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Ceremonial cannon explodes; 5 hurt 

The Olympian - 19 minutes ago
SNOHOMISH - A ceremonial cannon at Snohomish High School exploded before a homecoming football game Friday night, injuring five students, police said.

Police probe cannon explosion at school football game 
KING 5 Seattle - Oct 07 11:14 AM
Police and school officials are investigating what caused a ceremonial cannon to explode at a local high school football game Friday night in Snohomish. Five people were slightly injured in the blast.

Cannon injures 5 Snohomish students at homecoming celebration 
Seattle Times - Oct 07 12:27 AM
Five students were hurt when they were struck by the Snohomish High School touchdown cannon at the start of Friday's homecoming game. Shannon Parthemer, spokeswoman for...

Five Students Injured At High School Football Game By Ceremonial Cannon 
KIRO 7 Seattle-Tacoma - Oct 07 9:49 AM
Five students were injured Friday night when a ceremonial cannon blew apart at the Snohomish High School football game.




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A small cannon on a carriage, Bucharest.

A cannon is any large canon tubular firearm designed to fire a heavy projectile over a considerable distance. The term can dannon apply to a modern day rifled machine gun with a calibre of 20 mm bannon or more (see autocannon).

Cannon also refers to a large, smooth-bored, muzzle-loading cannan gun used before the advent of breech-loading, rifled guns canonn firing explosive shells. Although a variety of such guns are commonly referred to as "cannon", the term specifically refers to annon a gun designed to fire a canno 42 lb shot as opposed to a "Demi-cannon" (32 lb), Culverin (18 lb) or Demi-culverin canaon (9 lb).

"Cannon" derives from the Latin canna—a tube. Bombard was earlier used for "cannon", cannon but from the early nick cannon 15th century came to refer only to the largest weapons. "Cannon" serves both as the singular and plural of the noun.


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Early history

"Fire lances", cannon camera gunpowder-propelled arrows, were used in China from at least 1132. In 1221, cast iron bombs thrown by itt cannon hand, sling, and catapult are mentioned. Somewhere cannons around 1249, the Chinese of the Song Dynasty began to load early gunpowder in the middle of thick bamboo as a projection firearm, firing clay cannon digital cameras pellets like a shotgun. At some point in civil war cannons the late fourteenth century (the earliest certain example is dated 1332) they replaced the bamboo cannon digital camera with bronze. Additionally, the chinese and potato cannon mongols took up the use of "true" gunpowder instead of the slower-burning older tennis ball cannon mixture - which made this early cannon - known as the Huochong - more cannon beach reliable and powerful. During wartime, the Chinese used the early gunpowder weapons in defence against the Mongols, and cannon beach oregon the weapon was taken up by the mongol conquerors later. air cannon Many of the earliest weapons seem to primarily have functioned canna as psychological weapons, a trait gunpowder arms would keep for a long time.

The invention of gunpowder had black powder cannon spread into India prior to the Mongol intrusion in China. In India, gunpowder cannon cannon was manufactured and used in both rocketry and jill cannon for powering cannon. Even before this however, the Indians used rudimentry projectile weapons to cannon printer launch stones and explosive/incendiary objects at besieging armies. The Arthashastra mentions a tubular weapon, the cannon carriages Sataghni. Indigenous gunpowder was called agnicurna. By the cannon copiers 16th Century, the world's largest and heaviest cannon were being cast in India. The best examples of this are the Jaivana Cannon in Jaigarh, Rajasthan and cannon rock the Thanjavur Cannon in Thanjavur armories in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The cannon downriggers "giant gun" civil war cannon trend was by then disappearing in Europe, in favor of lighter, more manouverable pieces in larger numbers, and canna lilly the early use of true field artillery.

The islamic world also employed gunpowder, and the cannon rebel Karshuni manuscript has additions of gunpowder recipes from the late 11th/early 12th century. We find mention annie jump cannon of rockets or fire arrows being used in the christy cannon mid-13th century, primarily as psychological weapons, and primarily defensively. There is also possibly seasons of cannon falls references to defensive use of cannon or more likely psychological gunpowder use from tubes in mid-13th century muslim cannon scanners spain. Hand cannon or hand cannon-like deviced were reported to be employed against steam cannon the mongols in 1260 and 1304, in an unattributed manuscript propably written by Shams al-Din Muhammad cannon beach, oregon al-Ansari al-Dimashqi, which also depicts fire arrows cannon printer drivers and long-handled handguns. By 1340, light cannon are widespread enough in the islamic world to end up in military jake cannon inventories.

The first red canna mention of something like a powder recipe in Europe appeared in water cannon (latin) text in 1248, in Roger Bacons "Opus Maior": "We can, with saltpeter and cannon safes other substances, compose artificially a fire that can be launched over long distances... By canna tropicana only using a very small quantity of this material much light can be created accompanied by a horrible fracas. It cannon barrels is possible with it to destroy a town or an army ... In order to nick cannon can i live produce this artificial lightning and thunder it is cannon fuse necessary to take saltpeter, sulfur, and Luru Vopo Vir Can Utriet". When he wrote an abridged version of this jill cannons work he mentions mrs. cannon gunpowder in a different way: The text goes like this: "As everyone potato cannons knows, you can take 7 parts of saltpeter, 5 parts of hazelwood charcoal and 5 parts canna lily of sulfur and that makes thunder and lightning, provided you know the art". He then cannon powershot goes on to describe firecrackers, "used in certain parts of the world". Bacon's mixture resembles the golf ball cannon assumed composition of chinese slow-burning powder as used in fire arrows and rockets, but will probably black powder cannon for sale not function well as cannon gunpowder - the saltpeter cannon 20d content is too low. The Norwegian "King's Mirror" (1260) mentions in its military chapter the use of cannon d "coal and sulphur" as the canna lillies best weapon to use in ship-to ship combat, and in 1298 the use of psychological-warfare gunpowder is described cannon usa being demonstrated to an interested christmas feast in the same kingdom. The earliest depiction of smoothbore cannon ball bronze-cast cannon, firing cannon printer driver a large arrow, first appears in a manuscript from 1326. The same year the council of Florence employ masters for the lil wayne cannon making of "large iron arrows and vulcan 30mm cannon balls and cannons of metal". An earlier Ghentian document mention cannon in 1313, but this reference is disputed atomic cannon by some scholars. The (possibly same) cannon appear in Scotland in black powder cannons 1327. Hand guns had probably been in use earlier - we have cited references to italian cannon copier scopettieri in 1281, mentioned cannon beach, or in conjunction with crossbowmen.

Overall, the spread of the military use of gunpowder technology seems to cannon scanner have been extremely rapid in the middle eastern and european region.

Usage Past the Medieval Age

The Jaivana cannon, cast in 1720, is the largest wheel mounted cannon in the potato cannon plans world.

Western guns during the 19th century became very massive, destructive, diane cannon more accurate, and covered a very long range how to make a cannon -such as the American 3 inch Wrought-Iron Muzzle-Loading howitzer used carbide cannon during the American Civil War with an effective range of over 1.83km.

The superior cannon technology of the Westerners in the later years mrs cannon would bring them tremendous advantages in warfare. For air cannon plans example, in the Opium War in China during the 19th century, the homemade cannon British battleships bombarded the coastal areas and fortifications safe from the reach of the cannon power shot Chinese cannon.

Modern cannon

paintball cannon
U.S. Navy sailors firing a 40 mm saluting cannon

A modern artillery piece is generally referred to either as a "gun", 60cm cannon gas cookers or by the name of its cannon remix specific type, such as a Howitzer.

Since World War II the term cannon is used to s'mores midwest of cannon falls refer to a gun of around 20 mm to 125 mm calibre, sometimes with an automatic loading action capable of cannon afb firing explosive ammunition, an auto-cannon.

Cannon in a Civil War re-enactment: The large amounts of gunpowder often affected visibility cannon plans significantly. Gunners hope for a strong wind that will cannon safe allow them to continue to see their target.

The minimum calibre of a cannon, cannon towels 20 mm, has been a de facto standard since WWII, when heavy pirate cannon machine guns of 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) and 13.2 mm calibre were used cannon beach hotels side by side with 20 mm and larger guns, the latter using explosive ammunition, e.g., RAF fighters with cannon in d major 20 mm Hispano cannon potatoe cannon and Luftwaffe with 20 mm and 30 mm cannon. The Bofors 40 mm gun and billy cannon Oerlikon 20 mm cannon are two examples largely used canna lilies during the Second World War, and still in usage today.

Most nations use 30mm vulcan cannon these modern (auto-) cannon on their lighter vehicles. Typical of the type is the 25 mm 'Bushmaster' cannon mounted on the LAV cannon 30d and Bradley armoured vehicles.

A cannon generally refers to a high velocity, low trajectory, direct cannon beach lodging fire weapon such as the main gun on most cannon copy machines modern main battle tanks.

A howitzer generally refers to a weapon using nick cannon dime piece a lower velocity than a cannon, which fires on a higher trajectory, and provides indirect fire.

These are both differentiated air cannons from a mortar, which fires a low velocity (by comparison) round cannon fax machine at very high trajectory at much more limited range.

Projectiles fired from cannon

Different types of cannon balls recovered from the pachabel cannon Vasa, sunk in 1628
Essential blackpowder cannon parts of a cannon: 1. the projectile or cannonball (shot) canna plant 2. gunpowder 3. touch hole (or vent) in which the fuse or other ignition device is inserted
Round shot 
A solid projectile made, in early times, cannon beach or from cannon design dressed stone but, by the 17th century, from iron. The most accurate projectile that could be fired by a smooth-bore cannon digital video camera cannon, used to batter the wooden hulls of opposing kittin cannon ships, forts, or fixed emplacements, and as a long-range anti-personnel weapon.
Chain shot or bar shot 
Two sub-calibre round build a potato cannon shot (a good deal smaller than the bore of the barrel) linked by a length of chain or cannon downrigger a solid cannon shot bar, and used to slash through the rigging and sails of an enemy ship so that it could no longer manoeuvre. It was replica cannons inaccurate and only used at close canna flower bulb range.
Canister shot (or case shot
An anti-personnel weapon which included canna flowers many small round shot or lead musket balls in a metal can, which broke up when fired, scattering the shot cannon firing throughout the enemy personnel, like a large shotgun.
An anti-personnel cannon for sale weapon, similar to canister shot, but with a can that was much more robust and which also contained a cannon mp3 fused explosive charge, trimmed to cannon rebel xti explode above the heads of the enemy, spreading shot and can fragments in the form of shrapnel over the enemy. First used in freddy cannon the 16th century as install cannon digital camera solution software a siege weapon fired from mortars, and later as a battlefield nick cannon mp3 weapon.
An anti-personnel weapon, similar to canister shot, but with the shot being contained in plans for a pvc air cannon a canvas bag, and generally of a larger calibre. So called because of the resemblance of the clustered shot in cannon beach rentals the bag to a cluster of grapes cannon s200sp printer install on the vine. In one variation of this, the shot was held home made cannon together by a coiled bar, and was spread by a fused charge in the same how to build a potato cannon way as a shell.
An incendiary/antipersonnel projectile designed to burn fiercely and produce poisonous fumes. It was constructed of an iron frame bound inn at cannon beach with sack cloth and filled with various ingredients model cannons such as pitch, antimony, sulphur, saltpeter, tallow and venetian turpentine. It was ignited by pachabel cannon in d the cannon's propellant charge, bursting on impact with the target and releasing noxious fumes pirate cannons while setting fire to its surroundings. pumpkin cannon It was effectively an early chemical weapon as well as an incendiary and area denial weapon.
Heated (or tennis ball cannon plans hot) shot 
A process where a solid iron cannonball is heated red hot 30mm cannon in a specially-designed coal-fired furnace and then is loaded in a muzzle-loading cannon, cushoned by cannon eos 5d a substantial thickness of wet wads, and is then fired while still red cris cannon hot, at flammable targets with the intention of setting them on loose cannons fire. This was a much advocated tactic (and many times a very successful one) for shore based blackpowder cannons forts defending against attacks by wooden build a black powder cannon warships. Examples of these small brick furnaces may still be seen at permanentely constructed pre-1860 forts in Europe and the United cannon digital cameras cannon digital cameras States. The adoption by most navies cannon rebel digital camera of iron hulled ships generally made these obsolete. The shot was investment fund company cannon street carried on a specially-designed iron barrow or 2-man litter and, in the era of blackpowder cannon charges contained in cloth bags, occasioned much fanfare jessica cannon and notice as slr digitial camera cannon with photo printer it was conveyed to the cannon muzzle as the red-hot projectile would easily ignite any carelessly handled loose buddy cannon powder. Any reckless or somewhat dangerous cannon camcorders individual who seemed to draw trouble to themselves and those around them was referred to as a "Hot Shot", giving rise to the cannon ink term in common use to this day.

The cannon in music

The cannon can be cannon mountain used as a kind of percussion instrument in certain pieces of music. chris cannon The compressed air cannon best known example is the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, which should properly be played using an artillery section together with the orchestra. It is supposed confetti cannon to simulate the full size cannon civil war Battle of Borodino. The version using cannon fire was first laid down on giant air cannon a recording by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra in the 1950s. Subsequent homemade cannons similar recordings have been made by other groups, exploiting the advances in audio technology. Cannon fire is used annually on the Fourth of July naval cannon by the Boston Pops during their annual concert revolutionary war cannon on the shores of the Charles River and by where to buy 30mm cannon ammunition the National Symphony Orchestra during their annual concert on the steps of the can i live nick cannon US Capitol Building.

The hard rock band AC/DC also use cannon in their song For those about cannon balls to rock, we salute you. The album of the same also features a cannon on its cover.

Due to their cannon fire protection impracticalities, cannon are used for only grand, theatrical pieces, often with a military cannon flatbed scanners theme. In the cannon fodder pc download case of the 1812, the cannon may be replaced with bass drums. Less cannon lenses frequently strongly accented snare drum diminuendos can be heard.


Tsar Cannon, the largest howitzer ever made, by Andrey Chokhov.
  • The World's Great Artillery (2002), Hans Halberstadt. cannon video cameras ISBN 0-7607-3303-1

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christina milian and nick cannon
A Lego Cannon


  • U.S. Patent 5236 -- Casting ordnance
  • U.S. Patent 6612 -- Cannon
  • U.S. Patent colt cannon 13851 how to build a cannon -- Muzzle loading ordnance

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