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October may be one of the best months for golf 

Gloucester Daily Times - Oct 07 6:51 AM
October in New England can be one of the best months to play golf. The spectacular foliage on the trees that line the courses and cover the surrounding mountain sides provide a visual pallet that never ceases to amaze.

Brambles expects solid growth in 2006/07 
The West Australian - Oct 06 7:05 PM
Brambles Industries says it expects its pallet distribution and data storage operations to continue to produce solid cash generation. In its annual report, Brambles chairman Don Argus said the pallet business, CHEP, was expected to deliver another good year of performance in 2006/2007.

Treasure hunters seek bounty of Kokoweef gold 
Contra Costa Times - Oct 08 3:06 AM
The earthen ridge rises 6,038 feet from scrub brush and sand, an unspectacular summit were it not for the legend: a river underneath, overflowing with gold.

Redemptive love glows in a ruined landscape 
The Oregonian - Oct 08 12:11 AM
"In the dawn there is a man progressing over the plain by means of holes which he is making in the ground.




- roxanne pallet

- electric pallet jack

A wooden pallet
A plastic pallet with nine legs, which ballet can be lifted from all four sides
For the fictional town in the Pokémon series pellet of games, named after an artist's palette, see Pallet Town.
A Pallet can also be a pallot small, hard, or temporary bed (a term heavily palet used in the southern United States to describe a makeshift bed consisting of a blanket and a pillow on pallett the floor).

A pallet is a flat transport structure made of wood palle or plastic (and in a palley few cases metal and paper) which can support a variety of goods in a stable fashion while being pallat lifted by any mobile forklift or other jacking device. The goods are placed on top of the pallet, and allet can be secured to it by straps or stretch-wrapped plastic film. A electric pallet jack pallet is sometimes colloquially called a skid, by back-formation from skid loader.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Standardization
    • 2.1 Dimensions
    • 2.2 Phytosanitary pallets Compliance
  • 3 Development pallet jack of Commercial Transport Packaging
  • 4 Evolution crown pallet jack of the Pallet
  • 5 Impact of Pallet on Rail electric pallet jacks Car Transport
  • 6 Pallet Construction
  • 7 Alternate uses
  • 8 Additional Reading
  • 9 External links
  • 10 See pallet jack safety also


A wing pallet

Today, over half a pallet racking billion pallets are manufactured each year and about two billion pallets are in use across the United pallet truck States alone. Over 90% of all pallets are made of wood, consuming close to 12% pallet of all the lumber produced in the United States.citation needed] Only hand pallet truck the residential home construction industry uses more wood.



Single- and pallet handling equipment Double-Decked Pallets

A Standard pallet measures 100 by 120 by 12 cm (slightly less than 40 inches electric pallet truck by 48 inches by 5 inches). It weighs 15 to 21 kilograms empty. Most paint pallet pallets can easily carry a load of 1,000 kg (about 2,000 lb). The gradual advent of pallet truck scale containers for the transport of nearly all goods used electric pallet jack has spurred the use of pallets because the containers always offer the clean, level hand pallet trucks surfaces needed to make pallet movement economical. The common ISO standard pallets also forklift pallet jack extensions fit neatly into common ISO containers, which in turn fit neatly on container ships, trains and trucks.

In Europe an EUR standard low profile pallet jack pallet is commonly used and measures 80 by 120 by 12 cm. It is pallet jacks also used pallet wrapper called a CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation - European Committee for Standardization) pallet and it is multi pallet handlers used mainly for retail business, its size having been determined by the internal dimensions of trucks making deliveries from warehouses to pallet racks kansas retail establishments.

In Australia, a standard pallet (either "Chep", "Loscam" or "Pink Pallets" is plastic pallet 1,165 mm x 1,165 mm square x 135 mm high with pallet trucks a surface area of 1.357225 m2 - most international shipping containers (TEU or pallet wrapping machines FEU) can accept these pallets. Australian pallets weigh between 23 kg for a steel pallet and 42 kg for a cleft pallet wooden pallet.

Phytosanitary Compliance

A stamp indicating an approved ISPM 15 compliant heat pallet wrappers treated pallet

Due to the International Plant Protection Convention (abbreviated IPPC), most pallets shipped across national borders color pallet must be made of materials that used pallet racking are incapable of being a carrier of invasive species of insects and plant diseases. The standards for these 463l pallets pallets is specified in ISPM 15.

Pallets made of raw untreated wood, are not compliant with ISPM 15. To comfort pallet be compliant the wood pallets pallets must be treated by either of the following means under the supervision of an approved agency.

  • Heat treatment power pallet trucks The wood must be heated to achieve a mininum core temperature of 56ºC for at pallet wrapper film least 30 minutes. Pallets treated via this method bear the initials HT by the patient support pallets IPPC logo.
A box pallet
  • Chemical fumigation The wood must be fumigated with methyl bromide. Pallets treated via this pallet stackers method bear the initials MB by the IPPC logo.

Pallets made of non pallet washer wood materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, or made of engineered wood products, such as plywood, oriented strand board, wood pallets and shipping platforms or cardboard do not need IPPC approval.

Development of Commercial Transport Packaging

Skids and pallets were slowly introduced throughout the early used pallet racks 20th century; wooden boxes, crates, barrels and kegs were pallet compost pile much more commonly used to unitize, protect, store and transport goods. The predecessor of the wooden pallet was the wooden skid, which inle distributor inle wholesaler pallet surp consisted of pallet conveyor stringers fastened to a top deck. It first appeared in American factories in conjunction with the low pallet jack parts lift truck. A crude low lift hand truck was metal pallets invented in 1887 and a more durable, all-steel low lift truck design was introduced in 1909.

The high pallet wrapper lift fork truck first appeared in 1915. With further modification presto pallet stacker in 1919, the truck could lift loads several feet high while other improvements included cantilever design and forks. The emergence of forks as well during wood pallet the same period enabled 463l pallet lift trucks to handle a much greater range of materials.

Another development was the new art pallet capability of the mast of the fork lift to tilt both forward and back, independent of the lifting mechanism. fireproof aluminum pallets These developments, along pallet inverter with the emergence of the double-faced pallet during the same time period, allowed for tiering of unit loads. As early as 1926, the essence pallet lift of the modern patient support pallets air force lift truck had been developed. Now, pallets no longer were simply a means of moving materials within the plant. High lift trucks made paving stone curing pallet possible vertical stacking aluminum shipping pallets of unit loads and a resulting dramatic improvement of warehouse and plant storage efficiencies.

Evolution of the pallet container Pallet

The pallet evolved in stages. Spacers were used between loads to pallet jack repair allow fork entry, progressing to the placement of boards atop stringers pallet scales to make skids. Eventually boards were fastened to the bottom to create the pallet. The addition of bottom boards on the skid, which pallet wrap appeared steel pallets by 1925, resulted in the pallet. With the bottom deck, several problems common to the usp pallet rack single faced skid were addressed. For example, the bottom boards provided better weight distribution wholesale pallet and reduced product damage; they also provided better stacking strength and rigidity. Lift truck manufacturers promoted the world pallet council idea of using more vertical area of a plant for stock storage.

Impact of Pallet on custom aluminum pallets Rail Car Transport

Pallets and forklifts also provided much euro pallet quicker turnaround of rail cars and ships. pallet covers In 1931, three days were required to unload a boxcar containing 13,000 cases of unpalletized power pallet truck safety video canned goods. When the same amount of goods was loaded into the boxcar on warehouse overstock pallets pallets or skids, the identical task took only four hours.

With the entry of the U.S. artist pallet into World War II, the urgency for material handling reform changed almost overnight. Palletization was regarded as metal pallet an enormous opportunity to help the U.S. armed forces pallet recycling do more with less. Palletized loads could handle more goods with plastic pallet manufacturer fewer people, freeing up men for military duty; it also could increase warehouse storage capacity and throughput, reducing the air pallet need for additional warehouse capacity. Pallets were used somewhat in the European theater, but pallet expander they were put to work extensively in pallet puller the Pacific.

Pallet Construction

The cheapest pallets are pallet tool case made of softwood and are often considered as expendable, to be discarded as trash, along with other wrapping elements, upon reaching destination. These pallets are of used pallet rack a very simple construction john deere pallet forks which permits lifting from one of two opposite positions only. Slightly more complex liquidation pallets hardwood pallets and most plastic pallets and metal pallets can be lifted from all luxury bedding pallets four sides. These costlier pallets usually require a deposit and plastic pallet container are returned to the sender or resold as used. Many of these "four way" pallets are color rackable aluminum pallets coded according to the loads they can bear, and other steel locking pallet cages attributes. The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association has developed a Pallet Design System uniform standard wood pallets PDS© to manufacture pallets. PDS© is a computer program that allows the pallet used pallet jacks maker to generate the best suited pallet design for a specific load and generate several air pallets options for wood selections to further reduce costs.

Wooden pallet construction specifications can depend on the pallet's intended use: construction spill containment pallet general, FDA, storage, chemical, export; the expected load weight; type of painter's pallet wood desired: recycled, hard, soft, kiln Dried or combo (new & recycle); and pallet stacker even the type of fasteners desired to hold the pallet together: staples or nails.

Paper pallets plywood pallets are often used for light loads, but engineered paper pallets are increasingly wood pallets and shipping platforms and skids used for loads that compare with wood. Paper pallets are also used where recycling and easy alpha omega pallets disposal clef pallet is important.

Businesses in retail or manufacturing with accommodations for loading and unloading standard sized pallets and internal containment pallets procedures for taking advantages of the modular nature of the pallets usually have a distinct advantage over businesses which interlake pallet rack do not exploit standardized pallets. The exceptions are those establishments which pallet nailers sell small quantities of luxury items such as jewelry stores or pallet rack repair extra large items such as cars. But pallet shrink machines even they are at least indirectly affected. For instance, the distributors of costume jewelry and like items would normally use pallets in their warehouses and pallet table standard pallet size car manufacturers have long ago integrated pallets in their logistics systems for transporting components from their suppliers and for moving around spare parts.

Pallets being used yale electric pallet jack in a warehouse in Finland.

One of the greatest advantages of pallets is aluminum pallet manufacturers the number of ways they can be moved around. They can be hauled by forklift trucks of clothing pallets different sizes and they can also be transported export pallets by hand-pumped and hand-drawn jacks which require no more than muscle power, wherever a solid and even floor with fires on wooden pallets enough room is available. A forklift truck often costs the same as flooring by pallet a luxury automobile but a good reconditioned hand-drawn flow through pallet racks "pumper" jack can be gotten for a few hundred euros. grind cardboard and wood pallets The greatest investment is thus in the time it takes to plan kabota pallet forks for clearances and level surfaces in the construction of commercial or industrial buildings where the use of pallets could be economical.

Alternate uses

Old and discarded pallets can be lldpe pallet stretch film + thailand used in pallet crafts, or to build a pallet shed

They can also be used as a manufacture of pallet worldwide supply of free or nearly free firewood, although for safety reasons, the amount of softwood pallets burned in a fireplace metal pallet fabrication should be limited in order to prevent osha pallet safety creosote buildup.

Additional Reading

  • Rick LeBlanc and Stewart Richardson, Pallets: A North American Perspective (PACTS Management, paint color pallet Inc. 2003)

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