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Crores in its coffer, RVP is a political party and a detective agency too 

Express India - Oct 07 4:45 PM
The search for the national headquarters of the Rashtriya Vikas Party will take you to the office of SPIS Limited, a detective agency in Faridabad...

Ex-detective gets 6 years in narc case 
AP via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 11:53 AM
Admitting that he was driven by greed, a former detective who stole cash and drugs from dealers, then resold the drugs on the street, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Ex-Harvey detective indicted on additional charges 
Daily Southtown - Oct 07 2:37 AM
Additional charges were announced Friday for a former Harvey police detective accused of selling a gun seized as evidence to a convicted felon. Whether that weapon was used in an April murder at a South Holland car wash or any other unsolved Harvey murders will be determined by ballistics tests.

Sex offences detective on 80 drug charges 
News Interactive - Oct 06 6:58 PM
BY day, Paul Hatzakortzian was a respected detective working in Victoria Police's Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit.




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A detective is an investigator, either a member of a police agency or detetive a private person. detective conan Private detectives usually operate commercially and are licensed. They may be known as private investigators (P.I.s or "private eyes"). net detective Informally, and primarily in fiction, a detective is any unlicensed person who solves crimes, including historical crimes, or detective looks into records.


  • 1 Detective as a designator of rank or status
  • 2 Detectives web detective and their work
    • 2.1 Becoming a detective
  • 3 Organization fake detective of detectives
  • 4 Techniques of detectives
    • 4.1 Street work
    • 4.2 Forensic evidence
    • 4.3 Records driver detective investigation
    • 4.4 Court detective games testimony
  • 5 Famous fictional detectives
    • 5.1 Police detectives
    • 5.2 Private mythical detective loki ragnarok detectives
  • 6 See also

Detective as el paso detective a designator of rank or status

In some police history detectives departments, primarily in North America, Detective can be the online detective games lowest rank among investigators (above the lowest rank of officers and below Sergeant). psychic detectives Some departments have distinct levels of detectives, depending on their experiences and skills. New York City Police Department and Los Angeles watching the detectives Police Department, for example, both have three grades, but are famous detectives on the same pay level and rank as Officer. Most internet detective larger police departments have rank structures for their investigators that parallel the "street" clue detective game police, such as Detective Sergeant and Detective Lieutenant.

In the British police, "Detective" is used as a prefix before all ranks in the mythical detective loki Criminal Investigation Department and Special Branch from Constable to Chief Superintendent. Detective Constables do not colt detective special outrank uniformed Constables, however. In the 19th and early 20th cyber detective centuries, Detective Constables were usually referred to simply as "Detective", but this is no longer net detective plus the case. Many Commonwealth detective magazines countries also use the prefix.

Detectives and their work

Becoming a detective

In most American police departments, a candidate for homicide detective detective must have served as detective software a uniformed officer for a period of one to five years before detective stories becoming qualified for the position. Prospective British police detectives must have completed at least two years as a uniformed officer before applying to the great mouse detective join the Criminal Investigation Department. In many other European pet detective police systems, most detectives are university graduates who join directly from civilian life without first serving deep sea detectives as uniformed officers. Some people argue that detectives do a detective magazine completely different job and therefore require completely different training, qualifications, mobile number detective qualities and abilities. The opposing argument is that without previous service as a uniformed patrol officer a detective cannot have the last detective a detectives investigacion informacion great enough command of standard police procedures and problems and will find it difficult to net detective product review work with uniformed colleagues.

In addition, in some US police departments, policies exist that on line detective limit the term that an officer may serve continuously as a detective, and mandate that detectives must regularly return why are the numbers 1-12 like good detectives to patrol duties for a minimum period of time. This is based upon a free online detective games perception that the most free trial net detective important and essential police work is accomplished on patrol, and that the skills, experience detective loki and familiarity with their beats that patrol officers maintain are essential for detectives to maintain as well. Investigations, detective software ebay by contrast, often take weeks or months to complete, during which time free internet detective software detectives may spend much of their time away from the streets. In this thinking, rotating officers also promotes cross-training video detective in a wider variety of skills, producing both better detectives and uniformed adirondack detective officers. Such policies also serve to prevent "cliques" online detective credit report within detective bureaus that can contribute to corruption or other unethical behavior.

Detectives obtain their position by competitive examination, covering police detective such subjects as:

  • Principles, practices and procedures agencia detectives privados of investigations
  • Principles, practices and procedures of interviewing and interrogation
  • Local criminal law and procedures
  • Applicable law governing arrests, search and seizures, warrants free trial of net detective and evidence
  • Police department detective conan music records and reports
  • Principles, practices and objectives of courtroom testimony
  • Police department methods and procedures

Private detectives are licensed by the state download net detective cracked version in which they live after passing a competitive examination and a criminal background check. free detective software Some states, such as Maryland, require a period of classroom training as well.

Organization of detectives

The detective free net detective branch in most larger great mouse detective police agencies is organized into several squads or departments, each of which specializes in investigation into scrapyard detectives a particular type of crime or a particular becoming a detective type of undercover operation, which may include:

  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Organized crime
  • Fraud
  • Burglary
  • Narcotics
  • Forgery
  • Criminal intelligence
  • Sex crimes
  • Street crime (mugging detective clipart etc.)
  • Computer crime
  • Crimes against children
  • Surveillance
  • Arson

Techniques of detectives

Street work

Detectives have a wide variety of techniques available in conducting investigations. detective conan opening However, the majority of cases are solved detective conan step by step by the interrogation of suspects and the interviewing of detective games for kids witnesses, which takes time. Besides interrogations, detectives may rely on a network of informants they have cultivated detective school q over the years. Informants often have connections with persons a detective free online detective software would not be able to approach formally. Evidence collection and preservation can also help in identifying a potential suspect(s).

In criminal net detective find email addresses investigations, once a detective has a suspect or suspects in mind, the next step psychic detective is to produce a detectives college education evidence that will stand up in a court of law. The best way is to obtain a confession from the suspect, detective chronicles usually this is done by developing rapport and at times by seeking information in exchange for potential detective salaries perks available through internet detectives the District Attorney's Office. Such as plea bargain for a lesser sentence in exchange the fake detective for usable information. A detective may lie, mislead and psychologically pressure a suspect into an admission or confession career opportunities for homicide detectives as long as he does this within procedural detective agency boundaries and without the threat of violence or promises outside their control. In the United detective conan download States suspects may invoke their Miranda rights and detective game online refuse to answer any investigative questions until they consult with an attorney.

Forensic evidence

Physical forensic evidence in an investigation may provide driver detective crack leads to closing a case.

Examples of net detective 80 free trial physical evidence can be, but are not limited to:

  • Fingerprinting of objects persons have touched
  • DNA analysis
  • Luminol to detect blood stains that have been net detective review washed
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Footprints or reverse phone directory net detective tire tracks
  • Chemical testing for the presence of narcotics or expended gun the depression of detective downs propellant
  • The exact position of objects at the scene of an investigation

Many major police departments in detective career info a city, county, or state, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, maintain their own forensic laboratories.

Records investigation

Detectives may use public and detective javier martinez private detective magazine scans records to provide background information on a subject. These include:

  • Fingerprint records. In the United States, the FBI maintains records of people who detective school q mp3 have committed felonies and some misdemeanors, all persons who have detectives privados madrid applied for a Federal security clearance, and all persons who have served in the U.S. armed forces
  • Records of criminal arrests free detective games history detective and convictions
  • Photographs or mug shots, of persons arrested
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Credit card records and net detective 8 bank statements
  • Hotel registration cards
  • Credit reports
  • Answer machine messages

Court testimony

Unless a plea bargain forestalls the net detective plus login need for a trial, detectives must testify in court about their investigation. They detective bob shilling must seem reliable and credible to a jury, and must not give the impression of personal vindictiveness or cruelty. A detective's detective guevara background often comes into question in courtroom testimony. A famous detective names example came in the murder trial of O. detective tools J. Simpson, when Detective Mark Fuhrman of the Los Angeles Police Department elvis costello watching the detectives testified for the prosecution. Attorney F. Lee Bailey first asked Fuhrman if he had ever used the "n-word" (see Nigger) Fuhrman find email addresses with net detective denied this. In court, Bailey produced taped interviews with Fuhrman using this offensive word.

Famous fictional detectives

The detective story has been a popular genre in books, radio, instant detective television, and movies since the early 19th century. In many police drama interactive detective games online series, detectives are depicted as being something of an last detective elite, with most uniformed police officers deferring to them. Most famous fictional government detectives work for local movie detective or regional agencies.

Element of detective work are also featured in famous "federal" characters, such as Tom net detective log on Clancy's Jack Ryan and Ian Fleming's James Bond. (The net detective public records find people unlisted phone first two Bond film adaptations featured more investigative work phone number for harris digital publishing net detective than their successors.)

Police detectives

  • Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, played scrapyard detectives web site by John Nettles in the television series Midsomer Murders
  • Detective Chief secret agent detectives Superintendent Christopher Foyle, played by Michael Kitchen in the television series Foyle's War
  • Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd, played by Trevor adventures of the god detectives Eve in the television series Waking the Dead
  • Detective Frank Pembleton, played by Andre Braugher in the television series Homicide: Life detective bert corniel on the detective conan mp3's Street
  • Detective Lennie Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach in the television series Law & Order
  • Detective Andy detective hat Sipowicz, played by Dennis Franz in the television series NYPD Blue
  • Detective Vic Mackey, played by Michael Chiklis in the television series "The detective software on ebay Shield"
  • Sergeant Joe Friday, detective tv shows portrayed by Jack Webb and later by Ed O'Neill in the television series Dragnet
  • Lieutenant Columbo, detectives privados alicante played by Peter Falk in the television series Columbo (and also some television movies)
  • Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison, played by detectives privados barcelona Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect.
  • Detective Chief free net detective download Inspector Morse, in the novels of Colin Dexter and interactive detective game online played by John Thaw in Inspector Morse.
  • Detective Sonny Crockett, played by Don Johnson, and Detective Ricardo Tubbs, phone number harris digital publishing net detective played by Philip Michael Thomas, in the television series "Miami Vice"
  • Detective Inspector salary of a detective Jack Regan, also played by John Thaw, and Detective Sergeant the medical detective by roueche George Carter, played by Dennis Waterman, in the television series The Sweeney.
  • Thompson and Thomson, from the comic clubhouse detectives scavenger hunt The Adventures of Tintin, created by Hergé
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Inspector Koichi Zenigata, from the anime conan detective and manga series Lupin III, created by Monkey Punch
  • Detective Harvey Bullock from detective background checks the comic book series Batman and cartoon series Batman: The detective control Animated Series
  • Plainclothesman Elijah Baley from Isaac Asimov's Robot series.
  • Detective Dick Gumshoe from the Gyakuten Saiban series.
  • Detective Senior Constable PJ Hasham played by Martin Sacks in detective marck lillinfield the television series Blue Heelers
  • Detective Senior detective reynaldo guevara Constable Amy Fox played by Rachel Gordon in the television divorce detective series Blue Heelers
  • Detective Senior Constable Evan Jones played by Ditch Davey in the televisoion series Blue Heelers
  • Detective Max find a date detectives software free background checks Payne from the self-titled video game series and homicide detective career soon-to-be movie.

Private detectives

  • Dirk Gently, created by Douglas Adams in spyware detective free scan the book The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul
  • Jake 'J.J' Gittes, played by Jack Nicholson in the arizona detective film Chinatown
  • Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shalhoub on Monk.
  • C. Auguste Dupin, created by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Hercule Poirot background checks online detective and Miss Jane Marple, both created by Agatha Christie
  • Jim Rockford, created by Roy Huggins and becoming a homicide detective Stephen J. Cannell, and portrayed by cat detective James Garner in the television series The Rockford Files
  • Thomas Sullivan Magnum, played by Tom dallas morning news detective ned investigation Selleck in the television series Magnum P.I.
  • Philip Marlowe, created by Raymond detective fired from spring hill tn Chandler
  • Sam Spade, created by Dashiell Hammett and portrayed on film by Humphrey Bogart
  • Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan detective robert smith resigns Doyle
  • Simon Templar, the book, movie and TV character created by detective short stories Leslie Charteris
  • Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday on Psych.

See Detective fiction and Crime fiction for more details.

  • Nancy Drew

See also

  • Criminal Investigation Department
  • Private investigator
  • Eugène François Vidocq
  • Special Agent
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