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N.Korea gulag play draws standing ovation 

Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 4:22 PM
A wrenching musical play about North Korea's prison camps drew a standing ovation from a high-powered Washington audience -- a reaction activists said hoped would focus attention on human rights even as the world grapples with Pyongyang's threat of a nuclear test.

What readers are saying 
Seattle Times - Oct 08 12:20 AM
No Hargrove ovation I'm very disappointed in Mike Hargrove for not giving Seattle fans a chance to give a standing ovation to some or all...

Feisty Tigers send Yankees packing 
AP via Yahoo! News - 1 hour, 53 minutes ago
As a reborn baseball town erupted in splashes of orange and blue around them, the Detroit Tigers danced in the infield, kicking up dirt like kids on a sandlot. They grabbed Jim Leyland, hoisted him on their shoulders and carried him off the field as 43,000 delirious fans screamed as one. The manager's ride was a short one, but the party was just getting started. The Tigers are still on the

Tigers send Yankees packing, Mets march on 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 07 9:33 PM
Jeremy Bonderman scattered five hits over 8-1/3 stellar innings as the Detroit Tigers shocked the New York Yankees 8-3 in the American League playoffs on Saturday.




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Ovation is also the name of two loosely-associated subscription television channels ovation cs257 dedicated to the fine arts, found in the U.S. and yamaha ovation Australia.

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