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Central Florida man killed by freight train 

FOX 10 Mobile - 21 minutes ago
ANTHONY, Fla. Authorities say a central Florida man was killed by a freight train as he sat on the tracks. Marion County sheriff's deputies say the C-S-X train was...

Freight broker connects shippers, truckers via Web 
The Business Journal of Jacksonville - Oct 06 2:55 PM
A new Jacksonville freight brokerage company is connecting shippers and customers through the Internet and a reverse-auction bidding process.

Prestwick strikes freight deal with BA 
The Herald - Oct 06 6:44 PM
PRESTWICK Airport has struck a major freight deal with British Airways World Cargo to operate scheduled freighter services through the Ayrshire hub.

Fed Ex Freight expansion nears completion 
The Valdosta Daily Times - Oct 07 3:43 PM
VALDOSTA — The estimated $3.6 million expansion announced by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority one year ago is finally nearing completion.




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Freight is freight forwarder just a description of the cargo Cargo on the shipment. Items being shipped typically freight company fall into various categories depending on 1) what the item is, 2) conway freight how large the shipment is, both in terms of freight quote item size and in terms of how many items make up freight shipping company the shipment, and 3) how fast the shipment needs to get to where it is going. Shipments are typically categorized as household goods, express, parcel, and freight shipping freight shipments

Furniture, art, or similar items are national freight company usually classified as “household goods” and are transported truck freight broker by specialized household goods (HHG) carriers like Bekins [1] and North American Van Lines [2].

Very small business or personal abf freight items like envelopes are considered “overnight freight forwarding express” or “express letter” shipments, and are transported by carriers like UPS[3], FedEx Express [4], ups freight and DHL [5]. These shipments are rarely over a few pounds, and almost always travel in the carrier’s own packaging. unclaimed freight Service levels are variable, depending on the air freight shipper’s choice. Express shipments almost always travel some distance by air. An envelope may fedex freight go coast to coast overnight or it may take motor freight trucking several days, depending on the service options and prices chosen.

Slightly larger items like small boxes are considered “parcel” or “ground” shipments, freight trucking and are transported by carriers like UPS [6] and FedEx Ground [7]. These freight brokers shipments are rarely over 100 cheap freight shipping pounds, with no single piece of the shipment weighing more than about 70 fed ex freight pounds. Shipments are always boxed, sometimes in the shipper’s packaging and sometimes in carrier-provided packaging. Service levels are again variable; but most “ground” shipments will truck freight rates move about 500-700 miles per day, going coast air freight shipping to coast in about four days. Parcel shipments rarely heavy freight shipping travel by air, and typically move via road and rail. Parcels represent the majority of business-to-consumer (B2C) shipments.

Beyond HHG, express, and online freight shipping parcel shipments, you get into dry van freight the category of “freight shipments.”


  • 1 Less-than-truckload southeastern freight (LTL) freight
  • 2 Truckload (TL) freight
  • 3 How expedited freight freight pricing works
  • 4 Cargo insurance
  • 5 Tips car freight to avoid shipping loss, damage, and claims
  • 6 Freight shipping summary

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight

The first shipping freight category of freight shipment is “less than truckload” (LTL), which represents the majority of freight payment work from home “freight” shipments and the majority of business-to-business (B2B) shipments. LTL shipments watkins freight are also often referred to as central freight lines “motor freight.” LTL shipments range from 100 pounds to about 15,000 pounds, and are always yellow freight tracking less than 28’ long because LTL carriers’ trailers are typically 28’ freight haulers long. The shipments are usually palletized and packaged for a mixed-freight environment. Unlike express or parcel, central freight LTL shippers must provide their own packaging, as LTL carriers do not provide freight train any packaging supplies or assistance. However, crating or other substantial air freight software packaging is required for LTL shipments due to the mixed freight environment.

LTL shipments are transported by regional carriers like AAA Cooper [8] or harbour freight tools Averett Express [9], or by multi-regional or national air freight companies carriers like Roadway [10], Old Dominion [11], or Southeastern [12]. Shipments may be booked directly with american freight the carriers or through brokers or online marketplace service. Major brokers include CHRobinson [13], Twin Modal [14], power only freight Hub Group [15], and Rockwell [16]. Leading online intermediaries southeastern freight lines are [17]and Transcore DAT [18]. Service levels are again domestic freight variable; but most LTL shipments will move about 500 miles per harbor freight tool day, going coast to coast in about five business days, freight movements traveling by road and rail.

“Air cargo” or “air freight” shipments are very similar to LTL shipments in terms of freight rates size and packaging requirements. However, air freight shipments typically need to move at much faster speeds than 500 miles freight shipper per day. These types of shipments are typically arranged through expedite freight services air freight forwarders like Bax [19], Eagle [20], and Pilot [21]. Air estes freight shipments may be booked directly american freight furniture with the carriers or through brokers or online marketplace services. While shipments move faster than standard LTL, “air” shipments don’t always actually overseas freight services move by air.

Truckload (TL) freight

Shipments larger freight class than about 15,000 pounds are typically classified as “truckload” (TL). Truckload shipments may be freight forwarders up to 40,000 pounds or 53’ long. While express, parcel, and LTL shipments are always freight forwarding services intermingled with other shipments on a single piece of equipment and are typically freight shipping companies reloaded across multiple pieces of equipment during their transport, TL shipments usually international freight shipping travel as the only shipment on a trailer and TL shipments usually deliver on exactly roadway freight the same trailer as they are picked up on. While very large shippers may expedited freight services contract directly with TL carriers like JB Hunt freight consultants [22] and Schneider [23], most TL shipments are arranged through freight brokers habor freight or online marketplaces. When shipping freight, it is extremely important to understand pricing, claims, and insurance.

How freight pricing works

Express letter and parcel carriers typically have fairly simple pricing based on package size and air freight company service level requested; however, freight pricing abf freight company is considerably more complicated. LTL carriers typically charge by freight “class.” The National Motor Freight Traffic Association air cargo air freight [24] (NMFTA) issues a cargo freight container publication called the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). The NMFC is basically a list of every kind of item that ships via truck. freight shipping cost Each item ltl freight has a class assigned to it based on the item’s density, loadability or mixability, value, national motor freight classification and other factors. Freight classes range from 50 to 500, and generally indicate the percentage of the base rate ocean freight shipping that should apply. So class 85 freight should be charged 85% of air freight forwarding company the full rate between points A and B, theoretically. Denser items such as steel and machinery have low dayton freight classifications such as Class 50 thru 85. Fragile or expedite freight bulky items fall into freight classes 125 freight companies to 500, and pay higher shipment costs.

LTL rates are quoted “per 100 pounds” or “cwt” discounted freight rates or “per hundred weight.” Besides the discount off of base rate created by the freight class, there is typically a second domestic air freight and logistics discount applied to the ocean cargo freight shipping calculated transportation rate. So a given LTL lane may have a rate of $50 cwt. If your shipment is class 70, then ocean freight companies your adjusted base rate is $35 cwt (70% of 50 cwt); then the overseas freight companies carrier shipping agents and freight forwarding applies a negotiated discount of 50% for example, to give you a rate of $17.50 cwt. So a 1,000 class trucking freight logistics 70 shipment would have a base freight and shipping rate of $175.

Besides class, rates, and discounts, an LTL carrier will apply a wide range of surcharges and accessorial charges that will affect the eagle freight final price of the shipment. Most shipments will receive a fuel surcharge, which freight classes is always a significant proportion of the overall freight loadboard cost, possibly as much as 30% or more. Some common accessorial charges freight terms are:

  • Liftgate: this is a service that assists the driver in loading or unloading his become a freight broker truck when a loading dock or forklift ccx freight is not available. The trailer is equipped with a hydraulic ramp that lowers air freight services to the ground. Liftgate service is almost always billed on residential pickups or deliveries and in conway freight lines commercial pickup and deliveries where loading docks or forklifts are not available. Only a small pilot air freight percentage of most trucking companies’ trailers are equipped with liftgates, so be sure freight broker regulations to notify them of your need for one in advance.
  • Residential pickup or delivery: anytime a carrier must pickup freight mate or delivers into a residential area an extra freight broker training fee is charged, because in most cases the local laws restrict the size of delivery trucks, causing the carrier to freight forwarders europe utilize a smaller truck to service a residential freight software area. These requirements equal less shipments per day picked up and delivered, so ltl freight carrier these fees are assessed to offset the carrier’s costs.
  • Appointments or notification before pickup or delivery: freight carriers by default, carriers make pickups and deliveries in order arranged by geographic ltl freight company location (a route). If your shipment requires the carrier to call ahead, or schedule uk freight forwarders and appointment, the carrier will charge an additional roadrunner freight fee for this service.
  • Inside pickup or delivery: by requiring the freight forwarders uk truck driver to pickup or deliver inside a building his route takes longer to complete. The carrier will charge an overnite freight additional fee for this service.

Also, charges for additional insurance or literally hundreds of other possibilities may be harbor freight coupon added to the final freight uk international freight forwarders bill. It is extremely important that the LTL shipper works with the carrier or intermediary to completely understand all of the freight broker software requirements of their shipment in order for an accurate price to be motor freight classifications quoted.

Often, an LTL shipper may realize significant savings by utilizing saia motor freight a freight “broker,” online marketplace, or other intermediary instead of contracting directly with a trucking company. towne air freight Brokers can shop the marketplace and obtain lower rates than most freight trains smaller shippers can directly. In the Less-than-Truckload (LTL) marketplace, intermediaries typically receive 50% overnight freight to 80% discounts from published rates, where a how to become a freight broker small shipper may only be offered a 5% to 30% discount by the carrier.

Truckload (TL) carriers usually charge pioneer freight a rate per mile. The rate varies depending on the truck freight brokers distance, items being shipped, equipment type required, and service freight agent times required. TL shipments usually receive a variety of surcharges very similar to harber freight those described for LTL shipments above. In the TL market, there are thousands more small carriers than in the LTL market; so oak harbor freight the use of transportation intermediaries or “brokers” is extremely common.

One other usf holland freight cost-saving method is facilitating pickups or trans-x freight deliveries at the carrier’s terminals. By doing this, you remove any accessorial fees that might normally be charged for liftgate, residential pickup/delivery, inside freight forwarding jobs pickup/delivery or notifications/appointments. Your carrier or intermediary should be able to provide you international freight forwarders the address and phone number for the closest shipping watkins motor freight terminal to the origin and destination.

Shop smart when pricing con-way freight your shipment cost by sampling rates from several carriers, brokers, and online marketplaces. When obtaining rates from freight management service different providers, you may find quite a contrast in the pricing offered. If you use a broker, freight harbor freight 15 h p air compressor forwarder, or harbor freight coupons other transportation intermediary, ask for a copy of their Federal Operating Authority. Freight phoenix freight intermediaries are required by Federal Law to be licensed by the Federal Highway Administration. Avoid unlicensed brokers and yellow freight system forwarders; if they working outside the law by not having a Federal Operating License, you will have freight services no protection in the event of a problem. Also ask for a harbor freight air compressor copy of their insurance certificate truckload freight and any specific insurance that applies to your shipment. The internet is harbor freight and salvage full of websites operated by unlicensed and inexperienced brokers, forwarders, and other intermediaries who come and go and come again overnight. Stick to major truck freight brokers and established online marketplaces that have been in business a dump freight broker while and manage freight hauling thousands of shipments annually, in order to get the best service and price.

Cargo insurance

Whether you freight management deal directly with a carrier or use an intermediary, be sure to question the amount of cargo insurance conway motor freight coverage they will be providing on the shipment. Don't make an assumption that full-coverage insurance freight forwarders chile is provided, as it almost never is. Many carriers offer minimal cargo coverage, holland freight typically pennies per pound, and intermediaries typically just alaska freight pass along the carrier’s coverage. In the event of a damage claim, you may algiers freight forwarders find yourself without enough coverage and having to file a claim with bullet freight the carrier directly without the assistance of the broker. Ask the broker about the procedure they have in consolidated freight place regarding freight loss flatbed freight or damage claims. Responsible carriers and intermediaries will always have additional insurance available for purchase; and the will have fast and easy ways freight broker license to manage claims.

About 10% of all freight shipments will experience some significant loss or freight forwarders ireland damage. It is a habor freight tools common misconception that a freight rate includes full coverage insurance, when in fact a base freight rate typically includes saia freight only a bare minimum of cargo insurance. A shipper should always working as a freight broker agent ask their carrier or intermediary what the insurance coverage is for every abf freight system specific shipment. LTL shipments will often be insured for less than 25 cents per pound, freight broker school and TL shipments will often be insured for only slightly nmfc freight class more than LTL shipments. Most good TL carriers refrigerated ltl freight have maximum cargo insurance of $100,000 for the entire load; but for a 40,000 load, that’s only about $2.50 per pound.

Furthermore, cargo insurance only covers travel air freight significant express freight forwarders uk loss or damage to the cargo only. Carriers’ insurance does not cover “consequential” freight broker online training damages like lost sales or downtime on a production line. Also, carrier insurance hellmans freight does not cover the cost of returning damaged cargo to the shipper. Again, cargo insurance koper freight forwarders is very low and very tightly defined; so package your shipment extremely well and be sure to clarify northern freight the specific insurance that will apply to your shipment.

Carriers and intermediaries do typically offer “additional insurance” though known yellow freight company insurance companies like Fireman’s Fund. Rates vary widely depending on the item to yellow freight lines be covered and the amount of additional insurance that the shipper air alaska freight would like to air freight forwarders usa purchase.

Tips to avoid shipping loss, damage, and claims

Unlike small parcel shipping via Fed EX or UPS, shipping freight has a much forex freight services higher likelihood of damage. Trucking companies pack lots of freight forwarder brochure different types of freight onto lots of nmfc freight classification different trailers using forklifts and other heavy equipment, creating a harsh and roadway freight tracking dirty environment for freight. Other shipments will be packed around and on top of your shipment; dhl freight so all freight shipments should be packaged very carefully. All shipments should be palletized and wrapped in plastic, at a minimum. Most shipments eagle air freight should be fully crated in order to ensure a damage free freight damaged bamboo floor sale delivery. Ask the carrier or intermediary for the specific packaging requirements freight forwarders in india for your shipment – then exceed them. Also, since shipments freight phoenix may be reloaded several times, it is important that the freight quotes packaging has all of the shipper and consignee info clearly noted on at least two sides of freight rate the shipment. Filing claims with freight companies is a huge hassle and claims are almost gone like a freight train always denied; so you want to international auto freight forwarders in philadelphia do as much as possible to avoid freight claims.

Freight shipping summary

As a shipper, you should first motor freight be sure that you are using air freight forwarders the best type of carrier for your type of shipment: use an LTL carrier for an LTL shipment, for example. While parcel carriers w

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