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Lobbyists flush with fundraising invitations 

The State - Oct 07 9:16 PM
WASHINGTON — Pity Washington’s corporate lobbyists: At this time of year, members of Congress treat them like rows of no-limit, bottomless ATMs.

Alabama subdues winless Blue Devils 
Montgomery Advertiser - Oct 08 2:15 AM
TUSCALOOSA -- Alabama players wanted to use Saturday's game with Duke as a statement for the future, a notice to six remaining opponents that the Crimson Tide should be taken seriously as a contender for Southeastern Conference division titles and postseason bowl invitations.

Mother of bride takes aim at guests' replies 
Belleville News-Democrat - Oct 08 1:11 AM
Dear Abby: What has become of social skills in this country? I have been planning my daughter's wedding for eight months, and mailed invitations with self-addressed, stamped response cards six weeks ahead of my deadline with the caterers and rental companies.

Wedding Day Stress: Focus on What Matters 
Ridgecrest Daily Independent - Oct 07 10:31 PM
(ARA) - The wedding day is considered to be the happiest day of many people's lives. It also ranks as one of the most stressful. Invitations. Flowers. Catering. Dresses and tuxedoes. The reception.




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Seinfeld episode
"The Invitations"

Susan licking the toxic envelopes.
Episode no. 134
Airdate May 16, 1996
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Andy Ackerman
Guest star(s) Janeane Garofalo & Stephen invatations Root
IMDb profile
Seinfeld - Season 7
September 1995 inviations - May 1996
  1. The Engagement
  2. The Postponement
  3. The Maestro
  4. The Wink
  5. The Hot Tub
  6. The Soup Nazi
  7. The Secret Code
  8. The Pool ivitations Guy
  9. The Sponge
  10. The Gum
  11. The Rye
  12. The Caddy
  13. The Seven
  14. The Cadillac, Part 1
  15. The Cadillac, invtations Part 2
  16. The Shower Head
  17. The Doll
  18. The Friars Club
  19. The Wig Master
  20. The Calzone
  21. The Bottle invitatons Deposit, Part 1
  22. The Bottle Deposit, Part 2
  23. The Wait Out
  24. The Invitations
List of all Seinfeld episodes

The Invitations is the 24th and final episode invittions of the seventh season of Seinfeld (along with the one-hundred and thirty-fourth overall episode). It originally aired on May 16, 1996, and invittations was the most-watched episode of the series up to that pointcitation needed]. It is notable invetations as being the last episode written by co-creator Larry David wedding invitations before he left the series at the end of this season. He did return, invitations however, to write the series finale in 1998. This episode was baby shower invitations directed by Andy Ackerman.

Plot synopsis

George and Susan go shopping for wedding invitations and George decides to buy a cheap brand. party invitations Meanwhile, Kramer tells Jerry that the footprint baby invitation bank will offer anyone $100 if they are not greeted with a "hello" by baby shower footprint invitation a teller when they enter the building. Jerry halloween invitations and Elaine realize that once George gets married, it will just be them and Kramer. However, Elaine tells Jerry that she's wedding invitation wording tired of being single and will probably leave "the group" after George gets married. As invitation Jerry imagines a life with just him and Kramer, he is nearly hit by halloween party invitations a car, but is saved by Jeannie Steinman (Janeane Garofalo), wedding invitation a woman who he discovers to be baby shower invitation a lot like him. They both eat a lot of cereal, even at restaurants, free printable party invitations and enjoy reading Superman and Supergirl comic books.

Elaine wants to have a part in George's wedding, but Susan cheap wedding invitations says no. Kramer, who was going to be an usher, is also told no after invitation wording he calls Susan "Lily" when he bumps into her and George walking in the free printable invitations street. George can't believe he is free invitations actually going to go through with the wedding and desperately wants to find a way out of it without confronting invitation virus Susan. Elaine suggests he try smoking in front of her, since she hates it. However, printable invitations it luau invitations doesn't work when George gets sick from the cigarettes. Kramer suggests a pre-nup, but when photo invitations George tries this, Susan laughs it off. George realizes he is baptism invitations stuck.

Kramer goes to the bank and wants $100 after the teller says "Hey" instead of "Hello." He and the free printable birthday invitations manager settle for $20 since he got a greeting that started with free printable baby shower invitations an "H". Jerry proposes to Jeannie and she accepts. baby shower invitation wording He tells George that they are getting married on September 21 and that he kept his side of the pact discount wedding invitations that they originally made in the Season 7 opener, "The Engagement." free birthday invitations Kramer, who originally didn't like Jeannie because she was too much like Jerry, has a change of heart and print free invitations congratulates him, telling him he'll birthday party invitations get to like her. Jerry starts having doubts.

George goes out free printable wedding invitations as Susan stays home to get the invitations ready. As she is licking the envelopes, she christening invitations notices they taste funny. The episode later cuts to a more worn-out Susan continuing to lick envelopes and finally passing free party invitations out. George arrives home and finds her collapsed on wedding invitation tassel the couch. He, Kramer, Jerry and Elaine all meet up at printable birthday invitations the hospital, where George is told by the doctor that Susan has died. The cause: toxic birthday invitation glue, as the doctor puts it, commonly found on cheap envelopes. He tells his friends, and discount wedding invitation they accept it and go to the coffee shop. Jerry, however, is now free baby shower invitation in George's role as the fiance who made the mistake of free baby shower invitations proposing before thinking. Now single again, George tries once more party invitation to start a relationship with Marisa Tomei.


  • Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, long portrayed wording for wedding invitations on Seinfeld by the voice of Larry David, was said to have bachelorette party invitations filmed scenes for a guest appearance in this quinceanera invitation episode, far in advance. There are two prominent theories as to why this footage didn't make it to air: either Steinbrenner free invitation templates disapproved of the morbid plot twist in which Susan is killed, or Steinbrenner's scenes invitations weddings were set in the context of George and Susan's ill-fated wedding. Given that wedding invitation verses the seventh season was originally intended to be the free birthday party invitations series' last, the show's writers probably planned on George actually getting married at one graduation invitation point. It was speculated that Steinbrenner invitation paper would have been Elaine's date to the ceremony.
  • There was a very mixed reception to the episode's ending printable wedding invitations - it generated many letters to publications such as TV Guide as to the tastelessness of rehearsal dinner invitations Susan's demise, and the characters' hollow reactions. Seinfeld mocked handmade wedding invitations the backlash in the first scenes of the following season, where Jerry and George visit Susan's grave. pirate invitations The two only show any emotion when they start remembering the death of Spock in shower invitations Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Jerry and Jeannie mention that they are scheduled rehearsal dinner invitation to be unique invitations married on September 21. That would have occurred on September 21, 1996, exactly a year after the seventh season began and George proposed to Susan.
  • The bank airplane invitations manager is played by Stephen Root, invitation card who was starring in NewsRadio (which also aired on NBC) during this time.
  • This was the birthday party invitation last episode in which Jerry would give a stand-up routine, until "The Finale" two years later.
  • George smokes printable party invitations American Spirits.

Superman reference

During the montage, Jerry and Jeannie read Superman cheap wedding invitation comic books together.

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