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Proposed nudist colony causing stir in Anderson 

The Daily Gamecock - Oct 08 9:17 PM
BELTON - Opponents of a proposed nudist community near Belton are trying to figure out a way to keep the 150 homes planned for the site from being built. The Natura Christian Fellowship wants to put homes, townhouses and a campground on a nearly 104-acre site.

Citizens battle to keep nudists out 
The Myrtle Beach Sun News - Oct 08 4:48 AM
Opponents of a proposed nudist community near Belton are trying to figure out a way to keep the 150 homes planned for the site from being built.

Daily Mirror - Oct 06 9:34 PM
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Bredene nude beach in natuurist Belgium.

The meanings of naturism and nudism are very naturst similar, and refer to a cultural and political movement practicing, advocating and defending social nudity nayurist in private and public spaces.[1] Several other terms ("social nudity", and recently: "clothes-free") have been proposed as naturast a narurist replacement of these terms, but none has yet found the same wide-spread acceptance as the older terms naturism and nudism.[2]

The movement includes a large range of variants including "naturism", "nudism", "Freikörperkultur (FKK)", the "free beach movement" naaturist as well as generalized "public lands/public nudity" advocacy. While there is a large naturrist amount of shared history and common themes, issues natirist and philosophy, differences between these separate movements are sometimes contentious. The naturist usage of these terms varies geographically; people in the US often prefer the term nudism, while naturists people in Europe more often than not naturist galleries refer to themselves as naturists.[1] The predominant movement centers on established, naturist children family-friendly, non-sexualized variations. The inclusion of the "topfree equality" movement within this movement is under debate. naturist photos Use of the word "clothes free" has also been used when preceding other words as a descriptive naturist family term, some arguing that it allows more inclusion of family naturist both the naturist and nudist philosophy, which are arguably similar in many regards.[2]

The movement naturist kids also works in parallel to and sometimes influences family naturists and is influenced by popular culture as well as individuals and activists (see clothes free people) as naturist videos well as organizations (see clothes free organizations).

The related Wikipedia entry Issues naturist family gallery in Social Nudity, under its "Labels, associations and terminology" heading, makes an attempt naturist gallery at defining the differences between "nudism" and "naturism".


  • 1 Terminology
  • 2 Disambiguation
  • 3 Philosophy naturist pictures naturist pics and practice
  • 4 History of social nudity
    • 4.1 Prehistory
    • 4.2 Historical naturist youth era
      • 4.2.1 The spread of philosophy and the rise of naturist beach formal communities
  • 5 Issues in social naturist families nudity
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A woman naked on a horse
  • The terms naturism, nudism and russian naturist social nudity are generally defined as the practice of naturist photo going nude, especially in a mixed social setting. The terms naturism and nudism generally also mean that kid naturist the activities are done naturist child in non-sexualized, family-friendly contexts. The usage and definition of these terms varies geographically and historically.[1][3] Those who practice naturism are called naturists, those who practice nudism are called nudists. See also: naturist photography labels, associations and terminology for an extended discussion and disambiguation.
  • A naturist or naturist free gallery nudist community (club, resort or facility) may teenage naturists insist on complete nudity when practical (to ensure that no one feels inappropriately undressed, and other reasons). Some controversy naturist women exists on this topic among naturists, naturist beaches with some saying that a resort that is "clothing optional" fails to support naturist values, and others saying that naturist sites a resort that is "compulsorily nude" is in fact naturist video as restrictive as the outside world where nudity is forbidden. Nudist colony is free naturist pictures no longer a favored term.
  • The word "naturist" is not to be confused with the word "naturalist". (Likewise "naturism" and naturalism.)
  • Canuding is nudist naturist the act of canoeing in the nude.
  • Clothing compulsive Disallowing or discouraging naturist holidays nudity, thus requiring the wearing of clothes, especially swimsuits, e.g. on beaches, as opposed to toleration naturist men of nudity. child naturists Can also refer to how a person feels--that they feel compelled to wear clothing. family naturist photos One nick-name for those who support this belief or feel that way pictures of naturists is "textiles".
  • Clothes free/clothes-free and clothing free/clothing-free used when preceding other words as a descriptive term is used sometimes by some arguing euro naturist that it allows more inclusion of both the naturist and nudist philosophy naturist bbs without showing preference or bias to either labels or philosophy.[4] It women naturist is also used by others who do naturist camp not like labels.[2]
  • Clothing optional and nude optional can describe a policy or a venue that allows or encourages nudity but tolerates family naturist album the wearing of clothes.
  • A cottontail is someone whose buttocks are paler than his or male naturists her legs and back, caused by sun tanning shaven naturist while wearing a swimsuit, supposedly making that person, when nude, look somewhat like a bunny with a white male naturist naturist christians tail.
  • A nude beach or free beach is not so much one without an admission naturist nudist cost, but one in which people can be entirely free of wearing their clothes.
  • Freehiking or free hiking is the practice of naturist picture gallery hiking in the wilderness while nude.
  • Freikörperkultur (FKK) (see article naturist pageants in German) or Free Body Culture is the name for another variant of the general movement in naturist resorts Germany.
  • Gymnophobia is an irrational children naturists fear or anxiety about being seen naked, or about seeing others naked.
  • A landed organization naturist massage is one that owns the real estate for its facilities. Non-landed (or travel) clubs meet at various locations, such as private naturist movies residences, hot springs, landed resorts and rented naturist russian facilities.
  • Prude is a derogatory term for someone who is too afraid, nervous, or scornful to be nude or partially nude smooth naturist socially or to tolerate others naturist camps who are.
  • A shaved or smoothie individual is one who shaves off much of his/her body naturist links hair. (See acomoclitism).
  • Textile is a nickname for a person who does not practice social vintage naturist nudity. A clothist.
  • Topfree means bare-chested (leaving chest and breasts uncovered), or euro naturists a place that allows uncovered female and male chests. The term was coined by activists to use instead of the term "topless", galleries naturists which has a negative connotation to some, in part because naturist couples it is used by strip clubs.


See: labels, associations and naturists photos terminology.

Philosophy and practice

Nambassa 3 day Festival in New Zealand1978

Many people believe that the naked human body is free naturist videos to be accepted, respected, cherished, and enjoyed. They believe it naturist clubs is not inherently shameful, corrupting, degrading, or dangerous. Many of them enjoy clothes naturist stories free activities. They reject views that being naked with other people naturist images is morally wrong (indecent), sexual per se (erotic or naturist family lifestyle gallery pornographic). They argue that nakedness is a healthy, natural state, that being nude naturist couple is to be in your purest form, since everyone was born nude. They generally find that they quickly become naturist family pics so accustomed to being nude among nudes that it no longer seems very remarkable. It is, rather, simply one naturist family pictures naturist children pictures part of their lifestyle.

Modern social nudity is mostly a revival of ancient customs and mores, naturist films when it was more pervasive throughout the world. Even the Inuit of the Arctic went nude in their igloos. The indigenes of Tierra del naturist teenagers Fuego asian naturist held up shields to block the bitingly cold wind but otherwise went about naked (Charles Darwin, family naturist pics who visited the area, commented on the hardiness of these people). Only a few small, isolated examples naturist colony today survive of societies which have retained from ancient times a customary naturist videos pirate life with little or no clothing ever. They are mostly in the Amazon basin, sub-Saharan Africa, and New Guinea. russian naturist video They endure continuing political, economic, and cultural forces vintage naturists which are assimilating some and killing others, often destroying their traditional habitat. See nudist naturist videos cultural assimilation.

Social nudity in less extreme forms is practiced in many cultures, especially in russia naturist the contexts of social bathing or swimming, sometimes with mixed sexes. Nude activities can be indoors russian naturist nudists and outdoors. Typical activities are free family naturist photos relaxation, sunbathing and recreation (including many sports). Some also prefer to work nude, etc., when the temperature and the social situation naturist teenage allows it (including when naturist thumbnails one is alone). A nude party (not to be confused with a sex party) may be public (e.g. Starkers Nightclub) free naturist pics or private. Some clothing-optional naturist russia communities do exist for those who wish to live in a supportive environment. little naturist In fact there are communities under development that even cater specifically to Christians that desire to practice french naturists Christian naturism.

Practitioners say that they are not pruriently interested in seeing others naked (which, if for sexual russian naturist pictures pleasure, is called voyeurism) or in being seen naked by others (likewise: exhibitionism). free naturist galleries People participate in clothes free activities for various reasons. Many are convinced that increased mature naturist exposure to the naturist accommodation natural environment, made easier through nudity, can result in numerous health benefits. Sunlight has been shown to be naturist buddies beneficial in some skin conditions and enables the body to make naturist camping vitamin D, a necessary nutrient.

However, with the increased awareness of skin cancer, wearing of sunblock is now part naturist video clips of the culture, and recently more education has been carried out to warn of the risk. naturist kid Whereas nudist parents do not require their naturist massage uk children to put on clothes before going outside at a clothes free area, most do require them naturists galleries to put on sunscreen lotion. Overall, those who enjoy naturist dvd clothes free activities often claim that they are more relaxed and in naturist video clip a better state of mind when they shed their clothes.

Many people say that being nude in groups makes them teenage naturist feel more accepted for their entire beings--physical, intellectual and emotional. black naturists They say that they tend to be more accepted, in french naturist spite of differences in age, body shape, fitness, and health. Without clothing, one's social rank is generally obscured. They report naturist and gallery feeling more united with humanity, with less regard to a person's wealth, position, nationality, naturist family photos race, and sex.

Those inexperienced in social nudity often say that they fear that children naturist it contributes to an imbalance of clubs naturist power between men and women. They say that women and children are more vulnerable when nude, and can be exploited. naturist swim While that might be true in a situation european naturist of commercial nudity, such as a strip club, women advocates of social nudity assert the opposite, especially in an naturist photographs established nude group. The men are nude naturists beach there as well, no money is changing hands, nor is anyone nudist camp naturist in any sense giving a "performance".

Being around like-minded people can make interpersonal ukraine naturist interactions, such as meeting new friends, easier. Many pro-nudity organizations promote frequent social activities. naturist beach photos Some of the clubs have stricter entrance requirements than some traditional up-scale 'country clubs', including the naturist family galleries requirement to supply references, a naturist fun sponsoring member, a trial membership, committee approval and/or, due to fears of sex offenders, criminal background checks. At the other naturist smoothies end of the spectrum are 'unorganized' clothes free events and activities on public lands where first time naturist there is nothing to join, no one to pay, and naturist lifestyle only civil, common and criminal law to serve as denmark naturists rules of etiquette. Many people get their first exposure to the clothes free movement through that naturist male kind of informal approach (e.g. a clothing optional beach, a naturist websites friend's place in the woods, a party on the shore or skinny dipping).

History of social nudity


Genetic studies of the human body louse Pediculus humanus, which feeds on the body but lives naturist beaches in the canaries in and requires clothing, suggests that humans started naturist of teenagers wearing garments 72,000 years ago +/- 42,000 years. This estimate matches that of the first appearance of physical evidence adolescents naturist of clothing-making tools. The species Homo sapiens itself has naturists pictures existed for 200,000 or more years, so there is a strong argument that the 'natural' condition asian naturists of early humans was nude. Early humans are thought japanese naturists to have been covered in somewhat more body hair than we are today, and preferentially inhabited the warmer areas men naturist of the naturist adolescents earth. The competitive advantage that clothing gave these early peoples as they expanded into the naturist pic less hospitable parts of the globe was a strong driver for its widespread adoption. In tropical prepubescent naturists conditions however, the human body does not physically require clothing and it christian naturists continues as more a social convention than as a couples naturist biological necessity.

Historical era

Ancient cultures (the Greeks and the Romans for example) sometimes had quite different high school naturists attitudes toward the unclothed human body than are common today. In international naturist fact, the word "gymnasium" comes from the Greek word "gymnos", meaning "nude," because athletics in Greece naturist contest was routinely practiced naked by its participants.

Nudity taboos may have naturist friends developed simply because people got accustomed to wearing clothes for practical reasons, as in temperate or desert climates. Perhaps it became naturist mom a habit, was culturally ingrained, and was naturist web addresses elevated to a requirement.

Feminist theory, however, generally links the historic and pre-historic development of body "modesty" to the subjugation nudists and naturists of women. In patriarchal beach naturist societies, it is often the men who most desire to cover the women, ostensibly to protect the women, but, according family naturist gallery to the theory, it is more to free naturist photos keep a woman from developing relationships without the approval of her father or husband. An alternative formulation of this theory is free naturists that hiding women's bodies (or at least a given society's selection of naturist photo free "erogenous zones") keeps the ardor of unauthorized males at bay. Women may feel naturist schools that this protection, whether or not it is really nudists and naturist meaningful, has value.

Objections to being nude are often religiously badger naturists motivated, even when that idea started as a cultural taboo, japanese naturist as in the previous two paragraphs. Many peoples around the world started wearing clothes only after missionaries argued that it is more civilized. However, there are naturist france many religiously devout nudists who attend naturist freedom worship services regularly. They argue that they do not need to naturist image shed their morals with their clothes.

The Adamites, a Gnostic sect, practiced religious nudism.

Another religious sect, the Doukhobors, migrated from naturist nudist free videos Russia to western Canada. They practise or practised occasional nudity, such as while working in the naturists resorts farm fields. portugal and naturist One of the three subdivisions of Doukhobors, the Freedomites, went so far in the 1900s as youth naturists to publicly strip in mass public demonstrations to protest government policies which were meant to assimilate them (see european naturists documentary Spirit Wrestlers below in references or in reading).

One of the two main family nudist naturist divisions of the Jain religion of India is naturist beauty pageant "skyclad", or naked, though generally it is practised by the males.

Although there is no well-defined date in Western society when naturist forum it naturist games became unacceptable to be seen nude in public, the era of Queen Victoria certainly ended whatever remained of it, with nothing emerging until after her naturist kamloops death in 1901.

The spread naturist magazines of philosophy and the rise of formal communities
Tambaba: nude beach in Brazil

In the early 1900s, a series of philosophical naturist picture papers was published in Germany that examined the negative psychological effect of self-hate of the body based on naturist resort both religious and severely negative community views. The basic position that the naturist society human body, in and of itself, was neither sinful nor obscene was combined with photos of naturists a new philosophy to create the modern Western nudist movement. The russian teenage naturists proposition was advanced that combining physical smoothie naturist fitness, sunlight, and fresh air bathing, and then adding the nudist philosophy, contributed to mental and psychological fitness, good health, adolescent naturist and an improved moral-life view. The wide publication of those papers contributed to an explosive worldwide czech naturist growth of nudism, in which nudists participated in various social, recreational, and physical fitness danish naturists activities in the nude.

The first known organized club for nudists, Freilichtpark (Free-Light Park), france naturist holiday was opened near Hamburg in 1903 by Paul Zimmerman. About the free naturist video clips same time, another German, Dr. Heinrich Pudor, wrote a book titled Nacktcultur, which index of / naturist jpg discussed the benefits of nudity in co-education and advocated participating in sports while little naturists being free of cumbersome clothing.

The nudist movement naturist + photos gained prominence in Germany in the 1920s, but was suppressed during the Nazi Gleichschaltung after Adolf Hitler came to power. The state-controlled naturist art leisure organization of the Nazis, Kraft durch Freude, refused to naturist camps gallery recognize it. However, it was later naturist family photo discovered that Luftwaffe (Air Force) head Hermann Göring had single-handedly written his own strict anti-nudity views naturist people photos into the Gleichschaltung, thereby imposing his views naturist photo archives on everyone. (He had been one of its main authors.) Many in the Nazi party thought he had gone too far, so after nearly a decade, nudist naturists the rules were eventually softened the natural way, naturist in July 1942.[5] Nevertheless, all naturism clubs had to camping naturist register with Kraft durch Freude, which meant excluding Jews and Communists. Also, they had family naturists pics to keep all activities well out in the countryside so kid naturists there would be virtually no chance of being seen by others.

After the war, East Germans enjoyed nudism as one the few freedoms they had under kids naturist the communist government, chiefly at beaches rather than clubs naturist album (private organizations being regarded naturist clips as potentially subversive by the regime). It quickly rebounded in the West also, and today, united Germany has many clubs, parks and beaches for nudism. Since naturist colonies German reunification, however, nudity is said to have naturist gymnastics become rare at some locations in the former eastern zone. naturist naturals Vacationing in Mediterranean France at the large Cap d'Agde resort naturist party also became popular for Germans when it opened in the late naturist pics classic 1960s, and Germans are typically the most commonly-seen foreigners at nude beaches all around naturist sailing Europe.

Photo by "Nambassa Trust and Peter Terry"

In the United States, German immigrant Kurt Barthel organized the naturist videos samples first nudist event in 1929 in the woods just outside of New naturists pics York City (NYC) and founded the American League for Physical Culture (ALPC). Social croatia naturist nudism in the form of private clubs and campgrounds began appearing in the 1930s. In 1931, european naturist videos according to a history, family naturist photo a Baptist minister named Ilsley Boone was elected vice president of the ALPC and gained the nickname family naturist picture gallery "The Dictator."[6] He also began the American Sunbathing Association (ASA), which, according to a free naturist gallery decision in Roberts v. Clement, posted free naturists images on the Naturist Education Foundation site, was organized in 1939 as a successor hotels for naturist to the ALPC.[7] Boone created his idea of a family atmosphere by prohibiting alcohol naturist australia at all member clubs. According to the Federation of Canadian Naturists history and the Lupin Naturist Club history, Boone naturist cruises was toppled in 1951 by members dissatisfied with naturist diet his autocratic style.[8] [9] This, together with naturist familys Boone's desire to open a new club closer to NYC than others had wanted, led him to naturist freedom club form the National Nudist Council.

Elsewhere in the USA, a 1935 advertisement claims Sea Island naturist plage Sanctuary, South Carolina, was the "largest and oldest" resort where nudism could be practiced naturist site year-round. Rock Lodge Club, in Stockholm, New Jersey, about 40 miles naturist store (65 km) from New York City, started in 1932 and is still in operation naturist texas today. Nudism first began appearing only russian naturists on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada about family naturist home pages 1939. In that year, the first club in Canada, the Van Tan Club, formed and family naturist pictures continues today in North Vancouver, BC. Kaniksu Ranch, about 45 miles (70 km) north of Spokane, france naturist camping Washington, opened the same year and is still in operation.

In 1995, the ASA renamed itself, becoming the American Association for Nude naturist and nudism petra's birthday party Recreation (AANR).

In 1980 The Naturist Society (TNS) was founded by Lee Baxandall naturist jpg as a successor to the Free Beach naturist nudist videos Movement. The emphasis of TNS is on nudity in public locations rather than on private premises.

In Canada, individuals around the naturist portals country became interested in nudism, skinny-dipping, naturist spa and physical culture in the early part of the 20th century. After 1940 they had their own Canadian naturist walk magazine, Sunbathing & naturist yoga Health, which occasionally carried local news. Canadians had scattered groups in several cities during the 1930s and 1940s, and russian naturist galleries some of these groups attracted enough interest to form clubs on private land. The most significant clubs were the swedish naturist Van Tan Club and, in Ontario, the Sun Air Club.

Canadians who served in teenage naturist links the military during woman naturist the Second World War met like-minded souls from across the country, and often visited clubs while in Europe. They yoga naturist were a ready pool of recruits for post-war organizers. A few years later the wave of post-war african naturist immigration brought many Europeans with their own extensive bed and breakfast naturist experience, and they not only swelled the ranks family moments in the sun, naturist of membership, but often formed their own clubs, helping to expand nudism from coast to coast.

Most of those clubs united free naturist movie clips in the Canadian Sunbathing Association, which affiliated with the American Sunbathing Association in 1954. free naturist movies Several disagreements between eastern and western members of the free naturist sites CSA resulted in the breakup of CSA into the Western free naturists videos Canadian Sunbathing Association (WCSA) and the Eastern Canadian Sunbathing Association (ECSA) in 1960. The ECSA endured much in-fighting over the naturist beauty pageants next decade and a naturist london half, leading to its official demise in 1978. The WCSA continues today as the Western Canadian Association for Nude Recreation (WCANR), naturist man a region of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) naturist news which itself was formerly known as the ASA.

In 1977 the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN) was founded in Québec. naturist people In 1986 the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) was naturist picks formed with the support of the FQN. The naturist webcam FQN and FCN joined to be the official Canadian representatives in the International Naturist Federation (INF).

Issues in social naturists gallery nudity

See Issues in social nudity


  • The Sex Party of British Columbia (Canada) promotes normalization naturists personal pages of all parts of naturists russian pictures free the human body and destigmatizing human sexual organs. It would pass legislation requiring all public parks and beaches larger than one hectare party naturist to designate areas reserved russian naturist children for nudists.
  • The Dutch party Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit would pass legislation to make smoothie naturists public nudity legal everywhere, provided that a towel is used when sitting on a public bench.
  • The Naturist Lifestyle Party in spanish naturists NSW, Australia "aims to bring naturism fully into the public eye, with black naturist view to getting an equitable allocation brazil naturist of public resources to those who support the naturist lifestyle".


  1. ^ dutch naturists a b c In his book, Cinema Au Naturel (Introduction on page 11), author Mark Storey states notes "two family naturist images related terms that we will continually run across are nudist and ffk naturist naturist. Although the meanings of the two terms are virtually identical, they often have different connotations for those free naturist who prefer one to the other. In America people who galleries naturist believe that it is physically, socially, emotionally, and perhaps hairy naturist women spiritually healthy to go about fully nude individually and naturist babes in groups of mixed sex whenever weather permits and others are not offended generally refer to naturist beaches in wales themselves as "nudists". In Europe such people more often than not refer to themselves naturist christmas as "naturists."
  2. ^ a b c ClothesFree International, Inc. changed its name in January 2006 from its former name, naturist contests The International Naturist Association. The corporation listed three reasons for the change. naturist dance One of the reasons given was naturist dancing "some people don't like being labeled." They explain "just like a person who periodically works in their garden might naturist home not want to be labeled a "gardener", the naturist personal page words "Clothes Free" doesn't label the person as does the word "nudist" or “naturist”. "Clothes Free" is naturist personal pages catching on as the new friendly replacement to "nudist". Many resorts naturist pictures, beach are now calling themselves clothes free resorts instead of nudist resorts. The words naturist summer camp "Clothes Free" points at the clothes that are gone, instead of pointing naturist teenager at, or labeling the person." Despite the claim that some that the organizations is trying to stop use of the word naturist thumbs naturism and nudity they say "we naturist vacation fully support and belong to great organizations like The Naturist Society (TNS), The American Association for Nude Recreation, Federation of Canadian naturist waxed Naturists, and naturist youth camps the International Naturist Federation."
  3. ^ Presently, Mark Storey is authoring an article detailing naturists in russia historical use of the terms naturism and nudism and how they differ between different cultures, countries, and time periods in history. In a naturists nudists telephone interview by Daniel Johnson on 15 Apr nudist and naturist 2006 with Storey he stated that "a draft skinny naturist of the piece was posted on the "References" page of the The Naturist Society skinny naturists web site for a few weeks". At the time of its former release in October 2004 it was titled Naturism, Nudism, the naturist society or Nameless? A History of Terms He is planning on publishing a revised article as british naturist soon as additional information and errors are corrected.
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Further reading

  • Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts: New for the '90s (1997) [2] ISBN shaven naturists 0934106215
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  • Jim Hamm Productions Limited Spirit Wrestlers, a 2002 documentary video and DVD about the Russian fat naturist Christian sect called Freedomite Doukhobors, which is mentioned above in Historical era.

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