moments figurine own newsletters to its chapter members. The YHTSMH publishes its Heart Felt 1985 precious moments lord i m coming home News and the Alohalani distributes its NuPePa quarterly. Some chapters create their own club a tail of love precious moments logos and pins to match.

During the Enesco years, the Precious Moments Community was baby precious moments graphics approved as the only official online chapter free bridal clipart precious moments for the Collectors' Club.

Around the free precious moments baby stuff world, the PMCC and its members were supported by their local distributors; Precious Memory in Japan, Best Gate in Hong Kong, Precious free precious moments pictures Thots in Thailand and so on. But monroe, la precious moments the English version of the Good News Letter, the official newsletter of PMCC, was not well precious moments babies & bears accepted - and in many cases, the local distributors would precious moments baby shower publish their own native language leaflets. With almost no support from US headquarters, precious moments background customers also had to rely on the precious moments birthstone angels local distributor to answer their complaints against Enesco. Many of precious moments candles for rthday the distributors would eventually set up their own membership programs to take care of their customers.

As Enesco precious moments cradle lost its license with PMI in 2005, all local chapters and international clubs have been precious moments cross stitch books disavowed - although still active. Since then, PMI has decided to re-evaluate precious moments devotional its club strategies. In February of 2006 PMI precious moments faith is a victory began accepting registration of local club chapters precious moments free coloring pages in an open letter in their quarterly newletter, Moments.

*There was a big 25th anniversary celebration precious moments lawn ornaments in Hawaii in 2005. So 1980 would be the precious moments love covers all charter year.

In popular culture

  • Precious Moments figurines are parodied in an episode of The Simpsons. Ned, an avid collector of Humble precious moments love from the first impression figurines, which depict large-eyed precious moments mural boys and girls in iconic Americana settings, gets fed up precious moments sewing shadow box with the morally bankrupt populace of Springfield and moves to the fictional Humbleton, Pennsylvania, where the figurines are produced. However, the residents of Humbleton precious moments stickers are so uptight that even Ned doesn't meet their precious moments tableware moral standards and he moves back precious moments to print to Springfield.

Precious Moments, Inc.

Precious Moments, precious moments together is the place to be Inc.
Type Corporation
Founded 1991
Headquarters Carthage, MO
Key people Jon Butcher (Chairman), Byron Norfleet secondary market value guide for precious moments (President/CEO), Dan Huwel (COO/CFO), tooniforms precious moments baby classics Scott Bryson (VP Sales), Bret Moore (VP Marketing), Jeff Biggos (VP Finance), value of precious moments Frank Muci (VP Product Development)
Industry Giftware
Products Porcelain figurines, other gift and collectibles

Precious Moments, Inc. (A.k.a. PMI) was founded charms of precious moments in 1991 by Samuel J. Butcher and his family. The company is clipart precious moments currently owned by two of Butcher's sons - Don, who lives in cute pictures of precious moments Carthage, MO, and Jon, who lives in St. Charles, IL].

PMI's main growth chart precious moments duties until July of 2005 was to collect money from its licensees. is here a green book listing for precious moments From 2000 to 2005, PMI collected over US love precious moments $80 million from its primary licensee, Enesco, Corp. for the licensing of Precious Moments name and artwork out of print precious moments cross stitch books for use on giftware and porcelain figurines. Under its precious moments 1971 penholder contract, Enesco was to pay PMI a minimum licensing fee of US $15 million annually precious moments alphabet and 14% of sales beyond that. With the precious moments alphabet graphics economic slow down of the new millennium precious moments and winter on ice doll and poor sales, Enesco ended up losing more money than they were making.

In 1998, PMI delegated its precious moments ark nursery copyright licensing function to United Media (A.k.a. UM), a wholly owned subsidiary of E. W. precious moments audio Scripps. Because of this, between 1998 precious moments baby stuff and 2005, PMI did not hold any rights precious moments balloons to license its own intellectual property. With UM as its licensing agent, PMI licensed its property out to more precious moments baptism cross than 150 manufacturers and vendors.

In July precious moments bible adjustable strap 2005, PMI became the distributor for the Precious Moments porcelain products in place of Enesco. But at precious moments can't be without you the same time, it lost a US $15 million annual account receivable. The company's precious moments carousal current functions are product design, marketing, and precious moments cartoon characters distribution, in addition to its original copyright delegation duties.

During the company's life, Jon Butcher purchased precious moments cell phone faceplates his father's share of the company - which made him the precious moments chapel fountain of angles majority share holder. Some time after 1999, Jon and his brother Don purchased precious moments charms the remaining shares from their sisters; making them 100% owners of PMI. But precious moments christening partyware in 2002, Jon and Don was offered a buyout of precious moments circus light PMI by Trivest LP. Instead of a total buyout, precious moments cliparts Jon decided to let Trivest invest in PMI in return for a performance based payout and purchase plan. (Internal) The precious moments coloring printouts investment firm, Trivest Partners LP, would direct a new precious moments computer wallpaper management team, engaged by Jon.

In January precious moments cross stitch baby afghan 2006, Jon Butcher stepped down as president and CEO and PMI precious moments daycare welcomed Byron Norfleet (previously president of the Naturalizer division of Brown Shoe) as its new CEO and president.

Norfleet was brought in to precious moments designs re-organize company procedures and to give new life to PMI as a giftware distribution precious moments free clipart company. Although PMI was part of the family of companies that precious moments friends to the very end owned the rights to the Precious Moments brand, Norfleet understood precious moments girl goose pink fabric that PMI was not a giftware company. Afterall, Sam and Bill had precious moments italian charms sold their products out of their old company, Jonathan & David, precious moments kristina kringle and that the old PMI, as precious moments la quinceanera an intellectual property firm, had actually never been a giftware company.

Prior to Norfleet joining PMI, the company precious moments las vegas had decided to allow Jonathan Lin to compete precious moments love is kind with Fujioka's factories, breaking off any personal ties that precious moments myspace graphic comments existed between Sam, Yasuhei, and Gene. Lin was a long time supplier to precious moments pinatas Pearl and Enesco, Corp. and there was no question about his factories' manufacturing abilities. Norfleet, Dan Huwel, precious moments price list COO and CFO of PMI, and Frank Muci, head of PMI product development, all precious moments pricing guide agreed that the best course of action was to diversify their supply chain.

After the first year precious moments quinceanera clip art of the brand change-over, PMI made progress in the decling precious moments rubber stamps giftware channel with a relatively smooth transition to a new precious moments secondary price guide sales force. The sales programs and new summer release were debuted precious moments stained glass patterns at a May 2006 broker meeting at the PM chapel park in Carthage, MO. The precious moments stationary company pointed out precious moments unity candle that the biggest challenges were in the operations area.

Corporate charters and annual reports precious moments water globe recovered Mar 20, 2006 from Missouri Secretary of State.

The Precious the precious moments birthday cards Moments Chapel

The Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri, is a theme park run by PMI. The land it the story behind precious moments stands on is owned by the Sam Butcher Foundation - therefore is thugz from precious moments personally owned by Sam Butcher and his heirs.

The main attraction of value of precious moments figurines the park is the "Fountain of Angels", 1988 precious moments designed by Sam Butcher himself. The indoor attraction can propel 1st precious moments birthday party pinata and supplies water up to 80 feet high in sync to music, lights, and visual effects. Two separate performances are held everyday from March 2002 precious moments christmas stocking doll through December.

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  • Precious Moments Official Site.

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