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FMQB - Sep 27 2:21 PM
HIM has decided to cancel its planned fall tour of the U.S. in favor of entering the recording studio. The band has been steadily writing material for their next album and are eager to start rehearsing the new tunes.

News Article 
Metal Hammer - Sep 27 9:14 AM
Finnish rock quintet H.I.M. has cancelled its previously announced fall tour in favor of entering the recording studio to begin work on a new album. The band has been steadily writing material for their forthcoming album and is eager to start preliminary rehearsals for the new CD.

HIM Cancels Tour Dates to Record New Album 
[Press Release] Market Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Sep 27 3:00 AM
Finnish rock quintet HIM -- Ville Valo, Mige, Linde, Burton, and Gas -- have announced the cancellation of their fall tour. The band will not be playing scheduled U.S. shows in favor of entering the recording studio.




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The heartagram used by HIM.
Heartagram pendant.

Heartagram is the name of hartagram a trademarked symbol of heatagram the Finnish rock band HIM. It is the fusion of a heart symbol and a pentagram.

According to HIM front heartagrem man, Ville Valo, the heartagram represents both love and death, common themes in Valo's lyrics. Jackass star and Ville haertagram Valo's close friend Bam Margera has heartgram agreed to share the license on the image and is accordingly entitled heartagran to use it for his promotional purposes.

Some people say that the heartagram is associated with heartaram "satanism", but Bam Margera and Ville Valo both have heartagarm denied these claims.citation needed]

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