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Blue Springs Wins Big in Snow Plow Rodeo 

Kansas City InfoZine - Oct 07 3:05 AM
Employees from the City of Blue Springs Public Works Department participated in the 19th Annual American Public Works Association (APWA) "Snow Plow and Equipment Rodeo." Several employees came out on top in their respective areas of expertise.

A New Pension Game 
New York Times - Oct 07 6:21 PM
Some retirement funds are quietly beginning to plow billions of dollars of little old ladies? pensions into supersized takeover deals.

Pastor makes Revelation 'Plain and Simple' 
East Valley Tribune - Oct 07 4:14 PM
Plow and plod through the 22 chapters of Revelation, the final and most confounding book of the Bible, and Pastor Jonathan MacKinney expects mysteries will remain mysteries and deep questions about end times will go unanswered.

Snow Plow Rodeo Provides Stiff Competition 
WCCO Minneapolis/St. Paul - Oct 04 5:45 PM
The forecast doesn't call for a big snowfall anytime soon but you'd never know that if you were in St. Cloud, Minn. Wednesday. More than 100 snow plow drivers competed in a plow rodeo. Watch The Video More Transportation News




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A pair blow of British Shire horses ploughing in the traditional way.

The plough (American low pow spelling: plow) is a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. Ploughs are plo also used plos by industry underseas, for the laying of cables, as well as preparing the earth for side-scan sonar in a process used in oil plov exploration.

The plough can be regarded as a plox development of the pick, or of the spade. Ploughs were plew initially pulled by humans, later by oxen, and later still in some countries, by horses. Modern ploughs are, in industrialized countries, powered by plaw tractors.

Ploughing has several beneficial effects. The major reason for ploughing is plow and hearth to turn over the upper layer of the soil. This may snow plow also incorporate the residue from the previous crop into the soil. Ploughing reduces the prevalence of weeds in snow plows the fields, and makes the soil more porous, easing later planting. Excessively deep plow ploughing or digging brings up subsoil and mixes subsoil with topsoil. This can western snow plow damage the atv plow soil.

The early German word before sound-shift is plug and in Old Prussian plugis. After plow & hearth the German sound shift (p = pf) it became the modern German word Pflug.


  • 1 History meyer snow plow of the plough
    • 1.1 Pre-Industrial western snow plows Revolution
    • 1.2 Post-Industrial Revolution
  • 2 The modern plough
  • 3 Soil erosion
  • 4 Plough antique plow parts
  • 5 Other steel plow uses
  • 6 See also
  • 7 References

History of the plough

Pre-Industrial Revolution

meyers snow plow
Ploughing with oxen. A miniature from an early-sixteenth-century manuscript of the Middle English poem God Spede plows ye Plough, held at the British Museum

When agriculture was ditch plow first developed, simple hand held digging sticks or hoes would have been used fisher snow plow in highly fertile areas, such as the banks of the Nile where the how to make a atv snow plow annual flood rejuvenates the soil, to create furrows wherein seeds could be sown. In order to regularly grow crops in less warn atv snow plow fertile areas, the soil suzuki atv snow plow must be turned to bring nutrients to the surface.

The domestication of oxen in Mesopotamia, perhaps as early as the 6th millennium atv snow plow blade BC, provided mankind with the pulling swisher atv snow plow power necessary to develop the plough. The very earliest atv snow plow part ploughs were simple scratch-ploughs and consisted of a frame holding a vertical wooden stick that was dragged through the topsoil.

These were much later developed atv snow plow accessory into mouldboard ploughs (American spelling: moldboard) that atv snow plow kit turned the soil in one run across the field, depositing the weeds and undecomposed remains of the previous crop under fisher snow plows the soil and raising the rain-percolated nutrients back to the surface. This plough western snow plow part also allowed honda atv snow plow for ploughing while the ground was wet. The water was drained due to channels formed snow plow equipment under the overturned earth. Despite a number of innovations, the Romans never achieved the heavy wheeled mouldboard plow, the first linguistic evidence for curtis snow plow the heavy wheeled moulded plow appears sometime before or in the 6th meyer snow plow part century with scattered Slavic groups.

Horse-drawn plough.

The mouldboard, walking plow carried below the frame, is tipped snow bear plow with a share (also called a ploughshare), an asymmetric arrow-shaped device designed to slice through the ground horizontally snow plow prices as it moves forward. It also has a coulter, a sharpened blade or myers snow plow disc, attached to the frame of jeep wrangler snow plow the plough to cut down through the ground, ahead of the share, and also to cut deepset and tough roots. A runner boss snow plow extending from behind the share to the rear of the plough controls john deere plow the direction of the plough, because it is held against the bottom land-side corner snow plow truck of jeep snow plow the new furrow being formed. The holding force is the weight of the sod, as it is raised and rotated, on the curved fisher plows surface of the moldboard. Because used snow plow of this runner, the mouldboard plough is harder to turn around than the scratch plough, and its introduction brought about a change in western plow parts the shape of fields -- from mostly square fields into snow plow blade longer rectangular "strips" (hence the introduction of the furlong).

The Girard (or tractor snow plow Gerard) plough was developed in the early 14th century in what is now snow plow mount Belgium by Girard de Liege. It used snow plow for sale was the first plough design to encompass the use of an iron blade.

The first commercially successful iron plough was the Rotherham plough, developed by Joseph lawn tractor snow plow Foljambe in Rotherham, England, in 1730. It was durable and light, and plow shares was skid steer snow plow engineered after the mathematical principles of James Small, who designed a mouldboard that would cut, atv snow plow lift and turn over the strip of earth. (All the major components of the Rotherham plough had been well known in suv snow plow China for millennia, and diffusion of technology potato plow from China, probably by the Dutch, is highly likely).

Post-Industrial Revolution

Yaks are used to plow fields in much of Asia.
A German farmer (ploughman or plowman) works the land with a hearth and plow horse and plough.

Steel ploughs were loader snow plow developed during the Industrial Revolution and were lighter and more durable than ploughs made of iron or snow plow manufacturer wood. The cast-steel plough was developed by U.S. blacksmith John Deere in the 1830s. By this time the atv snow plows hitch, to the draught animals, was adjustable hiniker snow plow so that the wheel at the front was held onto the ground. The first plow anchor steel ploughs were walking ploughs, having two handles held by the ploughman to provide a degree of snow plow accessory control over the depth and location snow plow game of the furrow behind the draughting force. The ploughman often was also controlling the draught animal(s). Riding ploughs with wheels and a steel plow patent seat for the operator came later, and often snow plow parts had more than one share.

A single steel plows draught horse can normally pull a single-furrow plough in clean, light, soil but in heavier soils used snow plow and nh two animals are needed, one walking on the land and one in the furrow. For ploughs arctic snow plow with two or more furrows, one or more horses have to walk on the loose, ploughed, sod -- and that boss snow plows makes hard going compact tractor snow plow for them. It is usual to rest such animals every half hour for about ten minutes.

Steam Ploughing

The advent snow plow part of the steam tractor allowed steam engines to pull ploughs. In Europe, counterbalanced wheeled units snow plow picture were drawn by cables across the fields by pairs of yamaha rhino snow plow Fowler engines. In America the firm soil of the Plains allowed direct pulling breaking plows with big Case, Reeves or Sawyer Massey breaking engines. Gang plows of up heavy duty snow plow to 14 bottoms were used. Often these nashville plow works big ploughs were used in regiments of engines, so that there would be snow plow light ten steamers each drawing a plough. In this way hundreds of acres could get turned over in a day. Only used snow plow in wisconsin steam engines had the power to western plows draw the big units. When gas engines appeared, they had neither the strength nor the ruggedness compared to the big steamers. Only by reducing the blizzard snow plow number of shares did the work get done.

The Stump-jump chisel plow plough is an Australian invention of the polaris snow plow 1870s, designed to cope with the breaking up of new farming land, that contains many tree stumps and rocks that snowsport snow plow would be very expensive to remove from paddocks. The plough uses a moveable weight to hold cable plows the ploughshare in position. When a tree car snow plow stump or other obstruction such as a rock is encountered, diamond snow plow part the ploughshare is thrown upwards, clear of the obstacle, to avoid breaking the harness or linkage of the fisher plow parts whole plough; ploughing can be continued when the weight is returned to the moose snow plow earth after the obstacle is passed.

A simpler system, developed later, uses a concave disk (or pickup snow plow a pair of them) set at a large angle rome plow to the direction of progress, that uses boss plows the concave shape to hold the disk into the soil -- unless something hard strikes fisher snow plow part the circumference of the disk, causing it to roll up and over the john deere snow plow obstruction. As the arrangement is dragged forward, the sharp edge of the disk cuts the moldboard plow soil, and the concave surface of the rotating disk lifts personal snow plow and throws the soil to the side. It doesn't make as good a job as the mouldboard plough (but this is not cub cadet snow plow considered a disadvantage, because it helps fight the new snow plow wind erosion), but it does lift and break up the soil.

The modern plough

A chisel snow plow ebay motor plough being pulled by a John Deere 8110 tractor.

Traditional ploughs can only turn the soil fisher snow plow nh over in one direction, as dictated by the shape of the mouldboard. The resulting method of traversing hester plow an entire field leads to the ridge and furrow effect seen in some ancient fields.

Modern ploughs history of the plow are reversible, small tractor snow plow having 2 sets of mouldboards: while one is working the land, the other is snow way plow carried upside-down in the air. During the cultivation process, hydraulics are used to turn over snowbear sb200 plow the entire implement at each end of the field so that the second set of moulboards can used snow plows be used. The field can then be traversed in ebay buy plow truck such a way as to keep the land level, avoiding ridges and furrows.

The modern reversible fisher snow plow parts plough is mounted on a tractor via a three-point hitch. meyer snow plows These commonly have sets of 2 up to 5 mouldboards, but semi-mounted ploughs, the lifting moldboard plow for compact tractors of which are supplemented by a wheel about half-way along its length, can have moose plow as many as 18. The hydraulic system of the tractor is used to lift and reverse the implement, as mr plow well as adjust furrow width and depth. The ploughman still plow horse has to set the draughting linkage plow truck pictures from the tractor so that the plough is carried at the proper angle in the soil. This angle and depth can be controlled boss plow automatically by modern bottom plows tractors.

A plough in action in South Africa. Notice the soil being dump truck snow plow turned over.

The goal for ploughing is to get the soil lose, enrich it with moline disc plow oxygen, get rid of unwanted plants and certain bacteria. The plants that get ploughed under decompose, and plow actuator lift serve as compost.

Soil erosion

One negative used rome disk plows for sale effect of plowing is to dramatically increase the western snow plow parts rate of soil erosion, both by wind and water, where soil is moved elsewhere on land or deposited in bodies of water, such as the curtis snow plows oceans. Plowing is thought to be a contributing diamond snow plows factor to the Dust Bowl in the US in the fisher plow 1930's. Alternatives to plowing, such as the no till method, have the potential furnishings plow and hearth bed skirts comforters to limit damage while still allowing farming.

Plough parts

  • Frame
  • Frog
  • Share (also called a plowshare or ploughshare)
  • Mouldboard
  • Runner
  • Landside
  • Shin
  • Trashboard
  • Handles
  • Hitch
  • Knife or coulter

On modern history of the steel plow ploughs and some older plow safety snow when working ploughs, the mouldboard is separate from the share and runner, allowing these parts to be replaced without replacing the mouldboard. Abrasion eventually rome disk plows destroys all parts of silt fence plow a plough that contact the soil.

Other uses

On a vehicle such as a tram, a plough is bombardier sidewalk plow for sale also the name commonly given to the pair cable plow of shoes, one pick-up and one return, both attached to a busbar, that draw power from a pair of live rails underneath john deere no.51 plow the road.

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