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Tattoos move from society's margins to the mainstream 

AFP via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 3:13 AM
Thirty or forty years ago, those who had tattoos engraved on their bodies were usually sailors, truck drivers or bikers.

Tattoos move from society‚Äôs margins to mainstream 
Central Chronicle - Oct 08 11:09 AM
London, Oct 8: Thirty or forty years ago, those who had tattoos engraved on their bodies were usually sailors, truck drivers or bikers.

Reflecting identity through tattoos 
The Kentucky Kernel - Oct 04 10:42 PM
Josh Lehman doesn't care about other people's perception of tattoos. Lehman, an integrated strategic communications junior, has a tattoo of his grandfather's name and dates of birth and death in cursive letters on his back right shoulder. "I wanted to commemorate my grandfather's memory forever," Lehman said.

Iraq's Tigris River Yields Hundreds of Corpses 
ABC News - Oct 07 6:34 PM
More Than 300 Bodies Have Been Found in the River Since 2005, Many of Them Young People

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Flower Tattoos

The Lotus flowertattoos Flower - This design is as symbolically important in the flower tatttoos East as the Rose is in the lower tattoos West. In fact, the Lotus and the Rose are the two most powerful of all the flower symbols.

The lotus figures prominently in flower tattooos the Creation Myths of Indian and flower tattooss China, and Buddha is said to have risen flower tattoos at the center of a Lotus Blossom. The Water Lily plays a similar role in Egyptian culture as the Lotus does hawaiian flower tattoos in Asian cultures.

The Lotus flower is symbolic of flower butterfly tattoos rebirth, but in addition to its religious meaning, the lotus is lotus flower tattoos also a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, representing good fortune, peace and butterfly and flower tattoos enlightenment.

In some belief systems, different coloured Lotus blooms have different symbolic meanings. There are tropical flower tattoos white, blue, red and yellow lotuses described in ancient hibiscus flower tattoos Indian sutras, or writings. Different colors have different meanings. White, for instance, represents "purity"; blue flower vine tattoos represents "goodness"; and red represents "enlightenment."

Lotus' or water lilies are japanese flower tattoos often portrayed in Chinese and Japanese art and traditional Japanese woodblock prints, flower lily tattoos which heavily influenced traditional Japanese tattoo artists. Indian tribal flower tattoos art and carving also, has the lotus flower as daisy flower tattoos a prominent reoccurring design motif.


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