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Sentosa IR race is still wide open 

Channel News Asia via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 08 11:17 PM
No dark horses. No wild cards. No anxiety that government-linked consortiums could have an edge. Just a clear winner trumpeting a universally-known brand.

California prosecutor relishes HP challenge 
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Oct 09 2:07 AM
SAN JOSE, Calif. – State Attorney General Bill Lockyer had a reputation for going after the biggest targets even before he filed criminal charges in the Hewlett-Packard Co. spying scandal.

A week in the streets 
168 óra Közéleti Hetilap - Oct 09 1:26 AM
During the last week, Budapest was loud with anti-government and anti-regime demonstrations and disturbances. Our paper’s staff lived together at the public squares both with discontent people and those who caused the disturbaces.

CD reviews for July 7, 2006: "10,000 Days," Tool; "Silver," Jesu; "On an Island," David Gilmour; 
The Davis Enterprise - Oct 08 10:41 PM
Published Jul 07, 2006 - 14:52:46 CDT.




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This article is about the medieval siege weapon. See also aircraft catapult; slingshot

Replica catapult at Château catapult des Baux, France

Catapults are siege engines using an arm to hurl a catapulta projectile a great distance. Any machine that catapult hurls an object can be considered a catapult, but the term is generally catapults understood to mean medieval siege weapons.

The name is derived from the Greek κατα (against) and βαλλειν (to hurl (a how to build a catapult missile)). Originally, "catapult" referred to a stone-thrower, while "ballista" referred to build a catapult a dart-thrower, but the two catapult designs terms swapped meaning sometime in the fourth century AD.

Catapults were usually assembled at the site of a siege, how to make a catapult and an army catapult plans carried few or no pieces of it with them because wood was easily available on site. Catapults instructions to build a catapult can be classified according to the physical concept used to store and release the energy history of catapults required to propel build small catapult the projectile


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Catapults can be classified catapult design according to the physical concept used to store and release the energy required to propel the projectile.


The first catapult distinct build a simple catapult from hand-held launchers (bows, crossbows, slings etc.) was the Greek gastrophetes, a crossbow so large it was braced against the catapult catles european abdomen rather than being catapult science project held in the hand, hence the nickname belly-bow. The next step from this was a larger pumpkin catapult form a crossbow mounted on a make catapult stand, including early versions of the oxybeles (Greek for bolt shooter) and the ballista (the egg launching catapult Roman version of the oxybeles). The arbalette à tour was a medieval version of the stand-mounted history of the catapult crossbow. These catapults are tensional, in that the energy is stored as tension and compression catapult info of the bow. Although similar to a crossbow, a catapult research sling on the end of the rope meant free catapult designs these weapons could be used for firing all sorts of projectiles, from rocks to pots of catapult building Greek fire.

Subsequently, torsional catapults were developed; those frog catapult with two torsion powered arms, the later versions of the ballista and oxybeles, catapult blueprints and those with one torsion powered arm, the catapult thinking onager, known in medieval times as the mangonel. The bottom end of how to make a medieval catapult the throwing arm of the onager and the inner ends of both ballista roman catapults arms are inserted into rope or fibers that are twisted, providing a torsional store of free plans to build a catapult energy. Torsional ballistas were operationally equivalent to their tensional cousins, except the torsional energy how do catapults work store gave greater power. Onagers have an how to build an easy catapult arm with a bucket, cup, or most often a sling to hold the projectile mangonel catapults at one end.

Finally, the last type of catapult is a trebuchet, which used gravity or traction rather than tension simple catapult or torsion to propel the throwing arm. A falling counterweight, or the effort simple catapult designs of the one or more operators, catapult projectile pull down the bottom end of the arm and the free catapult plans projectile is thrown from a sling attached to a rope hanging from the top end of plans for catapults the arm, essentially like a sling attached to a giant roman catapult see-saw. The counterweight was usually much heavier than the projectile. More modern trebuchets often replace the counterweight simple machines catapult with industrial springs to create tension the history of catapults (Video).


when was the first catapult invented
French troops using a catapult to throw hand grenades during World War I.
Improvised catapult building a catapult made out of leaf spring during the Warsaw Uprising for launching of catapult construction Molotov cocktails.

In Europe, the first catapults catapult game appeared in later Greek times around 400 BC-300 BC citations needed]. According to Roman engineer Heron of catapult software training Alexandria, the first types making a catapult derived from by the earlier gastraphētes ("Belly shooter"), constisting in camposite bow mounted trasversely on a stock. Biton attributes the creation of simple catapult design the first crewed catapult to one Zopyrus from Taranto, in soutern Italy.

Early adopters catapult information of the catapult design were Dionysius catapult kit of Syracuse (who called it katapeltikon) and Onomarchus of Phocis. Katapaltai are catapult planes mentioned in the Siegecraft (Poliorkētika) treatise of Aeneas Tacticus, from around 350 BC. It is school projects catapults probable that standard torsion-powered software catapult training catapults entered in common use in Greek world and Macedon only around 330 BC. Alexander the Great introduced the idea of using build catapult them to provide cover on the catapult beetle battlefield in addition to using them during sieges. Projectiles included both arrows catapult lever and (later) stones.

Romans started to use catapults probably as catapult mp3 booty from their wars against Syracuse, Macedon, Sparta and Aetolia (3rd-2nd century BC). Standard use of catapult physics artillery (ballista and onager) is attested only from the time of catapult plan Julius Casear, however.

In the Medieval times, when the trebuchet was counting crows catapult introduced a relatively short time before the advent of gunpowder, the catapult became basically obsolete. Cannons soon replaced catapults frog catapult carnival as the standard siege weapon in Europe in the 14th century.

During medieval times, how to build a catapult with k'nex catapults and related siege machines make a catapult were the first weapons used for biological warfare. The make your own catapult carcasses of diseased animals and those who had perished from the Black Death or other diseases were loaded onto the mousetrap catapults catapult and then thrown over plans to build a catapult the castle's walls to infect those barricaded inside. There have even been recorded instances of beehives what energy is converted through a catapult being catapulted over castle walls.

The last catapult design plans large-scale military use of catapults was during the trench warfare of World War I. During the early stages of the war, catapults catapult pos software were used to throw hand grenades across no man's land into enemy trenches.

At the catapult software training in waltham present, in England, trebuchets are sometimes used by thrill-seekers as catapult trigger mechanism human catapults to catapult with pulley system experience being catapulted through the air. There has been at least design of experiments and catapults one fatality, when the participant failed to land onto the safety net.

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