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Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car? 

Wellsville Daily Reporter - 44 minutes ago
(ARA) - The next time you're in the market for a new car should you buy or lease? It all depends on your personal needs. If you need to improve your credit status and have high mileage-per-year needs, buying may be the way to go.

Marking territory for a room of his own 
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier - 38 minutes ago
Barrie Maguire is crazy about his garage. But not as a place to park his car. He uses the tiny structure, which he has transformed with a skylight, as a painting studio --- minimally decorated with some of his portraits, his art equipment, and some garage-sale finds.

Hidden victims of a brutal conflict: Iraq's women 
Mail and Guardian - 13 minutes ago
They came for Dr Khaula al-Tallal in a white Opel car after she took a taxi home to the middle class district of Qadissiya in Iraq's holy city of Najaf. She worked for the medical committee that examined patients to assess them for welfare benefit.

CU Team to Build a Self-Driving Car for City Streets 
PhysOrg - Oct 06 7:05 AM
Last year, the goal was to build a vehicle that could drive itself, without human intervention, across 132 miles of desert with unpaved roads, ditches, berms, sandy ground, standing water, rocks and boulders, narrow underpasses, construction equipment, concrete safety rails, power line towers, barbed wire fences and cattle guards. Compared with this year, that was a piece of cake.

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These are fictional and real vehicles that have appeared in the animated television series The Simpsons.

Most of these vehicles are build a bar featured in the game "Simpsons Road Rage" build a car online which is on multiple gaming systems.


  • 1 Family build a kit car cars
    • 1.1 Homer's sedan
    • 1.2 Marge's red station wagon
    • 1.3 Canyonero
    • 1.4 Mr. build a car Plow
    • 1.5 The Homer
    • 1.6 The build a ho slot car track Run-Down RV
    • 1.7 The Nice RV
    • 1.8 Ambulance
    • 1.9 Homer's how to build a professional grade speaker box for cars old coupe
    • 1.10 The how to build a slot car track Honor Roller
    • 1.11 Ferrini - Red
  • 2 Other build a dream car characters' vehicles
    • 2.1 Willy's tractor
    • 2.2 Willy's other car
    • 2.3 Patty how to build a remote control car and Selma's car
    • 2.4 Kremlin
    • 2.5 Plow build a car online games King
    • 2.6 Moe's sedan
    • 2.7 Li'l how to build a car hauler trailer Bandit
    • 2.8 Otto's Bus
    • 2.9 Mystery Machine
    • 2.10 Troy build a car virtual McClure's De Lorean
    • 2.11 Apu's Trans Am
    • 2.12 Zombie build a car trailer Car
    • 2.13 Book-Burning Mobile
    • 2.14 Fat how to build a car pc Tony's Stutz Bearcat
  • 3 Mr. how to build a car Burns' vehicles
    • 3.1 Stutz Bearcat
    • 3.2 Lamborgotti Fasterossa
    • 3.3 Mr. how to build a soap box car Burns' Limo
  • 4 Real-life car gags
    • 4.1 AMC build a 5th wheel car trailer Gremlin
    • 4.2 Bentley
    • 4.3 BMW
    • 4.4 BMW build a virtual car Mini
    • 4.5 Cadillac CTS
    • 4.6 Chevrolet how to build a mousetrap car Monte Carlo
    • 4.7 DeLorean DMC-12
    • 4.8 Dodge Caravan
    • 4.9 Dodge how to build a rc car how to build a soapbox derby car Charger
    • 4.10 Ferrari F40
    • 4.11 Fiat measurements to build a car trailer X1/9
    • 4.12 Formula One racecar
    • 4.13 Ford Contour
    • 4.14 Ford Crown Victoria
    • 4.15 Ford how do you build a electric car Mustang
    • 4.16 Geo how to build a mouse trap car Metro
    • 4.17 Honda Accord
    • 4.18 Honda Odyssey
    • 4.19 Hummer
    • 4.20 Hyundai
    • 4.21 Jaguar
    • 4.22 Lamborghini build a self propelled car how to build a demolition derby car Gallardo
    • 4.23 Mercedes-Benz
    • 4.24 Mercury how to build a rubber band car Cougar
    • 4.25 Merkur
    • 4.26 Packard
    • 4.27 Pontiac build a ev car Trans Am
    • 4.28 Porsche
    • 4.29 Stock car
    • 4.30 Rolls-Royce
    • 4.31 Stutz build a free flash car website Bearcat
    • 4.32 Toyota how to build a electric car Camry
    • 4.33 VW Beetle
    • 4.34 Volvo
    • 4.35 Yugo
  • 5 Truck-o-Saurus
  • 6 See build a car games build a race car games also

Family cars

Homer's sedan

Homer Simpson drives a pink sedan. how to build a drag car In "The Great Louse Detective", we find out that Homer's car was made in Croatia out of old how to build a fast mousetrap car Soviet tanks. Some believe that Homer's car is a Yugo because of that build a car stereo system mention of Croatia, though it is clearly not a Yugo, as a program that allows your to build car there is not a how to build a car trailer big sedan in the Yugo line and Yugos are not made in a program that allows your to build your own car Croatia. It does, however, bear a vague resemblance to a Soviet car, the GAZ Volga M24. Homer´s car represents build a car trailer for bicycles the typical big American car, but is not any specific build a fast pinewood derby car model. The back of his car closely resembles a mid-1980's Cadillac Brougham; the side and build a hybrid car front allude to a generic early 1970s design. It comes build a muscle car design equipped with an 8-track cartridge player, called a 'Trackstar'. Homer's build a pedal car Vehicle registration plate is 3FJP24. The left front fender is crumpled, and the antenna is build a remote control car bent in several places. In the build a remote controlled car free series opening, Homer's car is a two-door with round taillights. It resembles build a stereo for my car 1973 Cadillac DeVille:[1] The car also has bench seats in the front and back, how to build a fuel economy car forum alluding to the fact that it is not a very good car. Sky One's live-action how to build a pedal car re-enactment of the play games build a car internet game opening in 2006 used a brown Lada Riva for Homer's car, a model that was never offered for a website that you can build your own drag car sale in the United States.

Marge's red station wagon

Marge is believed to own a Chrysler, build a car computer program judging by the build a car game star on the hood ornament. However, the sloping tailgate and round taillights in the rear bumper are identifying features of the 1973-77 General build a car on a website Motors B-body wagons, particularly the Chevrolet Chevelle, as is the frameless build a cool car glass in the doors and the general appearance of build a steam powered car the front (although on Marge's how much does it cost to build a hybrid car car, this part is almost generic). Defining features of her station wagon include its red color and roof racks. According to Homer in how to build a 5th wheel car trailer "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)", Marge's car was made in Guatemala. Adding to the likelihood how to build a race car of the car being a Chrysler, and like Homer's car, how to build a self service car wash Marge's station wagon is meant build a car subwoofer box to be generically representative of the big American cars popular throughout build a car website the 1960s and 1970s. It resembles a 1977 AMC Hornet Station Wagon:[2]

Confusingly, Marge's car is a sedan in both versions of the build a electric car opening of the show. Sky One's live-action reconstruction build a electric cars of the opening used a red Volvo 240 sedan for the build a fast cool hot car car.


The Canyonero, as seen in The Simpsons build a new car online Hit & Run.

The Canyonero is a giant SUV in games build a car The Simpsons. At least one model is 12 yards long how to build a car port and 2 lanes wide, smells like a steak how to build a car trailer blueprints and seats 35 according to the episode "The Last Temptation of Krust". Most likely due to its weight of 65 tons, it how to build a compressed air powered car gets absolutely terrible gas how to build a self propelled model car mileage (Rainier Wolfcastle remarked that it gets "1 highway, 0 city"). Krusty The Klown is the Celebrity in how to build a toy car the adverts, personally endorsing it. According to the advertisement, "The Federal Highway how to build a wireless remote control car Commission has build a car from scratch ruled the Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving". The Canyonero seems to be plagued by build a car hauler dolly deck trailer 16 plans unexplained fires, but that's a matter for the courts.

The Canyonero is equipped with a GPS, build a car online 3d graphics 4-wheel drive, a power moonroof and a running board build a cartoon car for kids for free that automaticaly retracts into the underbody of the vehicle, similar to that of a Lincoln Navigator. The build a mouse trap powered car Canyonero also makes an build a new car appearance in the episode "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"" as the build a street car game Canyonero F-series, targeted at women. Homer buys this thinking it's for men. He gets wolf whistles from Lenny Leonard and Carl build a trail car Carlson. The Canyonero appears to be modeled after a build a vritual race car Jeep Wagoneer, however, the outlandish claims of the car being 2 lanes wide seems to reflect cost to build a hybrid car the Hummer H1, though the two vehicles look very different. Its luxurious how to build a car bicycle carrier and spacious qualities reflect the British Range how to build a car rotisserie Rover. The Canyenero is a cross between a Hummer H1 Alpha, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon how to build a model compressed air powered car Denali XL, Cadillac Escalade, and Ford Excursion.

Mr. Plow

In the how to build a radio controlled car episode "Mr. Plow", Homer goes to a car show and is talked how to build a remote control car from scratch into buying a snow plow by the salesman, because he can pay off how to build a self propelled car the debt by plowing driveways and streets. Homer starts how to build a self propelled model car book his snow plow business as "Mr. Plow" (with the help of how to build a soapbox car a late-night ad) and becomes a success, even being given a key to the city. At the end, after instructions on how to build a co2 car a confrontation with Barney, the snow in Springfield melts kids party build a car and Homer's plow is repossessed. The plow a website that lets you build a car the way is mentioned several times in later episodes, including "Skinner's Sense of Snow". Homer buys the truck build a car games online from a Komatsu motors stand at a motor build a car pc games show, and has it reposessed after failing to pay it build a mouse trap race car off. (This also helped the writers get rid of the truck to ward build a radio control car of those wondering why it wouldn't be in future episodes.)

The Homer, as build a soapbox derby car seen in The Simpsons Hit & build a solar car Run.

The Homer

In "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", Homer finds how can i build a self propelled car out he has a half-brother, Herb Powell, who owns a car how to build a car garage company. His brother asks him to build a car for the average how to build a drag strip for slot cars man. Homer orders the design team to include three horns that how to build a drift car play "La Cucaracha", shag carpeting, bubble domes, extremely large cupholders, and a separate how to build a hybrid electric car compartment with restraints and muzzles for the children. The design team create a slightly odd-looking, but still how to build a hydrogen powered car respectable design from Homer's specifications, only for Homer to reject the plans out how to build a junk yard race car of hand and replace them with his own design. The resulting how to build a kit car vehicle, The Homer, is absurd and way too how to build a rally car expensive ($82,000) for the average man to afford. The spectacular failure runs Powell into the ground, forcing him how to build a rat trap propelled car to sell his company, declare bankruptcy, and live on the street.

The Run-Down RV

In "The how to build a soap box derby race car Call of the Simpsons", Homer buys a motorhome at Bob's RV Round-Up after seeing Flanders how to build a solar powered car show off his new top-of-the-line model. However, Homer can only afford a run-down, dilapidated how to build a street racing car model after his credit score is very low. Nevertheless, Homer purchases it, crams the RV full of items program that lets you build a virtual car and takes the family on a camping expedition. After losing build a car web site his way, Homer promptly drives build a custom car the overloaded RV to the edge of a large ravine, and the family is barely able build a hydrogen powered car to escape before it teeters over the edge and plunges to build a muscle car online the bottom, where it is destroyed.

The Nice RV

In "Mobile Homer", Homer buys this top of the build a wind powered car free for kids build a car for fun line recreational vehicle after getting into a fight with Marge. He spends the family's entire life savings on the vehicle. He lives in how to build a car made of lego this during the fight with Marge. In order to force their parents to how to build a chevy nova street strip car talk, Bart and Lisa steal the RV to return it how to build a fiberglass car to the dealership, but how to build a fuel efficient car forum end up driving it onto a Turkish container ship leaving the dock. After Marge gets the ship how to build a gas powered remote control car to stop with her offering of how to build a muscle car Mushroom soup, Homer puts the RV on the dock, which collapses under the weight, causing the how to build a sap box car RV to drop into the ocean.

Like the first motorhome the family owned, Homer purchases this RV from Bob's how to build a self propelled rubber band car RV Round-Up.


After Homer gets fired from his job for driving his how to build a sports car car into the Nuclear Power Plant during inspection day in how too build a steet stock race car "Diatribe of a specific performance to build a customized car Mad Housewife", Homer is forced go job hunting so he at least step by step to build a mousetrap car has a new job when Marge finds out he was fired from this one. He takes a job at a used car dealership, build a american muscle car which he build a budget drag car keeps for a few hours before noticing the used Ambulance out front. His build a car and race it games boss describes the ambulance to him as completely broken except for the siren. Once Homer build a car online virtual sees the siren, he is hooked. He quits that job and becomes an ambulance driver until the build a car simulation end of the episode. The final fate of the car is unresolved.

Young Homer driving his coupe build a custom car online in "The Way We Was"

Homer's old coupe

In several build a dirt track car flashback episodes including "The Way We Was" and "I Married build a fast mousetrap car Marge", Homer owned a green 2-door coupe that greatly resembles a Plymouth GTX [3]. It had an build a mouse trap car 8-track tape player and a bumper sticker that read "Disco Sucks". Homer put build a muscle car build a soap box derby car the car up for sale in "I Married Marge", but still has it in "Lisa's First Word". Shortly before using it as his build a solar race car "secret weapon" in Hit & Run, he says that he orginally build and buy a car said he sold it to pay how do you build a remote controll car for Bart's college, but he reveals that that was a lie, to which how to build a car battery charger Bart replies "(Chuckles) Yeah, tough luck! (Referring to himself)"

The Honor Roller

Built and designed by Martin Prince, in "Saturdays of Thunder", how to build a car trailer race car Bart races this Soap-box car against Nelson Muntz after Martin breaks his arms in the how to build a champ car qualifying race. Bart chooses to race with how to build a demolition durby car it after his Soap-box car, Li'l Lightning (built by he and Homer) fails to how to build a fast car reach the finish line. With the Honor Roller and encouragement from Homer how to build a fast pinewood derby car he is able to beat Nelson in the competition. It's Bart's default vehicle how to build a fuel economy car in both The Simpsons Road Rage and Hit & Run.

Bart in how to build a locost 7 kit car the Ferrini - Red

Ferrini - how to build a modelcompressed air powered car Red

A sports car, given to Bart by Mr. Burns in "Burns' Heir". In that episode, it remains how to build a rubberband lego car unnamed, but in The Simpsons Hit & Run, it is how to build a single car garage baptized as Ferrini (pun on Ferrari). In the how to build a solar power toy car with household materials episode Trilogy of Error, Rainier Wolfcastle is seen driving an italian sports car which resembles how to build a solar powered car without a motor a Ferrari F40.

Other characters' vehicles

Willy's tractor

Groundskeeper Willie is often seen driving instructions on how to build a model car a red tractor – supposedly a Willys instructions on how to build a mouse trap car – with the yellow word "Willy" emblazoned with go faster stripes across the side ways to build a trailer to pull behind a car of the vehicle. IT is a program that allows your to build own car 1950 Massey-Ferguson.

Willy's other car

When Principal Skinner tries to win back Edna, he takes Willy's hi-tech car which was build a car bodykits and neon lights a yellow, rear-wheel drive Ferrari-inspired build a car book scott killen sports car.

Patty and Selma's car

Patty and Selma are usually seen driving a green Volkswagen Thing convertible.


Comic Book Guy's build a car garage car is a green Kremlin (based of the build a car lift AMC Gremlin) which is in poor condition, with several bumper stickers (one reading 'My Other Car Is build a car online game The Millennium Falcon') and garbage bags for build a demolition derby car "tinted" windows. We see these build a dream car online stickers ruined in an episode when he takes it for a carwash, and the attendant does not understand his specific cleaning instructions.

Plow King

In the episode "Mr. Plow", Barney build a gm car buys a large plow truck to compete build a gravity car with Homer's snow plowing business, Mr. Plow. Homer sends Barney and his purple truck onto a dangerous mountain for a build a motorcycle with car fake snow plowing job. Later, Homer feels build a mousetrap car instructions guilty and rescues him from an avalanche. Barney is seen driving his plow build a rubber band powered car once again in Miracle on Evergreen Terrace.

Moe's sedan

Moe's car build a sports car is very run down and features a large, pink "rubber hippie daisy" on the hood. In build a virtual 3 d car "Dumbbell Indemnity", Moe devises a plan where Homer will steal Moe's car and build a virtual car online destroy it on the train tracks to make money from the insurance build an electric car with a fork lift motor for his girlfriend, Renee. Homer steals the car but stops to see how can i build a solar-powered model car a drive-in movie and misses the train. Homer switches to another plan and sinks the how do you build a rubber band propelled car how to build a 6 second car car to the bottom of the lake. The cops are watching him the how to build a bracket car entire time, and he goes to jail.

Li'l Bandit

Li'l Bandit, as seen how to build a car chassis in The Simpsons Hit & Run.

In the episode how to build a car engine "Realty Bites", Homer buys Snake's impounded 1967-68 Pontiac Firebird, which Snake affectionately calls Li'l Bandit, at a police auction. how to build a car for under In "The Simpsons Hit & how to build a car frame Run", Li'l Bandit is a 1969 Dodge Charger convertible and has a painting of a snake how to build a car from scratch on the sides. In a Simpsons comic, it is how to build a car lift revealed Li'l Bandit actually has propellor-topped wings (similar to how to build a car out of trash Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) in concealed compartments. When he used how to build a car subwoofer box them he comments "[He] always wanted to try these things". However, this how to build a car website may not be considered canon. And of course, she needs Premium, Dude! Premium! Duuude!

Otto's Bus

The school bus commonly seen taking the kids to school. Otto drives it recklessly, and it had how to build a derby car been damaged many times.

Mystery Machine

In the episode The Father, The Son, and The Holy how to build a dwarf car Guest Star, Reverend Lovejoy drives a van identical to the Mystery Machine from the how to build a foam car body Scooby Doo series, with Ned Flanders and Marge Simpson riding. how to build a free toy model race car They use the vehicle to kidnap Bart and convert him back to their faith.

Troy McClure's De Lorean

In the how to build a hydrogen car episode "A Fish Called Selma" the washed-up how to build a mini car B-movie star Troy McClure drives a De how to build a project car Lorean DMC-12, which gives Chief Wiggum an uppercut. Later in the episode at Troy and how to build a self propelled toy car Selma's wedding they drive away in the same car with strings of tin cans and confetti how to build a soap box derby car in tow.

Apu's Trans Am

Apu's car is a red 1977–81 Pontiac Trans Am T-top, how to build a soapbox durby car with the "Flaming Chicken" emblem on the hood. Apu how to build a solar power car can be seen washing his car in "Two Bad Neighbors,", and picking up the

The Zombie Car, occupied by the Mutants.

ladies of springfield how to build a stash box for your car in The how to build speakers for a car Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons and it is also in The Simpsons Hit & Run (under the name "Longhorn," but how to build your own car at home from a kit yellow and with a bull on the hood).

Zombie Car

This car was instructions on how to build a remote control car used by the mutants in Treehouse of Horror VIII in The First Mini-episode, The Homega instructions to build a mouse trap car Man and is also used in The Simpsons manuals on how to build a wireless remote control car Hit and Run.

Book-Burning Mobile

In "They Saved Lisa's Brain", Reverend Lovejoy pulls materials to build a mouse trap car up in front Lisa supplies needed to build a mousetrap car and speaks to her. He asks if she has any suggestions for his "book mobile." She where can i build a rally car suggests some, after which Lovejoy pulls up, further revealing the side of his van to say "The Book Burning Mobile." He then speeds away, thanking Lisa for her suggestions. This vehicle is his default vehicle for Road Rage and is available in Hit & Run.

Fat Tony's Stutz Bearcat

Fat Tony's Stutz Bearcat.

In "'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" Bart is looking to be cool by stealing a hood ornament. After seeing that every car had been "harvasted" he saw Fat Tony's Car with a gold hood ornament and vowed to get it. It's white with an adjustable roof.

Mr. Burns' vehicles

Stutz Bearcat

Mr. Burns, Homer and Mr. Smithers make their getaway in Burns' maroon 1916 Stutz Bearcat in "The Trouble With Trillions," although Chief Wiggum believes that it's really more of a burgundy. Also, in "The Italian Bob," Burns' Bearcat breaks down, prompting him to send The Simpsons to Italy to pick up his new Lamborgotti Fasterossa.

Lamborgotti Fasterossa

Meant to be a typical Italian supercar, the Lamborgotti Fasterossa closely resembles the Lamborghini Gallardo and recalls the Ferrari Testarossa name. The Simpsons were sent to Italy by Mr. Burns to pick up his new red Fasterossa, but their tour of Italy is cut short by a flying Mortadella in "The Italian Bob." It is unknown whether Mr. Burns ever received the car.

Mr. Burns' Limo

He is often seen with an old fashioned purple limo in the phaeton body style, and inside he has his own mace. In "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" he says the car is a Bugatti Sexsarossa, yet again a name derived from the Ferrari Testarossa.

Real-life car gags

AMC Gremlin

Hans Moleman had one of these in "Treehouse of Horror IV", and Comic Book Guy has had one in most episodes of the series, though in The Simpsons: Hit and Run, it is called a Kremlin. Moleman can be seen driving a Ford Contour in another episode. In a flashback episode, Marge Simpson owned one when she was dating Homer.


In "C.E. D'oh," the teacher of the Successmanship 101 class has a Bentley Mk XII (made up car looks like a Bentley Continental). He says that only two were made, the other was for Steven Spielberg, and the car's maker was shot after they were built.

Rob Reiner drives a Bentley Corniche convertible through L.A. on the videotape Los Angeles sends to "Pro Football" in "Million Dollar Abie."

Jason Bateman has the wheels stolen off his Bentley in a promo for the show Chop Shop in "Home Away From Homer."

Homer feigns interest in purchasing a Bentley Corniche convertible to get a free spa trip in "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily."


An E36 BMW 3 Series sedan passes Bart and Lisa's RV in "Mobile Homer."

Astrid Weller has a black E34 BMW 5 Series in "Mom and Pop Art."

BMW Mini

The Simpsons rent the Mini from "'ertz" UK. Homer later crashes it into the carriage of Queen Elizabeth II after getting stuck on a roundabout ("The Regina Monologues").

Cadillac CTS

Chloe Talbot has a silver Cadillac CTS-V in "She Used to Be My Girl."

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

A 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is seen when Homer and Bart walk down Evergreen Terrace in "Two Bad Neighbors".

DeLorean DMC-12

See Troy McClure.

Dodge Caravan

Mel Gibson's minivan in "Beyond Blunderdome", which Homer mistakes for a Toyota Previa. Often used whenever a minivan is mentioned in the Simpsons. Zack in "The Old Man and the Key" appears to have a new model, while in The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Shelbyville Nonuplets are in an older (pre-1991) model.

Dodge Charger

See Li'l Bandit. Possibly also Homer's old coupe.

Ferrari F40

When Homer cuts off his thumb in "Trilogy of Error," Marge and he steal Ranier Wolfcastle's Ferrari F40. When Homer stops at Moe's Tavern, Marge takes Lisa to school in the Ferrari.

Fiat X1/9

Fiat-Bertone X1/9.

In multiple episodes, including Monty Can't Buy Me Love, there is a transitional shot of a residential neighborhood street which features a passing glance at a red & black Fiat-Bertone X1/9 parked curbside. This is a reference to a heavily overused piece of production studio stock footage, which included such an X1/9, that has shown up in numerous unrelated television sitcoms, from the late '80s through early '90s, as a passing shot to the interior of someone's home.

Formula One racecar

Bart might sell his soul for a Formula One racecar in "Treehouse of Horror IV." It appears in The Simpsons Hit and Run

Ford Contour

Hans Moleman drives one that Marge runs off the road with the Canyonero in "Screaming Yellow Honkers."

Ford Crown Victoria

  • Cheif Wiggum's Police Car Is 1990 Ford Crown Victoria.
  • In the episode Bart on the Road, Bart rents what looks like a Crown Vic for his trip to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ford Mustang

For at least "one sweet summer," Moe owns a light blue 1964.5–1966 Ford Mustang in "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story."

In Last Exit to Springfield, Abe and Jasper are driving a black, early-90s Ford Mustang convertible when they are carjacked by two gun-yielding women who order the men to take them to Dress Barn.

Geo Metro

Ned Flanders replaces his crushed car in "Homer Loves Flanders" with a Geo, supposedly a Metro. Later in the episode, when Homer is chasing them down (a sequence which itself is a parody of a sequence in Terminator 2), Maude cries for Ned to "drive faster." He responds with "I can't, it's a Geo!" Flanders still has it in "Skinner's Sense of Snow", "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife", and "Home Away From Homer". In "Skinner's Sense of Snow," the car is destroyed when Homer and Ned attempt to use it as a snow plow.

Honda Accord

In "Lisa's Date with Density", Superintendent Chalmers shows off his "new" 1979 Honda Accord to Principal Skinner. However, he gets upset when he finds out that the "H" emblem on the front of his car has been stolen (which is later found in Nelson Muntz's locker.)

Honda Odyssey

In "Tales from the Public Domain", Homer remembers the Honda Odyssey van he rented once. "That mini-van had the biggest cup holders. And change slots for every coin. From penny to quarter."


Rainier Wolfcastle drives a Hummer H1 in "The Bart Wants What it Wants. When Homer asks him what mileage it gets, Wolfcastle replies "One highway, zero city."


Also seen in "Lisa's Date with Density," Chalmers and Skinner try to obtain a new "H" by in turn stealing one off of school bully Kearney's Hyundai, but are caught in the act before they can become successful.


In "Mom and Pop Art" when Homer introduces Moe to the Euro Trash there is a green XJS parked outside Moe's Tavern.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Mr. Burns' Lamborgotti Fasterossa looks like the Gallardo.


One of Dr. Julius Hibbert's cars is a green Mercedes-Benz G500, which he is seen driving in the episode "I, D'oh-Bot".

Kent Brockman is seen washing his car, a blue, late-90s Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan in the opening credits of "Eye on Springfield."

Marge's old high school friend Evelyn Peters drives a white, early-90s Mercedes-Benz E-Class station wagon in the episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield".

The young German man who reclaims his family's stolen art at the end of "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" drives off in a white Mercedes-Benz SL500.

In "Burns' Heir" Bart is driving bumper cars with other kids. The car that Bart is driving is modelled after a Mercedes-Benz W108, which he crashes into another bumper car modelled after a 2003 Lexus LS 430. The other kid's bumper car crumples and airbags deploy, but Bart's Mercedes is hardly dented (He used the Mercedes' hood ornament like the crosshairs on a gun's scope).

In "Weekend at Burnsie's", a high Homer Simpson is seen driving his new black Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible into his driveway after he lands a job as Executive Vice President at the nuclear power plant.

Mercury Cougar

In Black Widower, Sideshow Bob drives a late 1980's model Mercury Cougar.


Principal Skinner had one in "Fat Man and Little Boy" and "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Guest Star." In both cases, he mispronounces the name as "Mur-KYUR" as opposed to "Mare-Coor."


When Homer, Burns, and Smithers arrive in Cuba to avoid arrest, in The Trouble With Trillions, Mr. Burns is impressed by seeing a "new" Packard in Cuba. The car is a generic car from the 1950s parodying the fact that it is not uncommon to see automobiles from that era still in use in Cuba.

Pontiac Trans Am

See Apu's Trans Am.


Krusty the Clown drives a white Porsche 911 in Insane Clown Poppy.

Stock car

Bart gets to ride in two-time Fast Car champ Clay Babcock's stock car in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddly."


In the episode the "The Joy of Sect," the Leader is seen driving around the cult's compound in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI while his followers are toiling harvesting lima beans. While Lisa considers this an example of exploitation on the part of the Leader, Homer is mainly concerned that the Leader did not "buy American."

Stutz Bearcat

See Mr. Burns' vehicles. Also see Fat Tony's Stutz Bearcat(right).

Toyota Camry

Superintendent Chalmers is seen driving a yellow Camry of early 1990's vintage in "Fat Man and Little Boy," suggesting that he traded in his 1979 Accord. Otto, attempting another stunt with the bus, totals it. The next season, Skinner gets his own 1997 model.

VW Beetle

Like Volvos, Volkswagen Beetles can be seen on the Simpsons (for a complete collection of Volkswagen-sightings on the Simpsons, see [4]). The very tall man has one in "22 Short Films About Springfield," saying it was the largest car he could afford. Also, Kearney has an older one in Marge Simpson in: Screaming Yellow Honkers, and a New Beetle was seen in the background in one scene in The Lastest Gun In The West.


Occasionally in later episodes, a Volvo can be seen going by on The Simpsons. To recognize one, look for a diagonal line on the grille. Some sightings of Volvos:

  • Julius Hibbert drives a silver Volvo 850 in "My Sister, My Sitter". When complimenting Lisa on her babysitting skills, he says, "I only wish my Volvo mechanic was as reliable."
  • Tab Spangler drives a white Volvo V70 in "The Heartbroke Kid."
  • Agnes Skinner is seen getting out of one in "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)" outside of Moe's
  • Two pass by Thomas Pynchon in "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife".
  • Gil drives one in "I, D'oh-Bot"
  • One almost kills Ralph in "Bye Bye Nerdie."
  • When Bart worries that he and Lisa will be employed as crash test dummies in "Bart-Mangled Banner", Lisa prays: "Please be Volvo".
  • Probably one of the oldest Volvo sightings, in the episode "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie". When Maggie is driving the car, a Volvo is seen behind her.
  • In the live action Simpsons opening sequence used in "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife," [5] Marge drives a Volvo 240 sedan.
  • The commissioner of "Pro Football" drives a Volvo to Springfield in "Million Dollar Abie."
  • In Bart's Comet, when they throw rocks at the balloon to make it come down, they hit Principal Skinner's car instead, probably a Volvo 740 or maybe a Volvo 240.
  • In "The Italian Bob", Francesca, Sideshow Bob's wife drives a Volvo, type unknown.


Some people believe that Homer owns a Yugo, based on a one-time reference to his car being made in Croatia. This rumor has spread to Marge's car as well. However, evidence on the show disproves that theory about Marge's car, and keep in mind that the Yugos sold in the United States were hatchbacks only. Anyway, just looking at those cars, anyone will realize they are not Yugos, and that the Croatian connection (remember, Zastavas and Yugos are not made in Croatia) is just one of the program´s jokes.

In one episode, Homer Simpson test drives a car from a country that the dealer tells him "no longer exists", but the car "gets 300 hectares to a tank of kerosene." As Homer attempts to push-start the car, the dealer shouts: "Put it in 'H'!" In the Serbian language (officially written in the Cyrillic alphabet), the word for 'Neutral' is 'Neutralan'. In Cyrillic, the word would be written "Неутралан" with an H, which does indeed look exactly like a Roman H. This fact is also used in Murder on the Orient Express. This effectively proves that the car is from a country using the Cyrillic alphabet. However, all Yugos sold in the United States had manual transmission only, so "Neutral" would not be marked.



Truck-o-Saurus has the appearance of a bi-pedal dinosaur created out of trucks. It has talons for grabbing and damaging other vehicles, as well as flamethrowers which give it the ability to breathe fire.

Truck-o-Saurus made its first appearance in the episode "Bart the Daredevil". When Bart Simpson and Homer Simpson see an advertisement for a Monster Truck Rally prominently featuring Truck-o-Saurus, they convince the rest of the Simpsons family to attend as a family event. After first attending Lisa's recital, the family drives to the Monster Truck Rally and has difficulty finding parking. Unwittingly, they mistake the entrance-way to the main arena for the Monster Truck Rally as a suitable parking spot. Truck-o-Saurus subsequently damages the Simpsons family car severely, but they are compensated for the damage afterwards.

Truck-o-Saurus also makes a brief appearance in the episode "Marge vs. the Monorail". While watching television, Homer sees an advertisement for Truck-o-Saurus: The Movie, starring Marlon Brando as John Truckasaurus (celebrity voice impersonated). Truck-o-Saurus has the following line: "You crazy car, I don't know whether to eat you or kiss you."

It also appears in the Simpsons Hit and Run game.

Truck-o-saurus was inspired by the real life robotic dinosaur, Robosaurus.

See also

  • The Simpsons Hit & Run, a Simpsons game involving most of the cars mentioned.
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