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Pet Expo lures thousands of families and pets Downtown 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 08 9:09 PM
Santa Claus made an unseasonably early appearance yesterday Downtown, and hundreds of dogs lined up to pose for pictures with him.

Orthodogs’ Silver Lining Foundation (OSLF), Announces the First Annual OSLF Photo Contest; Open Call for Photos of  
[Press Release] PR Web - Oct 09 12:16 AM
Orthodogs' Silver Lining Foundation (OSLF) puts out an open call for pictures of Comical Canines, Canine Athletes, Puppies, Dogs & Friends and Candid Canines for the First Annual OSLF Photo Contest. All contest and calendar funds earned by OSLF, an all-volunteer/501(c)(3) nonprofit, go toward assisting service,rescue and companion dogs with orthopedic needs. Service dogs with other health

Polar explorer to bring tales, pictures of Arctic degradation 
The Aspen Times - Oct 09 12:22 AM
By now, we've all heard the news: Global climate change is shortening our winters and melting our snowpack.

A glimpse at African wild dogs 
Austin American-Statesman - Oct 07 9:05 PM
Awesome predators endangered. SELOUS GAME RESERVE, Tanzania — Ears. That's what I saw first. Big, radar-dish ears that dwarfed the narrow canine face.

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Content-based image retrieval (CBIR), also known as query by image content (QBIC) and content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) is the application of computer vision to the image picture of dogs retrieval problem, that is, the problem of searching for digital images in pictures of dog large databases. "Content-based" means that the search makes use of picures of dogs the contents of the images themselves, rather than relying on human-inputted metadata such as captions or keywords. pitures of dogs A content-based image retrieval system (CBIRS) is a piece of software that implements picturs of dogs CBIR.

The term CBIR seems to have picturesof dogs originated in 1992, when it was used by T. Kato to describe picyures of dogs experiments into automatic retrieval of images from a database, based on the colours pictures pf dogs and shapes present. Since then, the term has been used to describe the process of retrieving desired images from a pictres of dogs large collection on the basis of pictures ofdogs syntactical image features. The techniques, tools and algorithms that are used originate from fields such as statistics, pictures of bogs pattern recognition, signal processing, and computer vision.

There is growing interest in CBIR because of the pictures og dogs limitations inherent in metadata-based systems. Textual information about images can be easily searched using pictures of dgs existing technology, picttures of dogs but requires humans to personally describe every image in the database.This is impractical for very pictires of dogs large databases, or for images that are generated automatically, e.g. from pictures of dogs surveillance cameras. It is also possible to miss images that use different synonyms in their descriptions. Systems based on categorizing images in funny pictures of dogs semantic classes like "cat" as a subclass of "animal" avoid pictures of cats and dogs this problem but still face the same scaling issues.

The ideal CBIR funny pictures of dogs and cats system from a user perspective would involve what is referred to as semantic retrieval, pictures of dogs on rockets where the user makes a request like "find pictures of dogs" pictures of dogs and cats or even "find pictures of Abraham Lincoln". This type of open-ended task is very difficult for computers to perform - pictures of pictures of dogs or puppys chihuahuas and Great Danes pictures of shih tzu dogs look very different, and Lincoln may not always be facing the camera or in the pictures of demon on snow dogs same pose. Current CBIR systems therefore generally make use of lower-level features like texture, color, and pictures of dogs and puppies shape, although some systems take advantage of very cartoon pictures of dalmatian dogs common higher-level features like faces (see facial recognition system). Not every CBIR system is generic. Some systems are designed for a specific pictures of boxer dogs domain, e.g. shape matching can be used for finding parts inside a pictures of flea tick and mite tes on dogs CAD-CAM database.

Different implementations pictures of funny dogs of CBIR make use of different types of user queries.

  • With query by example, the user searches with a query image pictures of types of small dogs (supplied by the user or chosen pictures of worms in dogs from a random set), and the software finds images similar to it based on various low-level criteria.
  • With query by sketch, the user draws a pictures of dogs in fields rough approximation of the image they pictures of dogs with fleas are looking for, for example with blobs of color, and the software locates images whose layout matches the pictures of mixed breed dogs sketch.
  • Other methods include specifying the proportions of colors desired (e.g. "80% red, 20% blue") pictures of pit bull dogs and searching for images that contain pictures of skin rashes in dogs an object given in a query image (as at [1]).

CBIR systems a webstie that show pictures of dogs can also make use of relevance feedback, where the user progressively refines digital pictures of dogs the search results by marking images in the results as "relevant", "not relevant", or "neutral" to the search query, then free pictures of dogs repeating the search with the new information.

Some software producers are aggressively trying to push CBIR based applications pictures of hunting dogs into the filtering and law enforcement pictures of puppies and dogs markets for the purpose of identifying and censoring images with skin-tones free pictures of black labrador dogs and shapes that could indicate the presence of nudity, with controversial results.

External links

  • CIRES developed by the University pictures of bull dogs of Texas at Austin.
  • Tiltomo : Image Visual Search pictures of dogs for sale Engine CBIR (content based image retrieval) system uses advanced proprietary Subject, Color & pictures of pug dogs Texture recognition algorithms to analyze image composition.
  • our.imgSeek - Site for social photo bookmarking: search images by similarity, sketch, tag, rate and get cute pictures of dogs and cats recommendations.
  • IKONA - Online demonstration pictures of cute dogs and cats - Generic CBIR system - INRIA - IMEDIA
  • SIMPLIcity and ALIP online Demos developed by Stanford and Penn State Universities
  • GIFT - The GNU Image pictures of english sheppard dogs Finding Tool - an free pictures of labrador dogs open source query by example CBIRS
    • Viper Demo - an online demonstration of the GIFT
    • Perl MRML Client - information and pictures of dogs another GIFT demo, using a different client, and pictures of beagle hounds dogs combining textual annotation with visual features
    • EyeVisionBot - An interface for eye-tracking based image search using the GIFT
  • SIMBA - pictures of black lab dogs demo of the Search Images By Appearance system by the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität pictures of different breeds of dogs Freiburg (Germany) - Inst. for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
  • FIRE online demo, FIRE pictures of show dogs homepage FIRE (Flexible Image Retrieval Engine) is another open source query by example CBIRS
  • LCPD: Leiden 19th-Century Portrait Database - an pictures of ticks on dogs funny pictures of cats and dogs online database of 19th century studio portraits searchable via CBIR and commonly referenced in the literature
  • imgSeek - opensource photo collection manager and pictures of all dogs viewer with content-based search and many other features
  • Video Google demo - search movies for specific objects
  • Cortina - pictures of american bull dogs Content Based Image Retrieval for 3 Million Images. From UCSB.
  • Octagon - Free pictures of barking dogs Java based Content-Based Image Retrieval software.
  • Retrievr - search and explore pictures of black lamb dogs in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough pictures of chocolate lab dogs sketch or uploading an image.
  • PicSOM CBIR tool, developed in the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, Helsinki University of Technology.
  • LIRE - pictures of dalmatian dogs Lucene Image Retrieval Java CBIR library, which pictures of dogs biting people uses the Lucene search engine
  • MUVIS - MUVIS Image and Video Retrieval CBIR System at TUT- Tampere pictures of tawny brittany bassett dogs University of Technology.

Relevant research papers

  • Extending image retrieval systems with pictures of types of dogs a thesaurus for shapes (Hove, 2004)
  • SIMPLIcity: Semantics-Sensitive Integrated Matching comforters with pictures of dogs on them for Picture Libraries (Wang, Li, and Wiederhold, 2001)
  • Automatic Linguistic full size pictures of dogs helping the blind Indexing of Pictures by a Statistical Modeling Approach (Li and Wang, 2003)
  • System for Screening Objectionable Images (Wang et al., 1998)
  • Video google: A text funny pictures of dogs and puppies retrieval approach to object matching in videos (Sivic & funny pictures of weiner dogs Zisserman, 2003)
  • Names and Faces in the News (Berg et al, 2004)
  • FACERET: An Interactive Face Retrieval System pictures of bullmastif dogs Based on Self-Organizing Maps (Ruiz-del-Solar et al, 2002)
  • Costume: A New Feature for Automatic pictures of corn dogs Video Content Indexing (Jaffre 2005)
  • Finding Naked People (Fleck et al, 1996)
  • Automatic Face Recognition for Film pictures of dogs to adopt Character Retrieval in Feature-Length Films (Arandjelovic & Zisserman, 2005)
  • Algorithm on which Retrievr (Flickr search) pictures of dogs traveling and imgSeek is based on (Jacobs, pictures of dogs with ring worm Finkelstein, Salesin)
  • Cortina: a system for large-scale, content-based web pictures of great dane dogs image retrieval (Quack et al, 2004)
  • A new perspective on Visual Information Retrieval (Eidenberger 2004)
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