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Group that fights human trafficking gets federal grant 

Daytona Beach News-Journal - Oct 07 11:42 PM
NAPLES -- A southwest Florida-based group that fights human trafficking has landed a contract to help rescue more victims and open three more offices in the state.

CROP Walk Fights World-Wide Hunger 
WISC via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 8:31 PM
The 32nd annual Crop Bike, Hike and Walk hit the streets of Madison on Sunday to help solve a nationwide problem ? hunger and poverty.

Hollywood homeowner fights off two would-be robbers, kills one 
Sun-Sentinel - Oct 09 3:34 AM
HOLLYWOOD -- A Hollywood man turned the tables on two robbers outside his home early Saturday morning, leaving one attacker dead from his own gun and the other nursing a bullet hole in his leg and a bite on his arm, authorities said.

Bolivia buries miners killed in dynamite fights 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 3:57 PM
Hundreds of mourners on Sunday buried Bolivian miners killed last week in deadly dynamite battles between rival groups fighting over work at one of the world's largest tin mines, a union official said.




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A pillow fight that took place in Lausanne, in front of the fight courthouse
A downtown Toronto pillow fight flash mob.

A pillow fight flash rights mob is a fad that has emerged from the social phenomenon of flash mobbing. The figths flash mob version of fighs massive pillow fights is distinguished by the fact that nearly all of the promotion is fightd Internet-based. These events occur around the world, some fughts taking the name Pillow Fight Club after the London pillow fight group.

The trend owes much to uses of modern flghts communications technologies, including decentralised personal networking, figts known as smartmobbing. Word of the events spreads primarily via digital means, usually fihgts on the internet via email, chat rooms and text messaging which result in seemingly spontaneous mass gatherings. Pillows ights are sometimes hidden and at the exact pre-arranged time or the sound fihts of a whistle, the pillow fightss fighters pull out their pillows and commence pillow fighting. The pillow fights can last from a few fighta minutes to several hours.


While ordinary pillow fights have existed for as long as there have fightts been pillows, the foghts difference here is that these events are massive in scale, occur in public and figghts are promoted primarily via the Internet. Many massive pillow fights have been organized for in an effort to break fghts Guinness World Records. Others have been organized by university students fighrs around the world fights for fun. The group Mobile Clubbing of London claims to have pioneered this new street fights brand of massive pillow fighting that is organized exclusively online, although there is conflicting evidence. They state their Pillow Fight Club fight is inspired by the novel Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and the girl fights film of the same name. Since Pillow Fight Club's first massive street fight pillow gang fights fight event, large gatherings of pillow fights seem to have become much more common.

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