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All dressed up and nothing to dry clean 

Belleville News-Democrat - Oct 08 1:14 AM
Let's hope Mom isn't reading this. I recently wore my suit while eating a juicy, ketchup-dripping hamburger. I smeared chocolate on the lapel. I -- yes, that's right -- wiped my nose on my sleeve. One night, I even slept in the thing. And I never took it to the dry cleaner.

Dry Cleaner Calls Police After Finding Menacing Message 
WTOL News 11 - Oct 06 3:49 AM
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Dry cleaners find all kinds of things hiding in the clothes of their customers. But some employees at one business in Ann Arbor stumbled across something a little different recently.

5 QUESTIONS FOR: Cathleen Richardson 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 06 12:12 AM
Cathleen Richardson, owner of Princess Cleaners in Dilworth Garden Shopping Center, 1408 East Blvd., recently received the Award of Excellence from the International Fabricare Institute, an association of professional dry cleaners. The award is given after rigorous testing and evaluation. Richardson, 59, is the only Charlotte-based cleaner to receive the award this year. -- Courtney Devores,

A Tempest in a Hand Dryer 
New York Times - Oct 07 6:22 PM
The Dyson Airblade, a dryer that uses high-speed jets in lieu of heat. These jets blow at about 400 miles an hour.




- industrial vacuum cleaner hepa dry headmaster

- delonghi aqualand wet dry vacuum cleaner w air purifier

Dry Cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using an organic solvent other than water.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Process
  • 3 Solvent drycleaner processing
  • 4 Dry delonghi aqualand wet dry vacuum cleaner w air purifier Cleaning wastes
    • 4.1 Cooked muck
    • 4.2 Sludge
  • 5 Environment
  • 6 Solvents industrial vacuum cleaner hepa dry headmaster used
    • 6.1 Modern
    • 6.2 Historical
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Dry cleaning uses non-water-based cleaner dry floor steam solvents to remove dirt and stains from clothes. The potential for using petroleum based solvents in this industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners manner was first discovered in the mid-19th Century by French dye-works owner Jean industrial vacuum cleaners hoovers wet dry Baptiste Jolly, who noticed that his industrial vacuum cleaners cfv 125 dry tablecloth became cleaner after his maid spilled kerosene on it, and from wet dry industrial vacuum cleaners this observation developed a service to clean other people's clothes in this dry carpet cleaners manner, which he termed "nettoyage a sec," or "Dry Cleaning" in English.[1]

Dry cleaning is mentioned, in passing, in Marcel Proust's classic In Search of Lost Time. It chem dry carpet cleaner was a modern novelty to Swann and his circle. Details were handled by servants and tradesmen and other invisible resolve dry carpet cleaner people, who were seldom mentioned.

Early dry cleaners used petroleum-based solvents, such as gasoline industrial vacuum cleaners dry wet amp and kerosene. carpet dry cleaner Concerns over flammability led William Joseph Stoddard, a dry cleaner from Atlanta, to develop Stoddard solvent as a slightly less flammable alternative to gasoline-based dry cleaners supply solvents. The dry foam carpet cleaner machine use of highly flammable petroleum solvents led to many fires and explosions, which resulted in heavy dry garage floor cleaner regulation of dry cleaners.

After World War I, dry cleaners began using various chlorinated solvents, because they were much less flammable hoover floormate 22 wet dry floor cleaner than petroleum solvents and had much greater cleaner dry floor hard n vax wash cleaning power. By the mid-1930s the dry cleaning industry had adopted tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene) as a standard, colloquially called "perc," as dry cleaner associations the ideal solvent. It is stable, nonflammable, and has dry cleaner supply excellent cleaning power and is gentle to most garments.


A dry cleaning machine is somewhat similar rug cleaners dry carpet cleaning machines vapor steam to combination of a domestic washing machine, and clothes dryer. Garments are placed host dry carpet cleaner into a washing/extraction chamber (referred to as the basket, or drum). This is the core janie dry carpet cleaner of the dry cleaning machine. The washing chamber contains a san diego dry cleaners horizontal, perforated drum that rotates within best wet and dry vacuum cleaners an outer shell. The shell holds the solvent while the rotating drum holds the garment wet dry vacuum cleaners load. Depending on the size of the machine the basket capture carpet cleaner dry capacity will be between 20 and 80 lb (36 KG) of garments.

During the wash cycle the chamber is filled approximately 1/3rd full silk tie dry cleaners of solvent and capture carpet dry cleaner begins to rotate to agitate the clothing. The solvent temperature is controlled at 85°F carpet cleaner dry foam machine (29.4°C), as a higher temperature may extract dye from the garments, causing color loss. During carpet cleaner dry n wet the wash cycle, the chamber is constantly fed a chem dry carpet cleaners supply of fresh solvent from the working solvent tank while spent solvent is removed and sent to a filter unit comprising a discount wet dry vacuums floor cleaner distillation boiler and condensor. The ideal flow rate is one gallon of solvent per pound of dristar by tristar dry carpet cleaner garments per minute, depending on the size of the machine.

Before being placed in dry cleaners san diego the machine, garments are inspected for stains koblenz dry foam carpet cleaner and soils by the operator. Depending on the nature of dry cleaners california law the soil, a catalyst may be applied to the soil; this dry cleaners ok depends on the operator's judgement of the makeup of the textile and the soil itself. Oil-based soils such as grease, dry host carpet cleaner oil or lipstick typically are removed very well by dry tech carpet cleaner perchloroethylene, whereas water-based soils such as coffee, wine and perspiration will need a catalyst to allow la jolla dry cleaners the dry cleaning solvent to emulsify and lift them. Food based grease capture dry carpet cleaner soils fall in between the two, and a milder dry cleaners fl catalyst may be applied.

Garments are also checked carefully for foreign objects; items such as plastic pens will melt dry cleaners for sale in massachusetts in the solvent bath and may damage textiles beyond dry foam carpet cleaner recovery. Some textile dyes are "loose" (red being the main culprit), and will sample business plan dry cleaners shed dye during the solvent immersion; these will not be included in a load along with lighter-based coloured textiles to colorado dry cleaners avoid colour transfer. dry cleaners al In addition the solvent used has been distilled to remove any impurities which may transfer to the clothes. Garments are checked dry cleaners cleaning fluids carefully for dry cleaning textile compatibility, including the fasteners; many decorative fasteners are dry cleaners va either not dry cleaning solvent proof, or will not withstand the mechanical dry steam cleaners action of the cleaning cycle. These will be removed and restiched carpet cleaner dry host after the cleaning, or protected with a small padded protector as appropriate. Finally, fragile dry chem carpet cleaner items such as feather bedspreads or tasselled rugs or hangings may be enclosed into dry cleaners co a loose mesh bag. Perchloroethylene is around dry cleaners floor plan 1.7Kg/L at room temperature (70% heavier than water), and the sheer weight of absorber solvent may cause the textile to fail under dry cleaners mi centrifugal force during the extraction cycle unless the mesh bag provides mechanical support.

A typical wash cycle dry cleaners mn lasts for 8-15 dry extraction carpet cleaner minutes depending on the type of garments and amount of soiling. During the first three minutes, solvent-soluble moreno valley dry cleaner soils dissolve into the perchloroethylene and saneco dry cleaners loose insoluble soil from fabrics comes off. It takes approximately ten to twelve minutes after the loose soil has carbon dioxide dry cleaners in massachusetts come off to remove all of the ground-in insoluble soil from the garments. Machines using hydrocarbon solvents require a dry cleaners and launderers trade books, magazines much longer dry cleaners in wash cycle of at least 25 minutes because of the much slower rate dry cleaners ma of solvation of solvent soluble soils (e.g oily stains). A drycleaning surfactant "soap" may also be added.

At the end of wash cycle, the dry cleaners martinizing in payson arizona machine starts a rinse cycle and the garment load is rinsed with fresh distilled solvent dry cleaners wi from the pure solvent tank. This pure solvent dry to wet cleaner rinse prevents discoloration of garments dry vacuum cleaners caused by soil particles being absorbed back onto the garment surface from the geneva illinois dry cleaners "dirty" working solvent.

After the rinse cycle the machine begins the extraction process. This process recovers dry hepa filter wet dry vacuum cleaner cleaning solvent for reuse. Modern dry cleaning machines can recover approximately 99.99% of the solvent homemade dry erase board cleaner used in the cleaning process.

The extraction begins by draining the solvent out of the washing how good are dry cleaners for home dryers chamber cycle and accelerating the basket to speeds of 350 to 450 rpm, causing much janie dry stick spot cleaner of the solvent to spin free of the fabric. When no vacuum cleaners upright canister wet dry more solvent can be spun out, the best gown dry cleaners nyc machine starts its drying cycle.

During the drying cycle the garments are tumbled in continuous stream of warm air (145°F/63°C) that circulates through the basket evaporating commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaners any traces of solvent left behind after the spin cycle. The dry cleaners floor plans temperature of the air is carefully controlled to prevent over drying and heat damage dry cleaners ms to the garments. The warm air then passes through a chiller unit where the dry cleaners pa solvent vapors are condensed, and dry cleaners tx returned to the distilled solvent tank. Modern dry cleaning machines use a closed loop industrial dry cleaners system where the chilled air is then reheated and recirculated. This results in lawton oklahoma dry cleaners very high solvent recovery rates.

After the drying cycle is completed, a deodorizing (aeration) cycle starts to cool vapor steam cleaners wet dry vacuum cleaning the garments and remove the last traces of dry cleaning solvent, by circulating cool outside commercial industrial dry vapor steam cleaner air dry chem carpet cleaner products over the garments and then through a vapor recovery filter made from activated carbon and polymer resins. At the end of the aeration cycle, the dry cleaner hangers dry cleaned garments are clean, odorless and ready for pressing/finishing.

Solvent processing

Working solvent from the washing chamber passes through several filtration steps before it is returned dry cleaners md to washing dry cleaners mo chamber. The first step is a button trap which prevents small objects (lint, dry cleaners oh fasteners, buttons, coins etc) from entering the solvent pump.

Next the solvent dry cleaners retail software passes through a filter unit which removes lint and insoluble suspended soils from the solvent. Several different types are used, most franchise called the dry cleaner filters use an ultra fine moreno valley dry cleaners mesh to support a thin layer of filter powder (made from diatomaceous earth and pos software dry cleaners activated clays). Some machines use powderless filters which are capable of removing soil particles greater than 30 micrometers from the solvent.

As the quick dry window cleaner towelette machine is used, a thin layer of filter cake (called muck) accumulates on the sioux falls sd dry cleaners surface of angie's dry cleaners the lint filter. The muck is removed regularly (once per day) and then further processed to bibbentuckers dry cleaners jobs recover any solvent trapped in the muck. Many machines use "spin disc filters" in which the muck is removed from the filter capital dry cleaners surface by cleaners dry in forest hills centrifugal action while the filter is back-washed with solvent.

After passing through the lint filter, the solvent passes through an costa mesa dry cleaner absorptive cartridge filter, this filter is made from activated dry cleaner supplies clays and charcoal and removes fine insoluble soil and non-volatile residues along with dyes from solvent. Finally the solvent dry cleaners + huber heights passes through a polishing filter which dry cleaners for sale removes any traces of soil not removed by the previous filters. The clean working solvent is then returned to the working solvent dry cleaners ks tank.

To enhance cleaning power, small amounts of detergent (0.5%-1.5%) are added to dry cleaners ny the working solvent and dry cleaners open sunday nyc are essential to its functionality. These detergents help dissolve hydrophilic soils and keep soil from redepositing on garments. Depending on dry cleaners wa the machine's design, either an anionic or cationic detergent is used.

Dry Cleaning hangers dry cleaners wastes

Cooked muck

Cooked Powder karcher sc dry steam cleaner domestic express cleaning Residue — the waste material generated by cooking down or distilling muck. proven solutions drip dry spot free cleaner Cooked powder residue is a hazardous waste and will contain solvent, powdered filter santa clarita dry cleaner material (diatomite), carbon, non-volatile residues, lint, dyes, grease, soils and water. This material should then be disposed of in accordance steammy household dry steam cleaner with local laws.


The waste sludge or solid residue from the still. Still bottoms contain stillwater mn dry cleaners solvent, water, soils, carbon and other non-volatile residues. Still bottoms from chlorinated solvent dry cleaning operations tilex wet dry vacuum cleaner are hazardous wastes.


Perchloroethylene is toxic, and american dry cleaner some believe that long-term exposure can cause liver and kidney damage, though no study bissell wet or dry flip it floor cleaner has conclusively proven that. There are other solvents including:

  • Wet Cleaning — This business plan free sample dry cleaner is a system that uses water and biodegradable soap. Computer-controlled dryers and cleaners dry pos software stretching machines ensure that the fabric retains its natural size and shape. Wet cleaning is claimed to delias dry cleaners coupons clean 99.9% of "dry clean only" garments safely, including leather; suede; most tailored discount dry cleaners louisville woolens, silks and rayons. (Neckties seem to be the one dry automobile cd lens cleaner exception.)
  • Silicone and Liquid CO2 Solvents — Relatively new approaches to dry cleaner pollution insurance dry cleaning have been developed based on both liquid carbon dioxide and silicone. Dry cleaners using these solvents are currently dry cleaners ky few in number.
  • Alternative Petroleum Solvents — This is more like dry cleaners sc standard dry cleaning, but the dry cleaners secret processes use alternative hydrocarbon solvents such as Exxon DF-2000 or Chevron-Phillips' EcoSolv. Alternative solvents tend to be much less effective than dry cleaners stillwater mn perc, and very flammable creating a substantial explosion and fire hazard.

Solvents used


  • Perchloroethylene — Most common solvent, known more dry cleaners trade newspapers commonly as "Perc", the "standard" for cleaning performance, and most aggressive cleaner (use caution, may cause dry cleaners union color bleeding/loss, especially at higher temperatures).
  • High flash point hydrocarbons DF-2000 (140°F/60°C flash point) — Slightly less flammable dry cleaning personal service dry cleaners laundry and explosive than Stoddard solvent, not as effective as perchloroethylene.
  • Modified hydrocarbons blends (Pure good & cheap dry cleaners nyc Dry)
  • Glycol ethers (dipropylene glycol tertiary-butyl ether) (Rynex) — not as effective as green dry cleaner perchloroethylene.
  • Cyclic Silicone decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, GreenEarth — not as aggressive as hepa filter wet dry vacuum cleaners perchloroethylene. Gentler cleaning through lowest surface host carpet dry cleaners tension of current solvents. Cost per gallon is similar to perc in most states with environmental surcharges. Solvent mileage higher than houston dry cleaner robbery perc and hydrocarbon products. Requires a license be how to operate a dry cleaner obtained to utilize the intellectual property of GreenEarth Cleaning. Degrades within johnsons dry cleaners + auction days in the environment to SiO2 ( sand ), CO2 , and H2O.
  • Liquid CO2 — las vegas dry cleaners Consumer Reports rated this method superior to even conventional methods; machinery is very expensive. Most cleaners with these machines keep traditional market meadows dry cleaners naperville il machines on-site for the oreck dry carpet cleaner heavier soiled textiles. Not good for use on smoke or water damaged textiles.
  • Drysolv - regal dry cleaners tasmania New solvent from Dry Cleaning Technologies. Enviromentally safe, 30 minute cycles dry to dry. IFI claims it cleans better than Perc.


  • Stoddard solvent — Very flammable and explosive, 100°F/38°C flash point.
  • Carbon tetrachloride san diego discount dry cleaner — Toxic and santa clarita dry cleaners corrosive
  • Trichloroethane — Overly aggressive and harsh
  • Valclene 113 Freon-113 — Ozone destroying CFC


  1. ^ How Dry Cleaning Works. Retrieved on 2006-03-30.

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