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easter eggs
Ancient rituals gave rise to modern holiday celebrations 

Rapid City Journal - Oct 07 9:12 PM
Ah, Easter. A day to celebrate the resurrection of a savior, the renewal of nature, the rebirth of hope or a large bunny who delivers colorful eggs in grass-filled baskets.

Stacie Michelle Krueger engagement to James Patrick Hurtado Jr. 
The Courier News - Oct 08 2:11 AM
Jack and Debbi Krueger of Burlington, and James and Pat (Gieseke) Hurtado of Burlington would like to announce the engagement of their children, Stacie Michelle Krueger to James Patrick Hurtado Jr., both of Sycamore. A fall 2007 wedding is being planned at St. John's Lutheran Church in Burlington.

'Dragon Lady' to retire this month 
Los Angeles Daily News - Oct 07 11:19 PM
With her flair for the dramatic and a no-nonsense attitude that borders on impatience, the prosecutor dubbed the "Dragon Lady" has announced she will retire this month.

Artifacts unearthed 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 07 9:07 PM
When excavators began digging for 15 piers for a deck at the McKean Street parking lot in Butler, they never imagined they'd find artifacts.

Fractured fairy tales 
Northwest Herald - 2 hours, 34 minutes ago
Ever wonder what really happened after Cinderella married her prince, Jack returned home to his mother after escaping the giant or when Rapunzel escaped her tower prison?

Restore childhood dreams (Chinanews.cn) Updated: 2006-10-02 11:11 
China Daily - Oct 07 8:06 PM
Collecting old toys have become a trendy thing for some people in Shanghai now. Their favorite toys might be blue fairies, transformers, cartoon books, or sticky pictures with film star faces. Most of the people who collect these things were born during the 1970s or 1980s. ¡¡

farm tractor
Lehigh County farm tour kicks off next Sunday 
The Morning Call - 1 hour, 36 minutes ago
This year's free annual event will feature 17 farms. The once-a-year opportunity to see Lehigh County agriculture up close and personal will arrive from 1-5 p.m. next Sunday during the Open Gate Farm Tour sponsored by the Penn State Cooperative Extension. The event is rain or shine. And it's free.

Group that fights human trafficking gets federal grant 
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Oct 07 11:42 PM
NAPLES -- A southwest Florida-based group that fights human trafficking has landed a contract to help rescue more victims and open three more offices in the state.

florida department of corrections
Corrections chief has faced uphill battle 
The News-Press - Oct 08 10:32 PM
TIMELINE Here are key events in the recent history of the Florida Department of Corrections: • January 2003: Gov. Jeb Bush appoints James Crosby, a veteran corrections officer, prison warden and political supporter, as secretary of the Department of Corrections. Crosby's salary: $124,000 a year.

flower tattoos
Tattoos move from society's margins to the mainstream 
AFP via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 3:13 AM
Thirty or forty years ago, those who had tattoos engraved on their bodies were usually sailors, truck drivers or bikers.

free crochet patterns
BAZAARS: Seasonal fundraisers for area groups 
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Oct 08 2:10 AM
Richmond Quilters' Guild Expo 2006. 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Crowne Plaza Richmond West, 6531 W. Broad St. More than 200 quilts on display, fabric, thread, patterns, sewing and quilting machines, embroidery machines, sewing tools, notions, free lectures and demonstrations. $5 per day; $8 in advance or $10 at the door for a 3-day pass; children 5 and younger are free.

Rowan County's report of establishment inspections, July-September 2006, released 
Salisbury Post - 1 minute ago
Restaurants, food stands, cafes, meal sites for the elderly, etc.

Central Florida man killed by freight train 
FOX 10 Mobile - 21 minutes ago
ANTHONY, Fla. Authorities say a central Florida man was killed by a freight train as he sat on the tracks. Marion County sheriff's deputies say the C-S-X train was...

funny pictures
A politician who's funny on purpose 
Calendarlive.com - Oct 07 3:55 PM
At the Polo Lounge on a weekday afternoon, half the tables on the back patio are occupied by folks describing movie deals and every third woman looks like Nicollette Sheridan. If you happen to be a famous person, there are two ways to cross a room like this — embrace it or ignore it.

Opinion: Ghetto Masterpieces 
Vibe Magazine - Oct 06 1:42 PM
Opinion: Ghetto Masterpieces

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Easter eggs

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Easter eggs
The first easter egg
For the decorated eggs given out to celebrate the Easter easter egg holiday, see Easter egg.

A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature in an object eastereggs such as a movie, ester eggs book, CD, DVD, computer program, or video game. The term draws a parallel easter eggs with the custom of the Easter egg hunt observed in many western dvd easter eggs nations. The origin of the term is sometimes falsely attributed to the microsoft easter eggs movie Return of the Living Dead, where a military officer uses it as a code word for lost U.S. government word 2003 easter eggs containers of zombies created by a chemical spill, halo 2 easter eggs or to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which easter eggs homestarrunner actual Easter eggs are visible in certain shots (under easter eggs dvd Frank N. Furter's throne, for example). Return of the Living Dead was not released until 1985, windows easter eggs and Atari's Adventure, released in 1978, contained what is thought to be the first computer easter eggs video game Easter egg (the programmer, Warren Robinett's name).

In computer easter eggs history programming, the underlying motivation is probably to put an individual, easter eggs when incubus attacks slot machine almost artistic touch on an intellectual product which is by its nature persian cats and easter eggs standardised and functional, although Warren Robinett's motivation was more likely to gain recognition, since chocolate easter eggs video game programmers were routinely uncredited then. It is edward scissorhands easter eggs analogous to signature motifs such as Diego Rivera including himself in his murals or Alfred Hitchcock family guy dvd easter eggs including himself in the opening scenes of lost easter eggs his movies (the latter known as a cameo).


  • 1 Computer-related Easter eggs
    • 1.1 Non-software
  • 2 Chip lost season 2 dvd easter eggs and video game easter eggs PCB-based Easter eggs
  • 3 Video game Easter eggs
  • 4 Compact disc donnie darko easter eggs and DVD Easter eggs
  • 5 Security easter eggs in microsoft concerns
  • 6 Other Easter Egg Types
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Computer-related Easter eggs

In computing, Easter eggs are messages, graphics, sound effects, or an unusual change in program behavior, dvd easter eggs family guy that occur in a program in game easter eggs response to some undocumented set of commands, mouse microsoft office 2003 easter eggs clicks, keystrokes or other stimuli intended as a joke or to display program credits. An early use of the term Easter egg was tivo easter eggs to describe a message hidden in the object code of decorate easter eggs a program as a joke, intended to be found easter eggs on dvds by persons disassembling or browsing the code.

The ASCII cow from apt-get.

One well-known early Easter egg found in some Unix operating systems caused pictures of easter eggs them to respond to the command "make love" with "not war?". religious easter celebration easter eggs This same behavior occurred on the RSTS/E operating system where the command rush replay easter eggs "make" was used to ultraviolet easter eggs invoke the TECO text editor, and TECO would also provide this response. The largest easter egg is purported to vice city glitches and easter eggs be in the Atari 400/800 version of cadbury easter eggs chocolate Pitfall II, which contains an entire game that was more complex and challenging than the disney easter eggs original Pitfall II (Pitfall). Many personal computers have much more elaborate eggs hidden in ROM, including dove dark chocolate easter eggs lists of the developers' names, political exhortations, snatches of music, hersheys dark chocolate easter eggs and (in one case) microsoft office easter eggs images of the entire development team. The 1997 version of Microsoft Excel contained a ratchet and clank easter eggs hidden flight simulator[1][2]; the 1997 white house easter eggs version of Word, a pinball game[3]. The Palm operating system has elaborately hidden animations windows 2000 easter eggs and other surprises. The Debian GNU/Linux package tool apt-get has an Easter egg involving an ASCII chocolate easter easter eggs gift cow when variants on "apt-get moo" dvr easter eggs are typed into the shell. Another notable easter egg is from The MathWorks' MATLAB: the why command provides succinct random answers easter eggs in dvds to almost any question:

% why
% because the not very smart system family guy easter eggs engineer insisted on it


While computer-related Easter eggs are often found in hershey 's dark chocolate easter eggs software, occasionally they office 2003 easter eggs exist in hardware or firmware of certain devices. On some PCs, the BIOS ROM seinfeld easter eggs contains Easter eggs. Notable examples include several early Apple Macintosh models which had pictures of the development team in why do we have easter eggs jeeves world warcraft easter eggs tips secrets the ROM (accessible by pressing the programmer's switch and jumping to a specific memory address, or other equally obscure means), and some errant as chocolate easter eggs gift 1993 AMI BIOS black easter eggs that on 13 November proceeded to play "Happy Birthday" via the PC speaker over and over again instead of booting. Perhaps brokeback easter eggs the most famous example of dr dvd easter eggs who a hardware Easter egg is in the HP ScanJet 5P, where dragonball z dvd easter eggs the device will play the Ode to Joy or Für Elise by varying the stepper motor speed dvd codes extras easter eggs if users power the device dvd easter eggs lord of the rings up with the scan button depressed. Another fun Easter egg is found in the Kurzweil K2x musical keyboard series (K2500, K2600 and easter eggs on dvd others): if users godfather the game easter eggs type "Pong" while in search mode they can play the game kiss rock the nation easter eggs Pong.

Chip and PCB-based Easter eggs

Main article: Chip art
Easter egg inside an ADSP-2181 chip: list of game easter eggs an etching of of the rings easter eggs video game character Sonic the Hedgehog

Many integrated circuit designers have included hidden artwork, including assorted images, signs dvd easter eggs phrases, developer initials, logos, and so on. This artwork, like the rest of the star wars easter eggs chip, is reproduced in each copy by lithography and etching. These are cky4 easter eggs visible only when the chip package is opened and examined under magnification, so they are, in a sense, dragon quest viii - easter eggs more of an "inside joke" dvd easter eggs american wedding than most of the Easter eggs included in software.

Originally, the dvd easter eggs silent hill Easter eggs served a useful purpose as well. Not unlike easter eggs in computer softwear cartographers who may insert trap streets or nonexistent landscape features as a copyright infringement detection aid, IC designers may also build easter pictures with eggs and green grass non-functional circuits on their chips to ecw dvd easter eggs help them catch infringers. Easter eggs, however benign, if directly copied by the defendant, could famos easter eggs be used in mask work infringement litigation. Changes to the copyright famous easter eggs laws (in the USA, the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984, and similar laws garden state dvd easter eggs in other countries) now grant automatic exclusive rights to mask goblet of fire easter eggs dvd works, and the Easter egg no longer serves any practical use.

Commodore's Amiga gta san andreas easter eggs 500 computer also featured an easter egg, etched upon the main PCB. The halo combat evolved easter eggs words 'The B52's Rock Lobster' in homage to the B52's song.

Video game halo easter eggs Easter eggs

The Easter egg in the Atari homestarrunner easter eggs 2600 game Yars' Revenge: displaying the programmer's initials, lamb of god killidelphia easter eggs "HSWWSH".

Easter eggs in computer and video games are distinguished from cheat codes which allow lord of the rings easter eggs players to cheat — see Minesweeper for an example.

The tradition of including lost season 2 easter eggs Easter eggs in video games has created small sections of gaming fandom pirates dead chest easter eggs that are as devoted to finding Easter eggs as they are polish easter eggs to playing games as they ps2 easter eggs are intended. In Taito's 1986 arcade game Land-Sea-Air Squad, some of realmyst easter eggs the destructible buildings yielded a winged angel and 20,000 points if hit the right number rush r30 easter eggs of times. In Grand Theft Auto: III there is a sign on russian easter eggs beeswax top of a hard to access building roof saying "you weren't supposed to be able to get here you know". thomas the tank engine easter eggs One of the most famous Easter eggs why are easter eggs part of the easter celebration was an actual chocolate Easter egg hidden in a secret buffy easter eggs room in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This was referenced in the sequel San Andreas by cadbury easter eggs a sign on top of a tower of a Golden Gate dudesons easter eggs Bridge-clone that reads "There are no Easter eggs up here. Go away."

dvd easter eggs find
The "Megg".

Another very famous Easter egg is the "Megg" from the dvd lost easter eggs video game Halo. It is an elaborate sequence that allows players to see a heart with an M in the easter eggs and pagan celebration middle, made with blood splatters. It is called the Megg after easter eggs hidden in dvd's Megan, the girlfriend of one of the programmers. The easter eggs in dvd Megg was never supposed to be seen by anyone except him and his girlfriend.

Another example would be the easter eggs in sopranos ones that can be found in faberge easter eggs rosebud the popular Valve game, Counter Strike. For example, in the level "Estate", when dead (in Free-View mode), furby easter eggs players can slide under the house (using halo2 easter eggs the mouse to direct, and the keyboard to go forward and backwards), to see a cube-shaped Easter egg containing he-man easter eggs the author's names and one hershey s dark chocolate easter eggs of the programmers' pictures entitled "Tofu X", showing him attempting to drink a bottle of Windex.

In the Nintendo how to make easter eggs nests with chocolate chips 64 classic, Perfect Dark, pieces hp f1905 easter eggs of cheese that had no purpose or explanation could be found in every level.

In every incarnation of The Legend of Zelda lord of the rings easter eggs dvd that features Cuccos, if you strike memento easter eggs one repeatedly you will suddenly be swarmed by microsoft communicator easter eggs a countless number of flying Cuccos that damage you significantly until you go inside/outside/etc.

Some computer-era pinball ms excel 2002 easter eggs games also included Easter eggs, triggered by pressing the nancy drew easter eggs flipper and start buttons in certain sequences. For example, The Addams Family pinball game included two Easter eggs showing extended credits news radio easter eggs and chainsaw-wielding cows.

In Max powerpoint easter eggs Payne and Max Payne 2, Easter eggs included a memorial to a deceased developer, a radio that plays a return of the king easter eggs message simpsons eight easter eggs from the programmers, and an in-joke that creates a series of moving fireballs, intending to spyro easter eggs make the level a Mario-like endeavour.

Text-based games often include hidden messages star wars dvd easter eggs which appear when the user types specific words into the computer. For example, super smash bros. melee cheats glitches and easter eggs the Zork series contains a number of these which become running super smash brothers melee easter eggs gags and can be used with different results in each game.

In the video game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and superman returns easter eggs Magick Obscura, there was an in-game myth of a demon hidden video easter eggs inside a pink bunny. If the player used auto-travel, there was a minute probability that vocera easter eggs he could be stopped world of warcraft easter eggs by a pink bunny. If the player attacked the bunny, it would instantly 7 dawarf easter eggs transform into a giant monster, which is impossible to kill unless the player was very high level.

In Halo 2, there are adom easter eggs skulls hidden about alice cooper dvd easter eggs in secret locations throughout the campaign mode, which will give the player special abilities when picked up.

On the bonus disc for altars of madness dvd easter eggs the Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition, if ask jeeves easter eggs the left button is held for ten seconds, there will appear in bricks of egypt easter eggs a hidden fan work gallery.

On Dragonball Z Tenkaichi, if you play as SS4 Goku buckethead secret recpie easter eggs vs. SS4 Vegeta if Goku wins he will speak in Japanese.

Compact disc and cars easter eggs DVD Easter eggs

"Dancing Yoda" in cky4 hidden easter eggs an Easter egg from the Revenge of the Sith DVD

Some compact discs include hidden features which may be called Easter eggs, such computer game easter eggs as screensavers for a computer which can only be accessed dvd and easter eggs if the CD is played in a CD-ROM drive, or hidden tracks. An example dvd easter eggs american pie band camp of the latter dvd easter eggs christmas vacation is the album Nevermind by Nirvana: at the end of the final track there is a period of dvd easter eggs silent hill movie silence, after which the unlisted song 'Endless, Nameless" appears; earthbound easter eggs a lesser example of this is on the album In Utero, where easter celebration rabt eggs a 13th track Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through easter eggs + dvd The Strip is listed but cannot be selected—instead it comes in 20 minutes after track 12 has ended. Another easter eggs .com example of this is the The easter eggs flash Black Eyed Peas CD, Elephunk, wherein the last track, "Where Is the Love?", has easter eggs for programs approximately 15 seconds of silence followed by a full song. This is also the case easter eggs in 360 games with U2's The Best of 1980-1990 album. After easter eggs in oblivion the final song, about a minute of silence is followed by the song October. The 1994 Live easter eggs in programs CD Throwing Copper also has a hidden song at the end, unlisted on easter eggs in softwear both the track listing and the lyric sheet. A similar easter eggs microsoft word technique is used on Good Charlotte's The Chronicles of Life and Death. After the last easter eggs program code track there's a long silence before easter eggs revenge of the sith the song "Wounded" begins. Similarly, Kid Rock's Devil Without a easter eggs video Cause contains a remix of "I Am the Bullgod" 10-13 seconds after the final song ends. On the edwars scissorhands easter eggs album "Americana" by The Offspring, the track ('Pay The Man') ends faberge easter eggs in silence just before the 8 minute mark, but an fillable easter eggs alternative introduction to 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy' can be found 1min and 15secs final fantasy vii: advent children easter eggs further on.

Bloody Gir, an easter egg on Invader Zim.

Possibly the goblet of fire easter eggs first ever Easter google easter eggs egg on record was on The Beatles' 1969 LP Abbey Road. Original half-life videos of easter eggs sleeve pressings list "The End" as being the last track on the album. halo 2 hints tips easter eggs and skulls d However, after a break of about 12 halo easter eggs and gliches seconds, a short piece called "Her Majesty" appears. The surprise was spoiled however halo the maw easter eggs for CD buyers as this track is included in the sleeve listings.

Using a more unusual method of hiding tracks, the halo2 easter eggs cortana album Factory Showroom by hershey's dark chocolate easter eggs They Might Be Giants contains a short song before the beginning of track one; the CD has to be "rewound" approximately a minute history of dying easter eggs and a half. This feat how to create dvd easter eggs is accomplished by placing the audio data in the "pregap" between Index 0 and 1 of the disc. Other indesign easter eggs internet easter eggs examples of this include the Rammstein album Reise, Reise, where if the ipod easter eggs album is rewound 38 seconds before the first track, a segment from a flight recorder recording janes addiction strays dvd easter eggs is heard; the British Sea Power album Open Season where, rewound 2:31, jim hensons dinosaurs easter eggs an organ version of the song "How Will I kings quest 7 easter eggs Ever Find My Way Home" known to the fans as "How Will I Ever Find My Organ" or "Wilde Is a Wanker" is lamb of god easter eggs played; the 2 Many DJ's album "As lamb of god killadelphia easter eggs Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2", where a remix of Kylie lawnmower man easter eggs Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" appears before the first lost dvd easter eggs track; and the UK edition of Autechre's EP7, in which a rather glitchy composition is placed more lost second easter eggs than 9 mac os x easter eggs minutes before the first track. On Muse's album Hullabaloo you can hear the intro madagascar easter eggs of the concert, the poem What's He Building by Tom Waits, in the pregap. microsoft office communicator easter eggs On Umphrey's McGee's album Safety In Numbers, when rewound before the first track there is a Speak 'n Spell microsoft office word 2003 easter eggs thesaurus that spells the words "This Album Eats" microsoft word easter eggs and plays backward the letters to "hippies."

One such other example is in microsoft works word easter eggs the CD the Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pack. If one plays the second mortal kombat shaolin monks easter eggs track of the CD, it plays pirates of the carribean easter eggs an instrumental version of the Duke Nukem "Grabbag" theme.

Some CD pixar cars forum easter eggs authoring software, such as K3b, allows users to create audio CDs with the first track poe2 easter eggs hidden.

Even more prevalent are Easter eggs in DVD releases pokemon red and blue easter eggs of movies; these are often in the form of hidden trailers, documentaries, or deleted scenes, and popular dvds easter eggs are accessed by manipulation of the disc's interactive menus. An example is the remote easter eggs 2000 DVD release of James Cameron's 1989 feature film The Abyss, which has resident evil 4 easter eggs at least nine Easter eggs, including at least three different trailers revenge of the sith easter eggs for Aliens and two for True Lies, two other James Cameron films. More rush easter eggs elaborate eggs include that in the 2002 release of rush in rio dvd easter eggs Christopher Nolan's 2000 reverse-time thriller Memento, which plays the scenes of the movie in conventional chronological rush in rio easter eggs order. The 2-disc version of The Incredibles has many easter rush replay dvd easter eggs eggs, most of which can be accessed on different screens by clicking the omnidroid that rush replay x 3 easter eggs appears (after a little while) in the upper right hand san andreas easter eggs corner. Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate features several hidden trailers for the search engine easter eggs film.

The deluxe editions of The Lord of the Rings feature the following Easter eggs:

  • Jack Black's simpsons season 8 dvd easter eggs parody of the "Council of Elrond" scene
  • Gollum's "award acceptance" speech
  • A comic interview with Elijah smugmug easter eggs Wood
  • A trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • A comic star wars episode 4 easter eggs interview with director Peter Jackson

The film "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" star wars iii easter eggs has an easter egg that includes several "alternate" scenes and an otherwise unavailable star wars movie easter eggs director's commentary by Rawson Marshall Thurber, these star wars movies easter eggs are all accessed by pressing the enter button on starwars battlefront 2 easter eggs the DVD remote control every time the character "White Goodman" played by Ben Stiller straight outta lynwood easter eggs snaps his fingers.

Even such serious films as Doctor Zhivago, Dances With tales of destiny 2 easter eggs Wolves and Tombstone can have Easter eggs.

Most DVD releases of George Lucas' the west wing dvd easter eggs films include blooper reels or hidden videos that can only be accessed by entering "1138" on thomas the tank engine wind up toys in easter eggs the DVD remote when the "THX" logo has been highlighted. This is an in-joke tiny toon adventures easter eggs referring to his first film, THX 1138.

In the uhf easter eggs movie Dumb and Dumber, an Easter egg in videogame easter eggs the form of an actor's commentary on a scene is accessed in the special warcraft easter eggs features menu, and moving the cursor to an invisible icon that looks like an Easter egg when highlighted.

DVD releases of watch cky4 easter eggs television series can also feature where did the idea of colord easter eggs come from Easter eggs, particularly The Simpsons. Moving the cursor to a T-shirt where did the idea of colored easter eggs come from Bart is wearing, for example, gives viewers a news broadcast word 2002 easter eggs about the underground manufacture of illegal Simpsons shirts.

In order to distinguish between different editions of word easter eggs the same film, some distributors have taken to listing Easter eggs in lists of "extra features" x-men last stand dvd easter eggs on the packaging and promotional material; some do not consider x-men last stand easter eggs Easter eggs advertised in this way to be true Easter eggs.

Security concerns

Because of the increase yahoo easter eggs in malware, many companies and government offices forbid the use of software containing Easter eggs for security reasons. With the rise of cybercrime and the prevalence of the Easter egg's cousin, the logic bomb, there is now concern that if the programmer could slip in undocumented code, then the software cannot be trusted. This is of particular concern in offices where personal or confidential information is stored, making it sensitive to theft and ransom. For this reason, many developers have stopped the practice of adding Easter eggs to their software. Microsoft, who has in the past created some of the largest and most elaborate Easter eggs such as the ones in Microsoft Office, no longer allows Easter eggs as part of their Trustworthy Computing initiative.[4]

Other Easter Egg Types

In the write-up of the plagiarism trial of the Da Vinci Code, Judge Peter Smith included a coded message.

BBC MindGames Magazine contains a number of hidden puzzles and messages each issue which it refers to as Easter Eggs, and challenges its readers to find them.


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Ancient rituals gave rise to modern holiday celebrations 

Rapid City Journal - Oct 07 9:12 PM
Ah, Easter. A day to celebrate the resurrection of a savior, the renewal of nature, the rebirth of hope or a large bunny who delivers colorful eggs in grass-filled baskets.

Faberge-inspired egg collection comes to Q-C 
Quad-City Times - Oct 07 10:53 PM
A Quad-City native and breast cancer survivor is the force behind an East Moline show featuring a Russian-born jeweler’s art inspired by the eggs that Peter Carl Faberge created for Russian royalty.

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Question: Is it appropriate to offer grandparents gift-buying suggestions? Each year our kids receive Christmas presents from their grandparents they just don't want. My mother-in-law already thinks I'm too picky and somewhat snooty. I certainly don't want to add fuel to the fire.

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