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Computers, scanners could soon eliminate courier runs 

Bradenton Herald - Oct 08 12:12 AM
Until last year, Brady Corp. handled checks sent to its Milwaukee headquarters building here like a lot of companies do: Gather them up, prepare them for deposit and have a courier take them to the bank at the end of the day.

Courier News Online - 
Bridgewater Courier News - Oct 07 10:05 PM
Scare up some votes for your pumpkin! It’s that time of year again: Pumpkin-carving time! Last year, the Courier News ran a successful pumpkin-carving contest that brought in all kinds of entries from readers across Central Jersey. This time, we’re narrowing it down to scary pumpkins only.

Courier News Online - The perfect spiral: There's more to passing the football than just throwing it 
Bridgewater Courier News - Oct 07 10:06 PM
It's not rocket science, but it's close. There's talk of perpendicular angles, the transfer of weight, trajectories and spin. It's a chain reaction that takes years to perfect, and if one thing goes wrong, it throws the whole operation out of whack.

Courier News Online - Resilient Mets sweep Dodgers, advance to NLCS 
Bridgewater Courier News - Oct 07 10:06 PM
LOS ANGELES -- Taking care of business was harder than Willie Randolph thought, but his Mets did, and the reward champagne still was sweet. The vintage improves the further the Mets venture into October.




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Courier (typeface)
Category Monospaced slab serif
Date created 1955
Designer(s) Howard Kettler
Foundry IBM

Courier is a monospace slab serif font that resembles the output from a typewriter. The typeface courie was created by Howard "Bud" Kettler in 1955. The design of the original Courier New vourier typeface was commissioned in the 1950s by courir IBM for use in typewriters, but they did not secure legal exclusivity to the typeface and it soon courior courier journal became a standard font used throughout the typewriter industry. As a monospaced font, it has recently found renewed courier jobs use in the electronic world in situations where columns of characters must be consistently aligned. It courier mail has also become an industry standard for courier post all screenplays to be written in 12 pt Courier or a close variant, and it is widely used courier by computer programmers to louisville courier journal write source code.

12 point Courier New was also the US State Department's standard typeface until courier news January 2004, when it was replaced with 14 point Times New Roman. post and courier Reasons for the change included the desire for a more "modern" and conroe courier "legible" font.

Kettler was once quoted about how the name was chosen. The font was nearly waterloo courier released with the name "Messenger." After giving it some thought, Kettler evansville courier and press said, "A letter can be just an ordinary messenger, or it can be the bucks county courier times courier, which dundee courier radiates dignity, prestige, and stability."


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In ASCII dhl courier art

Courier is commonly used charleston post and courier in ASCII art because it is a monospace font (which makes it easy to use) and is courier services available almost universally. "Solid-style" hannibal courier post ASCII art uses the darkness/lightness of each character to portray an object, which can be quantified in pixels (here in pt. 12):

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
21 25 18 25 24 19 28 24 14 15 25 16 30 21 20 27 27 18 21 17 19 17 25 20 21 21
25 29 21 26 29 25 27 31 18 19 28 20 36 24 20 25 28 30 28 24 27 22 30 26 23 24
` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +
2 16 19 20 23 23 23 16 26 23 24 6 12 9 9 36 30 26 20 7 24 21 13 13 9 13
] \ ; ' , . / { } | : " < > ?
17 17 8 11 4 7 4 8 16 16 13 8 8 9 9 13

In programming

Courier New is used extensively in programming; on Microsoft Windows diplomatic courier it is the default monospace font for a variety of applications. Below is a sample become a courier of code written using Courier New:

Microsoft, however, courier and advertiser is intending to dethrone Courier New as the the default monospaced font in the next version of windows, Windows Vista, and houma courier is including its new Consolas font south jersey courier post as the primary monospaced font.

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